AtomicWalletTutorial Contest Winners Announced - $375 Instead of $230 DAI Rewards Given Out!

By igort | Publish0x Contests | 19 Jun 2020

The #AtomicWalletTutorial contest ended a few days ago, and it's time to announce the winners.


Thank you to all of you who participated in this contest, either by writing, sharing, or just reading, and congratulations to the winners!



Check out all of the submissions into the AtomicWalletTutorial contest by going to this page.


And if you don't have it yet, you can get Atomic Wallet from here.


I need to make a note and say that this was the best contest thus far when looking at the quality of submissions. This was also the hardest contest to judge till date.

There were so many great submissions, a total of over 70 posts were published in the contest.

While the above is good news, it also means that a number of posts that would have no doubt be among the winning posts in some of the previous contests, have not won a reward in this one. 

We've had to make some tough decisions. But still...


The Rewards Pool Increased from $230 to $375 in DAI - and we're rewarding 27 instead of just 10 authors.


The original plan was to split the $200 in DAI to top 10 posts, and give away another $30 in DAI to six users who have tweeted about this contest.

  • But the submissions into this contest were so good, that we've had to increase the rewards for authors from $200 to $345 in DAI.
  • Further, we're rewarding 27, instead of just 10 authors.
  • The rewards for the Twitter Giveaway remain the same - $30 in DAI, and will be split between 6 users, as originally planned.


These 6 Users Have Won $5 Each for Their Participation in the Twitter Giveaway:




Special Thanks and $5 in DAI Each Goes to the Following 7 Authors ($35 in DAI Total):


These six posts were very good, and missed the mark just by a little bit. Still, they deserve recognition and a token reward... 5 DAI tokens each that is!


Here are 16 Authors Who Won $10 in DAI Each with their Submissions Into the Contest ($160 in DAI Total):


These were all great posts, but they did stand out from the rest in either effort put in, originality of topic covered, writing quality, or similar. :)



4th Place and $20 in DAI Goes to The Part Time Economist for his post and video - Complete Guide To The Atomic Wallet


A good post accompanied by an even better video, what's not to like? This was a bit of a late submission, but it was still published before the judging started. And we're glad it was!

The Atomic Wallet team was very happy with this post and video and are glad to see it ranked among the best posts in this contest.


3rd Place and $20 in DAI Goes to Mynima for his post - Going Atomic: What's Your Wallet?



We've found this post to be a bit more original, better put, and better written overall than the other posts. The emphasis here is on slightly, as I meant what I've written in the intro - there were genuinely many great posts submitted in this contest.

The Atomic Wallet team commented that "... the article really deserves its place."


2nd Place and $30 in DAI Goes to CED for his post - This wallet exemplifies "Small but Mighty" - it's Amazing!


This was another post we've felt was slightly better than most others, and deservedly won second place!

The sentiment coming from the Atomic Wallet team was that the post was "great"!


First Place and $80 in DAI Goes to SkinnerCrypto and his post - I Stumbled Into The Atomic Wallet Dimension. Here's The Complete Guide.


This post stood out among the rest. To us it seemed like more effort and thought was put into it, more details covered, and more personality or soul added into the mix, than the other posts have had. Even though judging this contest was hard overall, this time deciding on which post was the best was easy and left me with no doubts.

The Atomic Wallet team shared my enthusiasm and commented that "(SkinnerCrypto) is a real artist! absolutely deserves the prize."


How did We Pay the Winners?



As usual, the rewards are added to the winning posts and can be withdrawn on our weekly payout date - on Monday.

  • Take a loot for yourself and check each individual post that won to verify that the rewards were applied, on top of what the article has received in tips.
  • See the transaction hashes of all payouts Publish0x sends to our users on Mondays, by clicking here.


Thank you to all of you who participated in this contest, either by writing, sharing, or just reading, and congratulations to the winners!



You can see all of the entries into the AtomicWalletTutorial writing contest here. You can download Atomic Wallet from here.





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