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National Merit got this punk rocker to Oberlin, and Wall Street fintech gave up world tours and an NYU MBA. I am a Bitcoin true believer, now living in Ireland. Bitcoin is deeply revolutionary in a way we always prayed tech would be. Keep the baby Faith!

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Dave Sawyer

Freaking Harvest Finance - easy or hard to think with a giant yellow pyramid on one's head??

16 Nov 2020 5 minute read 18 comments Dave Sawyer

Cryptofans we love you, thanks for changing the world in the only way that's taking any power at all away from the central governments.  Harvest Finance, it's a wonderful tool for agricultural schools.  Wait, it's a yield farm of yield farms token ex...

Yippie kai yay MF HARVEST chad memes!!

6 Nov 2020 2 minute read 14 comments Dave Sawyer

Hey Cryptofans we love you!  Thanks for helping create the final frontier in money vs. governments.   Just wanted to say yee haw - we ackshually were just being drawn to Harvest - mmmm crowd sourced DeFi yield farming, a DeFi yield fund of funds!  er...

DEX Token defined

20 Oct 2020 7 minute read 6 comments Dave Sawyer

Hey cryptofans, we adore you.  And your kids and friends and parents, too!  Thanks for starting to try to separate church from state from money.  At first glance, DEXToken seemed to be another real head scratcher.   DEXtoken thinking popped up in 201...

IS IT OKAY TO LOVE MONERO? The REAL bitcoin-Immaculate birth! Satoshi & Johnny Mnemonic! & $1.4MM Fed bounty on Monero's head!!!

9 Oct 2020 3 minute read 7 comments Dave Sawyer

Hey Cryptophile boys & girls, we freakin love ya.  Thanks for helping humanity strive to a higher ground!  Free money from the state! We are late to see the stark, burning beauty of the leading security coin - Monero.  Don't know why - look thru the...

Post apocalyptic portfolio! What is going to save civilization?

30 Sep 2020 1 minute read 20 comments Dave Sawyer

Cryptofans we love you.  Ahh nold from the future thanks you for your work.  But right now the leadership of the free world has lost the plot as the cities riot and the money printers go Brrrtttt.  The people call for bitcoin, goats, gold and guns. ...

Bitcoin Political News - Russia and China state led insider trading !!! Taxes are good! Plus - pure, lurking evils of stablecoins loom for US

28 Sep 2020 4 minute read 8 comments Dave Sawyer

Hey Cryptopunks, God knows you know we love ya.  Thanks for freeing money from the state. If we make it.  If not,  thanks for trying.  Thanks for the most likes eVAH last article, and for our first double digit downvote! Yay!  please tell me what pee...

Financial Times has NO_COINERS disease! - prognosis negative!!! must have more bitcoin cowbell NOW

26 Sep 2020 3 minute read 11 comments Dave Sawyer

Hey Cryptofans you know we love you! bless y'all for taking money out of the hands of the state.  Had to write this article! Love to the 0x y'all for being here to write to. And thanks for giving us the most likes ever after our (whiny) last article...

Testifying for Publish0x judges and STATERA... much love for feeding the hand that bites them

21 Sep 2020 4 minute read 15 comments Dave Sawyer

Cryptofans we love you - thanks for setting the groundworks for a better human society in the new millennium. Separate money from state from church! We are here today to testify to the glory of Publish0x contests; so thankful  for tying for first in...

Yay Statera! HEY we finally understand Statera. Wait, what the h-ll is Statera?

8 Aug 2020 9 minute read 12 comments Dave Sawyer

Crypto fans we love you, thanks for your work in separating money and state.   Our leader Igor has thrown down the gauntlet again, so it's time to rev to redline and dump the clutch in the drag race for crypto truth.  As Texas real time systems contr...

Atomic Wallet into the Runevault!!! thwarted again

1 Aug 2020 3 minute read 3 comments Dave Sawyer

Hey crypto fans, we love you.  Really, truly, thanks for separating money and state in an epic play for the good of the human race.  But it is time now to say greed is good, DeFi is eating exchanges, and modern DEX Dapp wallets are so clearly the way...


Freaking Harvest Finance - easy or hard to think with a giant yellow pyramid on one's head??

16 Nov 2020 Dave Sawyer

23 November 2020
Add Ethereum token To add any ERC-20 token to your wallet, send it to the Atomic ETH address below and restart the wallet. The Token will be added automatically Your Ethereum address: 0x12048151D1ae387679f04d76f85608b4Eda5D4eb

Atomic Wallet: Ripple and the Spark distribution

22 Nov 2020 PVMihalache

23 November 2020
Great article thanks PVM

Pouring Cold Water on Your Bitcoin Bullishness

21 Nov 2020 AlucardLife

22 November 2020
Alucard thanks tip follow like

I Came Back from College and Went to the FARM. This is My Story.

9 Nov 2020 SkinnerCrypto

22 November 2020
Dr butt coin! We ride at dawn beereyotches

Measuring Bitcoin In Dollar Value Is A Pointless Metric

17 Nov 2020 bitcoin2009

18 November 2020
Hog, thanks, preach brother, have a tip like follow. Let's face it, we are all Venezuela.

Amazon are launching a new Echo but have made a house I wouldn't want to live in

25 Sep 2020 Sugarfix

18 November 2020
Sugar, Amazon has built the prison from Game of Thrones, where you always slide off into the abyss. The abyss is an orwellian Panopticon where Alexa AI knows your thoughts before you do. Which is what I thought the article would be but this is funnier, thanks have a tip like

Freaking Harvest Finance - easy or hard to think with a giant yellow pyramid on one's head??

16 Nov 2020 Dave Sawyer

18 November 2020
Teodor thanks, amen to that. Well hell now I want a masternode buddy. And ten minutes ago I never heard of one.

Freaking Harvest Finance - easy or hard to think with a giant yellow pyramid on one's head??

16 Nov 2020 Dave Sawyer

18 November 2020
PVMihalache G! My OG!!! Farming funds of farming is real !! until it isn't...

Freaking Harvest Finance - easy or hard to think with a giant yellow pyramid on one's head??

16 Nov 2020 Dave Sawyer

17 November 2020
aw Lespion I am sorry. I thought Harvest wanted something off the wall.

Freaking Harvest Finance - easy or hard to think with a giant yellow pyramid on one's head??

16 Nov 2020 Dave Sawyer

17 November 2020
Teodor thanks as always for your thoughts. The Harvest request for stories and interdisciplinary creative english 404 pushed us to be even sloppier than ever in the search for existentialist truth. I think your understanding of current defi yield is greater than mine, what do you think of harvest? I love the business model of smart contracts managing a fund of yield farming funds. Their meme work is so cutting edge that it gives us confidence; surely if they were just a scam they would not be freaking out the normies quite so hard. Wow, neologisms? references to obscure punk lyrics about reganomics, Pepe and bernie sanders fundraising quotes, ya ok

Freaking Harvest Finance - easy or hard to think with a giant yellow pyramid on one's head??

16 Nov 2020 Dave Sawyer

17 November 2020
Sugar i wrote an earlier try as well. I somehow missed the request for creative writing both times nice huh?

Another lost opportunity vs a Chess GrandMaster

16 Nov 2020 NKthegreat

16 November 2020
Yes NK yes. Just like a chess column, love it thanks

Bitcoin's Inability to Shake Itself of the Stock Market

16 Nov 2020 Cje95

16 November 2020
Cje it's free it IS free! have a like follow

Harvest.Finance Defi Tractor For Yield Farming

15 Nov 2020 Curexmy.com

16 November 2020
bet you can't stake from iOS

Harvest.Finance Defi Tractor For Yield Farming

15 Nov 2020 Curexmy.com

16 November 2020
Curexmy thanks have a follow like


16 Nov 2020 tony80

16 November 2020
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The Highest

16 Nov 2020 IngoBreuer

16 November 2020
Thanks Ingo have a tip like follow.

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Pouring Cold Water on Your Bitcoin Bullishness

21 Nov 2020 2 minute read comments AlucardLife

Congratulations to everyone, including me, who held strong in BTC until now. You're feeling good as bitcoin crosses $18k, almost touching $19k as I write this. We could see $20k and a new ATH by the time you read it. Now is the time to focus on the n...

Measuring Bitcoin In Dollar Value Is A Pointless Metric

17 Nov 2020 2 minute read comments bitcoin2009

Bitcoin to soar to $318,000 by 2021 as expert claims ‘New global economy emerging' - Just this year alone, the US dollar has seen roughly 25% monetary expansion; In other words, the Federal Reserve (Central Bank of American) has performed numerous v...

Bitcoin's Inability to Shake Itself of the Stock Market

16 Nov 2020 2 minute read comments Cje95

With the November 3rd election playing out as I had figured it would I assumed that while the market health with the uncertainty that Bitcoin would be able to once and for all break free from how it appears to mirror the US stock market. While it doe...

Another lost opportunity vs a Chess GrandMaster

16 Nov 2020 1 minute read comments NKthegreat

Today i played with another Grand Master at chess Denes Boros (2429) from Hungary and i lost at a drawish position. https://lichess.org/9T0LODi0ex0b This is the game. Lets analyse this a little. 13...g6 is a wrong plan. it might 16....h6 and the posi...

Harvest.Finance Defi Tractor For Yield Farming

15 Nov 2020 5 minute read comments Curexmy.com

The idea was founded from now 27 days ago as a smart contract on the ethereum blockchain with the solutionary approach to made simple for non-technical farmers, can harvest, and generate a yield from their investments. Defi Tractors Digital Harves...

The Biography of Farmer Chad - DefiFARMer Writing Contest Entry

11 Nov 2020 3 minute read comments Bryan Divisions

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you The Biography of Farmer Chad...   "It was a warm summer night when Chad was born. The weather was immaculate, the yields were high, the season was one of abundance. As this child took his first breath his parent...

Harvest Finance is Set to Make a Great Comeback

11 Nov 2020 3 minute read comments paulOf91

Hey, hey, hey, hey… how are my fellow DeFi Degens doing today? It’s Chad here, and today I have something incredibly important to share with you all.  So grab a beer and get comfortable. I’m about to make your day. Harvest Finance is set to make a hu...

I Came Back from College and Went to the FARM. This is My Story.

9 Nov 2020 5 minute read comments SkinnerCrypto

UH OH.... GUESS WHO'S BACK? FOR THIS CONTEST, AT LEAST! Well, look at what we got here! Oh boy, I feel Tingly in a good way. Hold me, Igor. Draw me like one of your French Girls. That's right, I'm entering the SHIT outta this writing contest because...

Amazon are launching a new Echo but have made a house I wouldn't want to live in

25 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments Sugarfix

Amazon are launching a new Echo. It's ball-shaped and as usual the marketing says it's brilliant. With one command you can send music all over the house, yada, yada, yada. Amazon have thought of everything ....well almost ....the house they designed...


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All of these are learning phase of crypto adoption evidenced with the State support and other enterprises trust on cryptocurrencies and its underlying processes and technology will make-up the decentralized world.

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I can create a successful trading plan for you based on the Unique 7 point check system, which is proven to recover bad forex account to profit. Expert on Forex money management and forex trading systems, Metatrader development of Expert Advisers for fore

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Hermit. Creator. Crypto lover. mist-vibes.myshopify.com


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malomon alexandre




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they call me yorf from malolos bulacan i am 52 years old still wants to be a millionaire


Soy tantas cosas que ya no recuerdo.


I am a self-employee who liked collecting unique crypto coins,and analized fantastic ICO markets around the world.


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