DUST Mining - Profits & How To Start

By Qaraqol | qaraqol | 24 Mar 2021

DUST Mining - Profits & How

You probably heard about "DUST Mining" but for those that haven't, it's a Telegram bot that rewards people that post messages in servers with the DUST Bot enabled with, well, DUST!

How To Start:

Starting DUST Mining is incredibly easy. Be in a server that the DUST bot is in (NFT Shares has it) and do /sync [your wax wallet name]

You will then get rewarded every message you say with 1 DUST (Or more if you have special DUST Enhancers!)

Selling DUST:

Selling DUST is pretty easy. Just go to Alcor Exchange and sell it there.

DUST Mining Profit:

Mining DUST is pretty profitable I'd say, for just typing some messages in Telegram. Lets just say you send 100 messages--that's 100 DUST which is worth almost 1 WAX. It adds up, especially if you type fast!

Join These Discords (They are awesome!)

Join OP Miners Discord

Join Good Vibes Mining


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