Alien Worlds - What Tools Should You Buy?

By Qaraqol | qaraqol | 16 Mar 2021

Alien Worlds - What Gear Should You Buy?

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In Alien Worlds, the social Sci-Fi Mining Game, there are over 100 items that you can use for mining. In this article, you will learn which are the best items based off of price and efficiency. We'll be putting these builds into categories by price, "Cheap" build, "Mid-Range" build, "Expensive" Build, and the most expensive "Whale" build.


Best Cheap Build

As of writing, currently the best "cheap build" is 3 drills. It's extremely good for its price, getting similiar performance to Rares while offering great balance between NFT chance and TLM. You can buy 3 drills for only 1.5 WAX (50 cents), which if you mine actively will take about a day.

You can see it's efficiency here. It's more suited towards TLM mining but still has great chance for NFT along with a nice cooldown.

If you don't know how to equip 3 drills (it's harder than you think) check out this post.

Standard Drill Stats


Best Mid-Range Build:

After mining with a cheap build for some time, you probably want to upgrade. Here are my recommendations for a good Mid-Range build:


Pure NFT Mid Range Build:

Right now, you don't need to do much messing around or buying loads of items to have a great NFT chance mining. You only need to buy a Draxos Axe for about $20 worth of WAX on Atomic Market. This will almost triple the NFT luck compared to the Standard Drill build but doesn't offer much TLM.

Draxos axe alien worlds


NFT TLM Mid Range Hybrid Build:

If you don't want to rely much on NFT RNG luck, this NFT TLM hybrid build is for you. It consists of a Draxos Axe, Basic Trilium Detector, and Infused Extractor. All of these items you can buy for only $23 and get a consistent 10+ TLM per hour along with a good NFT chance. I use this build myself and it work wonders. You only need to check in on Alien Worlds 3 times an hour. I will be switching out my Basic Trilium Detector however to a Infused Extractor as its more efficient.

My build


Best Expensive Build:

Right now in Alien Worlds, there is quite a price gap between most Rares and Epic tools without offering much improvement in performance except for a select few Epics. I'll be showing you which Epics you should buy if you have a good amount of WAX.


Expensive NFT Build:

For expensive builds that are pure NFT, there isn't much difference than from the Mid-Range Builds. Draxos Axe is the best compared to the epics, especially since they are cheaper.



TLM/NFT Hybrid Expensive Build:

One of the best builds for efficiency in TLM and NFT mix is Localized Attractors, giving the highest efficiency out of all the other builds so far with TLM and NFT, pretty much the more expensive Standard Drill. It gives 66% NFT efficiency and 40% TLM efficiency which is great for such a build. The Localised Attractor isn't too expensive for the efficiency either, going for only $60.



TLM Expensive Build:

If you want to mix up your build a bit for TLM, buying Advanced TDs is your best bet. 3 of them cost $60 and has a very small cooldown (4 minutes combined) along with 100% TLM Efficiency.



Best Whale Builds:

If you had no limits to your budget, this is probably the best build you could have.



The Best Build:

The best build on Alien Worlds is probably a single AI Excavator which costs $1000 but offers 100% NFT Efficiency with a 2 minute cooldown. I wouldn't be suprised if you find a rare every few days with an AI Excavator if you mine a lot. However, I don't think it's worth the $1000 price tag (why would you spend that much on a game?) for 100% NFT Efficiency unless you really enjoy Alien Worlds.



Sleep/Passive Build:

I will be writing a article about Sleep & Passive Builds shortly.


Thanks for reading!

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