Alien Worlds - How to Fix Item Not Showing Up On Site Error

By Qaraqol | qaraqol | 8 Apr 2021

Alien Worlds - How to Fix Item Not Showing Up On Site Error

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Recently, with Alien Worlds growing, there has been more and more errors. However, they are easy to fix such as the item not showing up on the alien worlds site.

How to Fix:

0. Refresh Alien Worlds site. Check if you have your tools. If not:

1. Open this link (wax.bloks > m.federation)

2. Open your wax wallet NFTs (link here)

3. Get the IDs of the items that are missing (they look like 1099520783782 for example.

4. Go back to bloks and change the account data to your wax wallet (You can find this in the right page in wax cloud wallet.)

5. Put this text in the items section: ["id","id","id"] and replace the "id" with your item ids. If your only equipping 1 or 2 items, just remove the extra ,"id"

6. Click Submit Transaction and refresh Alien Worlds.


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