I Stumbled Into The Atomic Wallet Dimension. Here's The Complete Guide.

I Stumbled Into The Atomic Wallet Dimension. Here's The Complete Guide.

By SkinnerCrypto | Magic and Lasers | 7 Jun 2020

Would you look at that... I'm shocked and blown away. ANOTHER CONTEST! The Lords of Publish0x have Decreed: There shall be a TOURNAMENT! The best and brightest shall have the sweet-ass crypto and the ultimate prize: INTERNET CLOUT. I'm ecstatic. So ecstatic, that I posted this on their announcement when I heard:


I Don't Know How I'm Still an Author Here...

Saving that energy, I'm now ready. Big thanks in advance to Readers, Writers, and especially the Publish0x crew. Great times shall be had this day. Let's do it.

Ah, the Atomic Wallet. I feel like I should be familiar with these guys because they have been around since 2017 and Publish0x has recently taken to promoting them very well. I'm either blind, lazy, or both. Probably both. That's OKAY! Why? Because I'm gonna give you...

The "Feels Like The First Time Experience"

Typically when I do these articles, I take the time to read, research and mess with the product/crypto pretty well in order to get a good gist for my writing. I don't wanna give you "all nip and no lip", so to speak.

However, I feel like this is something special. As of this writing, I have not downloaded, heard of or even tried to know Atomic Wallet. You're gonna get a firsthand experience with me. I'm taking you along for the ride and I think we shall both enjoy this very much. Don't worry, Dear Reader, I do not bite... hard.


"So I Tells Da Broad, 'But Directed Acyclic Graphs are the future! F*ckin' Maximalist Normie'"

I know, seems kinda counter-productive, right? Think of it this way; in order to be a product that damn near everyone can use (mass adoption, anyone?) it has to be usable by someone who isn't knowledgeable because they write stupid articles online. It has to be an organic and user-friendly experience for the average Crypto-Joe and his Savvy Grandma (see picture above). This is probably the best way for me to engage in that "new user experience" without getting piss drunk and telling you about it that way. That would be more fun, but this is more productive, in my opinion.

BUT GINGER MAN, IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE A TUTORIAL! And it still will be, don't worry! I'm just that quirky nephew that's gonna go through the process of helping you figure out the fancy "interwebs" so you can post photos of my cousin Jim. Someone who can synthesize and digest information quickly enough to get you along. Oh, we tutor it up real good in here.

Additionally, Because of my previous series of posts dealing with the intricacies of starting the Community of the Future, I learned how to really, really think about what I'm writing.... and be thorough. So, this is gonna be thorough. I'm not gonna just tell you the broad strokes here. You're getting the nitty gritty on every aspect of this wallet as I use it. Strap in, ladies, gentlemen, and everybody else. We are going for a BIG field trip into another dimension.

Getting Started

Okay, so on the Contest Page, the Lords provide us with a link to download Atomic Wallet. Oh wait, do they have a desktop wallet? Oh, that would be awesome. Let's take a look:


Oh wow, these guys went all out! This is pretty cool, because not only do you have it for Windows and Mac, they also have it for some other minority OS users! That's pretty cool. I'm on windows (SHUT UP) so I'll download the EXE file for the wallet. Hey! 48 Megabytes! Not bad, that's a small file...


Yeah... REALLY?

You might be looking at that "1 hour" and think "Jesus Christ, Skinner! Get some better Internet!"

You gotta remember that I live in a Magical Rural Land called "North Texas" where the cows outnumber the people. They just recently introduced toilet paper here. Our service sucks for many reasons, but that's okay. This is part of the process, and when it's done I'll be ready. 



Okay, now I'm installing it... and I'm done. What the hell? Okay bear with me for a moment; typically when you install a program on windows you get a little "INSTALL SHIELD WIZARD" Crap that looks like they haven't improved the User Interface since the 90's. For real.


I Have Installed Things that look JUST LIKE THIS. Modern Programs!

Atomic Wallet's install process is so incredibly fast that if you blink, you'd miss the install progress bar. I'm serious. I was gonna screenshot it to show you, but it was like a damn hummingbird. Now you see it, now you don't. Incredible. All I was introduced to was this main window for the Wallet. I gotta admit, I enjoy dark modes and cool blue colors for my applications. This makes me feel real nice:



So naturally, I gotta make a new wallet because I haven't made on with Atomic before. For those of you following along with me at home, click the "NEW WALLET" button. You are now met with the wallet application asking you to set up a password.


Go ahead and set one up. Don't be shy.

Set up a password and hit "SET PASSWORD". After you do this correctly the first time (unlike me), you are then met with a momentary "wallet setup" progress bar, where apparently, they're setting you up a BUTTLOAD of different crypto wallets.


Oooh! Ravencoin!

At this point, you will get your 12-word backup phrase for your wallet. DO NOT LOSE THIS.



one more time...


Write it on a piece of paper. Write it on two pieces of paper, and bury them with GPS coordinates. then write it again or even better, commit it to memory with a mnemonic. Why? Well, let's pretend you're Mr./Mrs. Crypto Bigshit and you just made a huge deposit into this wallet. You're HODLING like your life and your child's life depended on it.

Then one day, those coins you're holding MOONS like it's 2017, you're a damn millionaire. You log into your wallet to send to an exchange and sell, but.. OH NO! Your wallet for some reason isn't on your computer anymore! You tear up your house looking for these 12 words, because these 12 words separate you from YOUR DESTINY. It separates you from a Lambo, Fame and Fortune, and a date with Sarah Silverman. Alas, you don't have it because you neglected to write them down. Sucks to be you.

Moral of the story? Write them down. Go ahead. Right now. I'll wait.

Done? Okay, moving right along. Go ahead and open your wallet. It brings you to your main wallet page and shows you all of your holdings:


OKAY... So I cheated a little bit. I played with the wallet just to make sure I know what I was doing. I have a reason for this and I'll show you later.

Sending Cryptocurrency To The Wallet.

I'm gonna do a NEW Transaction to show you how this works. I'm gonna take some BAT from my uphold wallet and transfer it to Atomic wallet. The first step is to click "Basic Attention Token" on my list of wallets:


BAT is Pretty HOT Right Now.

 Next, see those "Receive" and "Send" buttons? I gotta pick the "Receive" button:


What you see here is the QR code and the Ethereum Address we need in order to send. I go ahead and open up my uphold wallet on my phone, snap a photo of the QR code, and BOOM. It has the address. I click send on Uphold, authenticate the transaction with Uphold (Which is a whole different animal than Atomic Wallet. Bear with me), and in a matter of moments, The Atomic Wallet App sends me a notice, "Yo Ginger Man, YOU GOT MONEY COMIN'".


That is FREAKING Convenient.

A minute later, I got a notice telling me my BAT came in, and I checked my wallet:


Received In Good Order. 

That was probably the quickest and easiest wallet transaction I have ever done, and trust me I have done a few in my short time. That being said, I don't wanna get ahead of myself because there are a few other functions on this wallet we are going to play with before I give you my opinion. Hell, I have to do that first, right? I haven't gotten there yet! Moving right along...

Exchanging Your Sweet-Ass Cryptos

The Wallet experience has been pretty awesome, as you can see. Now, how about exchanging? That's a wallet functionality you don't always see and I am very pleased that Atomic Wallet has it. So, I click on "Exchange" on the front page and we get here:


For this example, I'm gonna exchange my DGB (Digibyte) for Tezos (XTZ). See why I added other stuff now?


I put in the amount of DGB I wanted to exchange and pressed "EXCHANGE":



Point and click and BOOM. Exchanged! Now, there are some caveats here:

1.) You can't change any currency to another. Some trading pairs are not supported. I had to do some experimentation to see which one I could exchange.

2.) If you're running an exchange of Ether, and ERC-20 token, you need to have some spare ETH for the transaction. It will automatically tell you if you don't have it. Same goes for other exchanges that require some sort of fee. Again, you'll know beforehand because they will tell you.

3.) There are minimums for some of these exchanges. For example, you need to exchange to at least 21 XRP to make it happen.

Having said that, the transaction went through like butter and I am now the proud owner of some more Tezos:


Oh Yeah, Come to Daddy.

Again, very nice. But we are NOT done yet! Next we will...

Buy Some Damn Cryptos!

This part is a little involved, so I implore you to stick with me. I first click on the "Buy Crypto" tab on the left and come to this:


For this walk-through part, I'm going to buy some ATOM, which just seems kinda appropriate, even if they're not related. It has the word ATOM in it. This is a Simplex-powered buying interface, which is seamlessly integrated into the Atomic Wallet. I'm gonna do their minimum amount of 50 USD, and click continue:


Now I have to put in my credit card details and my other credentials for the card. For obvious reasons, I'm not showing you that part. My money. MINE.

I will tell you at the end of it I click "submit" and we get to... oh God, no.

A little background here; simplex is a GREAT company for buying crypto. I have done it once or twice before and the KYC (Know Your Customer) measures are just part of the damn process. It sucks, I hate it and I'm lazy. But you gotta do it. The problem I have here is that IT TAKES FOREVER most of the time. Like, I want my crypto now... not tomorrow!


Great... Just Great.

Gritting my teeth, I take a photo of my drivers licence and put in my residential address. They have me do a two factor verification with my cell number and my email:


Yay. I'm so excited.

Everything goes through without a hitch. I take some screenshots and DING.




There's no way in hell. My transaction was PROCESSED and I'm now the proud owner of 12.1585 ATOM. Just. Like. That. That took less than 5 GODDAMN MINUTES? WHAT? Don't believe me? Look!



They processed the KYC faster than I can eat two hot dogs. Atomic Wallet! Are you guys on crack or something? HOW DID YOU DO THAT? Two things about this and I'm moving on:

1.) In Texas, they say "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth", meaning, "Don't inquire about a damn gift." Okay, I will not do that. I'm still surprised though.

2.) Results may vary. This is just one data point. I'm floored by the time it took, but don't take my word as gospel here. It may take more time for you.

Okay moving on. What's next?

A History of Transactions

This is pretty straightforward, so I won't bore you too much. Are you wondering what your last few transactions were? Did they go through? Are they processing? Did Bob from down the road pay you the 25 XTZ for your LCD television? Well, you can see it all right here:


Also, let this be a proof of all the transactions you have seen while reading this. It tells you amount, time and who sent it. Very clean. Very easy.

Staking Your Magic Internet Money

I love staking. I mean, I REALLY love staking. I love it this much because of two reasons. First, I'm a lonely man. I'm not a kissless virgin, but I have no woman in my life with the exception of my Waifu body pillow. Second, because it lets me have more Magic Internet Money. For Free. All I need to do is give the system time. I love that very much and I want to marry it.

How The HELL Do You Do It? Good question. Go to your bar on the left and click "STAKING."

You will reach this view here:


From this window, you can select from their large selection of "Stake-able" Cryptos. There's another reason why I bought ATOM in the "Buy Crypto" step; they give you the largest return of all the their staking options. Obviously, I'm gonna go for that. I click on the Cosmos staking and I see this:


From here, click on "STAKE" and it will take you here:


This will let you choose to stake all of your holdings, or maybe just a little. Your choice. Since I want to maximize my sweet crypto, I'm going all in and staking the whole nut. I click on "STAKE 12.153546 ATOM" button and here we go:


Put in your password and press "Confirm":



I am now officially staking ATOM. I'm stoked. You can checked your staking and earning balances for all of your staked crypto on the front "Staking" page by simply clicking on the one you wanna look at. Extremely easy. Wow.

So we have gone through the major features of Atomic Wallet, but there's one more thing I want to look at before we end this journey. Don't be sad. I had fun too.

The Settings Realm.

I feel like maybe under normal circumstances, going through the settings would feel... pedantic and boring. I would hate to do that to you, trust me. As a kid, my parents once went to a furniture store and we were there for THREE HOURS. This was before the fancy tablets and smartphones, so I couldn't just pick out a couch and sit my ass down. No, I had to wait. And wait. I was beyond bored and by the end of it, I was STARVING. When you're an adult, three hours is no time at all. When you're a kid, that's an eternity.


Pictured: Me, Circa 2002.

Anyway, This is important. There are some interesting features you need to know in the settings, and I'm gonna briefly go over them.



Under Membership, you are given an opportunity to join their "Member's Only" VIP club, where you can get benefits in the form of "Cash/Crypto" back for every completed exchange. This is really cool because I have never seen such a thing for a wallet before. This is a really creative and interesting new feature that I think everyone should take advantage of. Who wouldn't want more money? All you gotta do to join is buy some AWC, hold it and exchange it to become a member.



This is the beginning of getting your hands on some AWC. Trade in some Binance Token for AWC, and you're ready to go. No questions asked. Don't have any BNB? Go exchange or buy some crypto for some! As you can tell from this post, they make it INCREDIBLY simple. Then, come here and exchange for AWC. Hold and exchange. BOOM. You're a member now. See above.



If Staking is my baby, Airdrops are my mistress. Wanna become an Atomic Wallet member really fast? Sign up here for the airdrop using a promo code! In fact, if you used the link from Publish0x, you're already a member with 10 AWC! Good job, that gives you a one time cash back bonus!



This one is pretty easy. Wanna change your password? You can do it at any time. BUT, this isn't the most important detail because you also need your...



Remember about your 12 WORD KEYPHRASE? Did you write it down? No? THAT'S A BAD READER! Well, you can access that backup phrase here with just your password. Go write them down.



Finally, you have the support window. If by some chance you have a problem or a question, you can ask them directly search their knowledge base, or even take a look at some YouTube Videos. Based on all of this, we see that the have established and extremely robust set of support options because they want you to use this wallet and LOVE IT. That takes some TLC. I approve.


This has been a wild ride. I say this with the most sincerity I can muster; Atomic Wallet is fantastic. The speed, the intuitive User Interface, the ease of which you can do everything fro, exchanging to buying makes this a top of the line product. I'm going to continue to use this because of these reasons. They managed to take the hassle out of wallets, give it a face-lift, package it and gingerly place on your doorstep with free shipping.

Atomic Wallet! If You're reading this, thank you. This is a product worth having.

Once again, thank all of you SO SO much for reading. Please feel free to read more of my stuff if you liked this, I'm sure you will find yourself entertained.

Until next time, keep your eye on the markets and Behold! The Power of Atom!


I'm a futurist, cryptocurrency enthusiast, techie, artist and aspiring land surveyor. I like to solve problems. I have some ideas for a planned community.

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