Alien Worlds - Thunderdome Investing: Worth It Or Not?

By Qaraqol | qaraqol | 21 Mar 2021

Alien Worlds - Thunderdome Investing: Worth It Or Not?

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If you play Alien Worlds, you probably heard about the Thunderdome and what it means for the future of the game. Some people are actually betting on the appreciation of items used in the Thunderdome. In this article, when its coming, and you'll learn about the Thunderdome and why it might or might not be worth it it to invest into Thunderdome items.

What is the Thunderdome?

The Thunderdome will be an arena where armies of minions armed weapons fight in a Hunger Games Style competition. Only 1 minion can win and will get rewarded with a large portion of TLM. You have to pay an entree fee (TLM could be a good buy too) to enter your minions as well


Why Should Weapons & Minions Go Up In Value?

Assuming the Thunderdome is actually good and you can earn loads of TLM off of it, the price of Minions and Weapons should increase because people need them, increasing demand (while the supply is still the same.)

What Stuff Should I Buy?

I can't say that for you, but it may be worth it to invest in cheaper minions and weapons, for mainly the reason that most people aren't going to buy minions for hundreds of dollars when a cheaper minion can do just as good. Check out Vulpes Spreadsheet for some stats. LG Soldiers I'd say are a decent buy but make sure to do your own research.


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