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Alien Worlds - Mining Events & Profits

By Qaraqol | qaraqol | 5 Mar 2021

Alien Worlds - Mining Events & Incentive

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In Alien Worlds, the Sci-Fi Blockchain Mining Game there are plenty of things to do, mining, trading, staking, meeting people, and forming relationships.

However, one of the most fun and profitable things to do in Alien Worlds that I didn't mention is participating in Mining Events. By reading this article you will learn how to participate in these events, what are mining events, the profits, and more.

What are Mining Events? How do they work?

In Alien Worlds, there are community ran events called "Mining Events." held by some landowners.

The goal of these events is to beat other event participants in various types of contests possible by yourself in a team

How do you participate?

You can easily participate in Mining Events by joining a discord server that hosts these events and signing up, usually by messaging the people hosting it.

When the event begins, you have to be mining on the land that the host designates or it won't count. Usually these events have real time leader boards, showing how much every team or person has mined.

How much are the profits?

Mining in these Alien World Events are quite profitable, ranging between $50 to $5 per team, per event. This is extremely good, seeing how you still get the TLM you mine, no entry fee, and you still keep any NTFs you mine.


Mining Event Groups:

Good Vibes Mining

Alien Army World

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