Alien Worlds - the best Blockchain Dapp Gaming opportunity?

By Apoollo | btcxh | 4 Mar 2021

Alien Worlds is one of the most popular Blockchain Games right now standing at 10,000 active users and $2000 a day volume with its in-game currency, TLM and even higher with it's NTFs (tools, etc.)

Alien Worlds is extremely easy to start, you just need a WAX Cloud Wallet (Create one yourself at and you can make a Alien Worlds account and start mining.

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Start Mining

To start mining, log into Alien Worlds, then click mine. Then it will say "Mining in progress," you will be able to claim your TLM (Trilium) from this mining in a few seconds, be patient. It should then tell you that you are able to claim your TLM. Then you are able to claim your TLM and use it however you please. You can sell it on for WAX for a little bit, use it in the future, or shine items (another post for another time.)

Mining has a cooldown of a few minutes (Using basic equipment) to up to hours at a time. You can't mine when the cooldown is active.

Next Mine attempt Alien worlds

Selling TLM

After getting some Trilium(TLM), you might have decided you want to sell it for some WAX to use on other DApps or upgrade your Alien World tools.

Do this by going to "" and click "TLM" which as of writing is the top of the list in Markets.

Look at the left side of the screen which looks something like this

Alcor Exchange Alien Worlds TLM

Look at the top of the list, and click it. Then look in the middle of the screen and select how much TLM you want to sell.

Alien Worlds Alcor Exchange TLM Sell

After you selected it, click Sell. This will then sell however much TLM you selected for WAX.


Upgrading Your Tools

After some time playing Alien Worlds, you may wonder how you can get more TLM or NTFs. The answer to this question is simple, upgrading your tools.

If you are lucky, you might have found some of these tools or special NTF items already. You can equip these by refreshing your page (if you see them in your wallet and not in game) and then clicking "Inventory" then click on Equip for the item you would like to equip. It has to be a tool or you won't be able to. You are only able to equip 3 tools at once.


These tools increase the Luck you may have finding more TLM and NTFs. For example, you are unlikely to find much if any NTFs or TLM with the Standard Shovel you start with. By using tools you are able to find more rare NTFs and TLM.

You are able to buy these tools at Atomic Assets Marketplace. Good beginner tools include 3 drills and then from there Draxos Axe, Barrel Digger, or Glavor Disk for finding NTFs (which is where the real money is at.)


Selecting Multiple Of The Same Tool

If you bought multiple of the same tool (Such as drills) you are not able to equip them in the website. You need to use Wax Bloks. The link to this site is From there, search in the top right "M.Federation."

After that, click "Contracts" then "Set Bag"

Put in your WAX Username which you can find in your wax wallet. Then type in this " ["itemid","itemid","itemid"] " in the Items section. Replace the "itemid" with the Item ID Code which you can find by looking at the item in WAX Cloud Wallet. An example of this ID is 1099515752726.

It should look something like ["1099515752726","1099518669161","1099515583220"]

After you fill this in, click "Submit Transaction."


Mining Strategies

In Alien Worlds, there are plenty of Mining Strategies. I will go over 3 of them here.

TLM Build

Using this build you try and maximize your TLM per hour using tools. This is not the most profitable build since TLM price is quite low as of writing and NTFs are high. An example of this build is using Nanominers, Standard Drills, Trilium Detectors, etc.

NTF Build

Using this build you try to maximize your NTF luck. This is one of the best builds due to it's profit (if your lucky) selling NTFs on Atomic Market. An example of this build is using Draxos Axes, Glavor Disks, Processing Rings, Barrel Digger, other high NTF luck items.


Using this build you try to balance TLM and NTF yield by selecting tools that offer good stats in both. This is not as profitable as the NTF build but still can be profitable. An example of this build is using Standard Drills (3x) as they are cheap (Great for new players) and offer good TLM and NTF yield.

What Land to Mine On?

Selecting land to mine on in Alien Worlds can be a task. The two best deciding factors is its Charge Time, TLM Luck, NTF Luck, and Landowner Commision. I personally recommend mining in Icy Desert on Kavian (22:2) 0% Commision if you are actively mining. If you are afk or not paying attention, mining in the mountains is the best as it has a large cooldown. You can learn more about the different land modifiers / luck / etc here.


Learn More

If you want to learn more about Alien Worlds, its recommended that you join the Alien Worlds Discord along with Good Vibes Mining for community help and for the latter, events that can earn you 100-500 wax once or twice every week for free.


Thanks for reading this far and happy mining!

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