Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC)

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Atomic Wallet is a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet with a built-in exchange that supports over 300 tokens. The wallet was created in 2017 by Konstantin Gladych, who is also the CEO and co-founder of the Changelly exchange.

The wallet is available on desktop, Android and iOS. The most distinctive features are its in-built atomic swap feature, which allows seamless trading between tokens of different blockchains. Security is a key priority for the wallet, as it is a non-custodial  solution. The wallet also allows users to buy cryptocurrencies with credit cards.

Fees vary according to the type of transaction being made. P2P asset trades depend on the currency in question, while credit card purchases incur a 7% fee or a $10 minimum fee. The atomic swap fees itself is nearly negligible. 

The wallet supports over 300 assets, including most ERC-20 assets. It also has a custom token feature that allows users to add any ERC-20 token to their holdings. Supported exchanges are Changelly and ShapeShift, with both fixed and floating rates. 

The current roadmap for Atomic Wallet has localization, more assets, lightning payments implementation, hardware wallet integration, fiat gateways, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) services integration and more exchange partners on the agenda. There is also an overall focus on providing staking services and, to this end, the team plans to support staking for 10 - 20 additional assets in 2020.

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Atomic Wallet bans victims of the June 3 hack on social media

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Atomic Wallet finally addresses the hack

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In what must have felt like forever for the people affected by the hack, having lost everything. The day has finally come when Atomic Wallet addresses the situation after staying completely silent for a week and a half. Let us take a look at what the...

Atomic Wallet Hackers Use THORChain to Conceal Stolen $35M Funds

21 Jun 2023 1 minute read 1 comment betbtc

If you look from a different angle, not justifying the theft, it proves that the project works with large amounts. Check the the story The hackers, believed to be North Korean hacking group Lazarus, have been using cross-chain bridges and liquidity...

Update on the Atomic Wallet hack: things keep getting worse

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It has been some time since I posted about the Atomic Wallet hack that took place. And there have been a few updates or revelations that have come to pass since then. So I will try and get you up to speed. You can read my initial post about the hack...

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