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Alien Worlds - Staking Benefits

By Qaraqol | qaraqol | 11 Mar 2021

Alien Worlds - Staking Benefits?

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In Alien Worlds, you are able to use your Trilium by shining items, selling it for WAX, or staking it.

In this article, we'll be going over staking Trilium and why it may be worth it to do.

What's Staking?

Staking in Alien Worlds is a basic concept, you put your Trilium into a planets treasury, allowing Alien Worlds to grant more Trilium to the planets "miners pool."

Miners Pool

The miners pool grants more Trilium to be allocated to the miners. For example, if 1 Million Trilium is staked on Neri and you get 2 Trilium every mine on average and 1 Million is added and the miners don't increase, you will get on average 4 Trilium.

Staking Benefits

By staking in Alien Worlds, you increase the Miner Pool, increasing profits for miners. In the future you are also able to vote on governance of the planet.

The real benefit of staking in Alien Worlds is that if your top 500 Stakers in Neri you are able to get CryptoMonKeys which if you get a good one are worth a few bucks each.

You can learn more about CryptoMonKeys here.  


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