My first month on Publish0x!

By Steven_BA | Crypto-Newbie | 3 Sep 2020

Today, it's been a month since I first posted an article on Publish0x. I was persuaded by my friend PVMihalache to register an account with Publish0x knowing that I have an extensive experience in the study of International Relations. As for the crypto-world, I frankly say that my knowledge on this subject is at most thin.


Going back to Publish0x, I mention that I was quite skeptical, at the beginning. Okay, my skepticism stems from the fact that I don't understand how anyone can make money on the Internet (here I was struck by the concept of cryptocurrency mining). Let's start with the conclusion: yes, I made money on the Internet. But let's take them one at a time.

The Publish0x account seems to me the most challenging, considering that I can post what I like, what I studied, but especially what is important today, among many other subjects.

Thus, I posted 16 articles related to International Relations, for which I gathered a total of 3.396 views, with only 31 followers (fun fact: 1 follower per day). The article with the fewest views has 92, while the maximum number I reached is 430.

Below is a list of all my articles:

1. Phoenix Bird! Can Sudan raise from ashes?

2. Turkey: the Sultanate Rises Again!

3. Lebanon’s Rebirth? 

4. US-China War

5. War among NATO Members?

6. Nigeria Struck by Terror

7. Libyan Crisis – Updates!!

8. The Start of WW3? DPRK vs China

9. The Battle for Mali!

10. The Lebanese Crisis

11. A New Belarus?

12. Historic Peace Agreement - Israel & UAE

13. What Now for Lebanon?

14. The End of a Dictator? - Belarus

15. Beirut - Political Consequences

16. Libyan Civil War - Why? Who?

I can say I'm a little disappointed. Indeed, on a website dedicated to the crypto-world, I would not have expected anyone to focus on other areas. It's logical!! However, I am disappointed, because most of the time my articles have been on the first page in the New section for many minutes, even hours sometimes, and people has not shown interest in what is really happening on our planet. Money is important, definitely, but political, military, social, economic events, etc. they are more important, I think, because they affect us all, in all areas related to our own person.

In August I managed to raise $4.10. An extremely small amount, but I am simply fascinated by the fact that I managed to convince various people to read my articles and reward me. I thank those who did this and more.


Also, I have followed all the faucets that are below and I made more money. It’s annoying sometimes to focus my attention and click once a day or every hour in order to make money, but the last month proved me that this activity can be full of fun.

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I am also using Stakecube for multiple faucets and I am aiming to get Masternodes shares. 

I will continue and try to make an effort to understand the crypto world as well.

See you soon!


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