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Top 9 Cryptocurrencies In 2020 and Beyond (Tough Picks)

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More than 10 cryptocurrencies currently in the top 20 will lose their places this year (2020). ~CryptoSorted. What cryptocurrencies will enjoy the TOP 9 spot in 2020 and beyond? These and many such questions occupy the mind of most crypto enthusias...

List of Places to Easily Earn and Spend Your Bitcoin (Cryptos) Like Cash

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"By 2022, people will routinely use Bitcoin in everyday transactions such as buying coffee at Starbucks". ~Tim Draper. This post was inspired by a comment from a user who wanted to understand how to spend their cryptocurrencies like fiat or cash. T...

Proof of Work (PoW) Vs Proof of Stake (PoS) Consensus Algorithm | An In-depth and Non-Technical Comparison

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The two most popular blockchain consensus algorithms -Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS). What are their basics, how do they work? Who invented them? What differentiates Pow and PoS and what do they have in common? Which one is more secure...

How To Get People Interested In Cryptocurrency [BITCOIN]

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How do you promote cryptocurrency to make it more understandable, relatable and appealing to the masses? Cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies are far from mass adoption, and guess what? –it’s (y)our fault. Here’s why. The above tweet highlight...

POOL-X: The Best PoS Mining Pool Yet

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Pool-X is the Next Generation POS Mining Pool supporting lockup crypto transactions, launched by the KuCoin Exchange in August 2019. In recent times, we have seen a great increase in the number and popularity of mining pools and innovative staking pr...

How To Invest In Cryptocurrency (BITCOIN) Like a Pro

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"You're a fool if you don’t invest in crypto assets," ~Tim Enneking. If you are interested in investing or looking to grow your investment in cryptocurrency, then this post is for you. Back in July 2017 when I first made my first "investment" in cr...

How To Earn [MORE] Crypto on Publish0x

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Hello! and welcome to Publish0x. There are basically three ways to earn or make money on Publish0x and if you're like me you'll want to take advantage of all of them. So let's find out together: Earn by Publishing Quality and Valuable Contents Earn b...

What are The 3 Categories of Cryptocurrencies?

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All cryptocurrencies (coins or tokens) falls into one of three (3) categories: currency, utility or securities Each category operates by it's own special set of rules; regulatory implications and requirements -regarding their issuance, accessibilit...

KuCoin Shares (KCS) | Cryptocurrency You Must Have in Your Portfolio

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"You're a fool if you don’t invest in crypto assets," ~Tim Enneking. There are fascinating times ahead for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors. Many cryptocurrencies will fall out and die along the line as the natural selection process takes i...

INTRODUCING: Coin of The Week -Free Signal Service.

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This is a special announcement strictly for my readers, followers, and partners in progress. Starting from next week, I will be starting a Coin of the Week calls series 🙌👏👏 Yes! this is in line with my vision of Inspiring 1m crypto millionaires by 20...