I staked Cosmos (ATOM) on Atomic wallet, what did i learn?

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Once upon a time, when Atomic Wallet was just launching, i had a try, i liked the format and everything, but as i changed laptops, i completelly forgot about it. It wasn't until Publis0x website started to promote it again that i restarted to use it. I noticed that it said something about staking, so i decided to test it, and I looked at the rates of interest offered for the staked coins. 




As you can see, at the moment the wallet is supporting CosMOS, Tezos, Tron, Algorand, Vechain, Komodo and Neo with their side coin Ontology. Neo and Ontology are paying for their staking in their GAS counterpart (a different crypto). For them two the staking is much more lucrative in the Neo and Ontology native wallets, so i decided not to use it. The rest of them got better interest rate than Binance at the moment, but slightly under Kucoin interest rates, this is where i stake my crypto at the moment (as they offer some promotions right now, when the promotion is over Atomic Wallet rates will be superior to Kucoin exchange also). They also support the Bittorrent and Wink monthly airdrops for Tron.

Anyway, i had a small amount of Cosmos (ATOM) on Binance, so i decided to move it to Atomic Wallet and see how the staking is working in here. I downloaded the last version of the wallet, i reactivated my older wallet, it was quite an easy process and i enjoyed that (as for some other wallets, they can make you feel like a hacker, with all kind of video, keywords, passwords and lot of unwanted information to add - don't you all hate that picture with you, your ID and a paper with the current date, as if you would have three hands, one for ID, one for the date and one for the phone - i know, i have no friends on a 2 mile range to do it for me, that is my life). 




As i open the wallet, i was pleased to see that they got most of the well known coins, and even some select ones that i use to keep for the long term projects (i am talking about you Bitcoin Diamond). As per their website, the wallet supports more than 300 coins and tokens. I transfered my ATOM, and i went to the staking page. The staking methos is not difficult, but you need to have some little details checked. I will tell you what i did wrong, so you will avoid that in the future. This is the page:




Once you click on ATOM, this window will appear. You need to manually stake your coins/tokens, just keeping them in the wallet is not enough. So you gonna click on the stake button, and the second window will appear: 




In here, as you see, you can select Stake All or an amount of your choice. If you possess the knowledge of the Crypto King Hive Mastermind, you may check the validator, and choose a validator of your choice. I think that choosing the validator is important for some cryptocurrencies (like Tezos). Now comes the important part. At the beggining i was claiming the stakes quite often, until i realised that i need to pay a small fee (which was not so small if i was claiming too often - you can claim only when your staking amount is bigger than 0.01 ATOM, and when you claim you will pay a network fee of 0.0025 ATOM, which is 25% of your minimum claimed. Ideally, you claim the rewards only once every few months, or before selling it, depending on your strategy. By the way, the 0.0025 Atom network fee needs to be paid when you start staking too. 




This being said, i think that Atomic wallet is ideal to stake Tezos and Atom, for long term. As for Tron, this was not a happy experience for me, as i think i did something wrong. I staked the Tron, but i did not received any rewards for some reason. I also have a question if anyone can tell me in the comments: For the airdrops, you get paid for the Tron you have even if it is staked, or you need to have the Tron on the separate wallet to get the Bittorent and Wink?

This was my experience, and i highly recommend Atomic Wallet for staking, especially for the mentioned Atom and Tezos, where the rewards are bigger than any other website or exchange that i use. 

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If yuo want to know more about Atomic Wallet,  Igor Tomić wrote a very good article about it - link here

Hope you enjoyed my journey, with all the good and the errors made on my way!







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