Alien Worlds - The All-in-One Alien Worlds Guide

By Qaraqol | qaraqol | 3 Apr 2021

Alien Worlds - The All In One Guide

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In this guide, you'll learn all you need to know (and more!) about Alien Worlds and related topics.


How Do I Get Good at the Game?

It takes a week or two (sometimes longer) to know most of the things in Alien Worlds, however, when you do you can confidently do whatever you want in Alien Worlds (and it's pretty fun!) I recommend reading some articles and watching some videos in the "Tutorials" section of the Alien Worlds discord if you want to learn quicker.

What Tools Should I Get?

While I went more in depth on this topic in my "Alien Worlds - What Tools Should I Get?" article, I can give some quick suggestions. If your buying more expensive tools than a few bucks you should make sure to do research and not go off of Vulpes spreadsheet (or Nekogamer builder, its incorrect and easily bugs out.) and read "Alien Worlds - What High Cooldown Tools Should I Buy?" which goes in depth about calculating the best tools.


Standard Drills (x3)

Standard Capacitators (x3)


Exogloves (x3) if you like 2 minute cooldown/extremely low cooldown builds.


Infused Extractor/Power Extractor/Basic Trilium Detector/The Other Common Tools (x3)


Advanced TD (x3) which I personally don't recommend as 3 are $300 and does not offer serious TLM mining bonus.


Draxos Axe (x1)

Artunian Shovel (x1)

You could pair up some of the TLM mining gear with the NFT finding stuff and it is pretty good.

Whats this Custodianship/Planet Leadership Stuff About?

Recently, the Alien Worlds Team has announced that people can run for custodianship of a planet. There will be 5 members of the planetary council which can decide on planet-wide decisions (Like what to do with the planet fund, they can reward stakers, landowners, or miners.)

1 vote will be equal to 1 Trilium staked on the planet (in the form of tokens which you get when staking)

You need 5,000 Trilium staked on the planet you want to run for, which is approximately $100 / 300 WAX.



You can run for custodianship and look at the current planet canidates at

Is Staking Worth It?

When you stake Trilium to a planet, you increase the mining pot. This doesn't matter much when you only have a few Trilium as the current planet pots are in the millions (Neri for example has 10M+ staked.)

You also get governorship tokens which you can use for voting in the upcoming Planetary Election and run for custodianship of a planet.

Keep in mind unstaking your Trilium from a planet takes 48 hours.

What Land Should I Mine On? What Planet?

Fortunately, finding a good land to mine on is easy. Make sure to find a good land for your needs with low commission. You can find low commission land in land promotions channel on the Alien Worlds main discord. The best land in my opinion is the Sandy Coastline as it has 100% NFT efficiency and has a great TLM Efficiency too. If you want to go full TLM, mine on Geothermal Springs.


Finding a good planet doesn't really matter as Trilium mining pot varies planet to planet (and if its abnormally higher it goes down) so I would just mine on a planet you like. I mine on Neri or Veles (Depending if I'm mining NFT or Trilium)

NFT Drop Chance are the same for every planet.

Whats the Thunderdome? When will it be released?

Thunderdome will be a battle arena where your army equipped with weapons can fight other peoples armies in a hunger games style contest. As of April 3rd, we don't know when Thunderdome will release. However we do know that in the Thunderdome you can win Trilium (which is a huge plus.)


How Can I Equip The Same Tool Multiple Times?

If you bought multiple of the same tool (Such as drills) you are not able to equip them in the website. You need to use Wax Bloks. The link to this site is From there, search in the top right "M.Federation."

After that, click "Contracts" then "Set Bag"

Put in your WAX Username which you can find in your wax wallet. Then type in this " ["itemid","itemid","itemid"] " in the Items section. Replace the "itemid" with the Item ID Code which you can find by looking at the item in WAX Cloud Wallet. An example of this ID is 1099515752726.

It should look something like ["1099515752726","1099518669161","1099515583220"]

After you fill this in, click "Submit Transaction."

How Much Can I Make Playing Alien Worlds?

How much money you can make playing Alien Worlds varies. If your lucky with NFTs (some guy with 3 drills found a Waxtural Processor--valued at $800 USD.) you can earn thousands or more. However, if you have bad luck you might get nothing. TLM Mining is pretty consistent profits (it's about 30 cents an hour) but isn't very profitable especially with the depreciating mining pots.


Whats Shining? Is It Worth It?

Shining is when you combine multiple items into one. Usually extremely rich people do it as it costs a lot of NFTs (A antimatter tool  takes 64 of the stone level NFT to make.) and Trilium. The rarities are stone, gold, stardust, and antimatter.

So How Do You Do It?

Shining is very simple. You just need 4 of the same tool (you cannot shine weapons/minions/artifacts!) and then go to the unbox site under inventory (link here) and click the item you want to shine. Then click the "shine" button and select the 4 same tools you want to shine. Remember, its 4 of the same rarity, so if you want to make a Stardust shined tool, you need 4 golds (which is 16 stones.)

What About Costs?

The costs for shining is pretty expensive. 4 Stones + TLM make a Gold. 4 Golds + TLM makes a Stardust. 4 Stardust + TLM makes a Antimatter. If your shining expensive tools, it's going to be a lot. Personally, I don't think shining is worth it unless you have plenty of money to spend .


Thanks for reading! I really appreciate all the support I've been getting in the past few weeks. It's insane that I've gotten over 9000 views in the past month!


Anyways, thanks for reading!

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