Alien Worlds - What Tools To Buy Under $2?

By Qaraqol | qaraqol | 15 Apr 2021

Alien Worlds - What Tools To Buy With Prices So High?

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Recently, with the Binance Trilium Launch (And prices of Trilium going so high) there was major inflation. A infused extactor before the launch sold for $10 or less, now over $150. Drills went for 50 cents, now $20 for example.

Unfortunately, this made it hard to play Alien Worlds with all the tools being expensive. However there is a great combo that has not skyrocketed in price dramatically. I will be going over why this build is decent, how much is it, and why you should get it.

So whats are you talking about? What cheap tools should I get?

The build in question I call 'Poor Mans Drill Build' and if you have been playing Alien Worlds for a while, you know what I'm talking about. Its simply 3 standard shovels and compared to the $20 each standard drills, they aren't so bad.

Why Should I Get 3 Shovels?

3 Standard Shovels is so great because it only costs $2 with only 10% less Trilium mined (and actually higher chance of NFTs dropping) than the 3 Standard Drills build (which is 40x more!) The drawback with this build though is that it has a very low cooldown at 2 minutes and if you have a poor computer it won't do as well. Still, it's a great build.


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