Alien Worlds - What High Cooldown Tools Should You Buy?

By Qaraqol | qaraqol | 17 Mar 2021

Alien Worlds - What High Cooldown Tools Should I Buy?

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In Alien Worlds, the Sci-Fi Blockchain Mining Game, there are plenty of builds to choose from. In my last article Alien Worlds - What Tools Should You Buy I showcased some builds that could be good.


In this article, I'll be going more in-depth and into some more 'advanced' Alien World concepts so you can decide yourself what tools are best for you.


So How do I Know if These Tools are Good or Not?


The performance of tools depends on "NFT Luck" and "Mining Power."

NFT Luck means you have a higher chance of getting an NFT and Mining Power means you get more TLM every time you mine.     


But don't be fooled by this, higher NFT luck and Mining Power values sometimes aren't the best thing. You need to account for the cooldowns for your items, the land you use, and you can take benefit from cooldown discounts.


What's Cooldown Discount?


There are two types of Cooldown discounts.

The first one is with 2 tools, the lower charge time is halved.

The second one is with 3 tools, the lowest charge time is fully negated. For example, if you are mining on land that doesn't affect cooldown with Large Explosive, Large Capacitor, and a Standard Drill, the drill's cooldown would not be counted.


You need to keep this in mind when building "passive" builds.


What's Mining Power?


Mining power you can figure out by multiplying the number on the top left of your tool by the Land Modifier (find this on the top left of your land card too.)


Keep in mind when making your builds there is an 80% Mining Power limit.


How do I figure out NFT Luck?

You can figure out the NFT Luck by multiplying the sum of your tools NFT Luck with Land Modifier (bottom right.) A Draxos Axe for example would have 10.8 NFT Luck mining at Sandy Coastline (6*.1.8)


How do I calculate my TLM reward?

Calculating TLM Reward is easy, multiply TLM mining power by the current state of the planets mining pool that determines TLM reward.


If you don't understand what I just went over, look at this image.



So what tools should I get?

Try doing some calculations and try and find the best tools for your play style. Make sure to account for the Cooldown Discount, how passive you want your build to be, and make sure to take account of the price of the items you want to buy.


Does it matter where I mine?

Mountains is a good choice for a balanced high cooldown build, but there are other options as well. The higher the cooldown is, the worse it is. In terms of the cooldown multiplier, mountains are one of the worse. However, you should draw your own conclusions. Look at this spreadsheet and decide from that where you should mine. Sandy Coastlines is the best for NFT but with low cooldown multiplier. Geothermal Springs is the best land for TLM mining, however like the Sandy Coastlines, has a low cooldown multiplier.


Thanks for reading!


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