Splinterlands | Peaceful Giant Challenge

Splinterlands | Peaceful Giant Challenge

By costanza | costanza | 2 May 2021

One of the cards I rarely ever play is being highlighted this week in the Share Your Battle Challenge. This is the Peaceful Giant




The peaceful Giant is one of those cards with the only purpose to take damage as it's unable to do anything aside from that with no abilities. There are multiple monsters who have no attack and the edge from the Peaceful Warrior comes from the fact that it gives the most amount of heath for exactly 5 Mana while it is a neutral card.

The only real scenario where I can see the Peaceful Warrior being most useful is when the Game Rules allow no Abilities combined with all the monsters being poisoned at the start in games that allow a medium mana spending. This allows for a lot of mana to be taken up allowing the other monsters to survive longer. Aside from this, I don't really see much use for the card especially since the alternatives in nearly all cases are better options.

Since I'm taking up a challenge this season (See Post) to try and play optimally in every game (on both my accounts), I'm not going to try and play a game with this card which I otherwise never ever use. Instead, I will do a comparison in this post of all the zero Attack monsters that are designed to take some damage. This counting at Level 5 Summoners.




- Kelp Initiate: It is an ok Water Splinter card with 8 health Cleansing the first-row tank from negative effect. In low mana battles with Snipe or as a way to remove the poison effect, it serves an excellent purpose and I actually use it regularly.

- Failed Summoner: With both Reflect & Demoralize abilities and 7 health for 2 mana it has excellent stats. Despite this, I rarely use it as the Earth Splinter is the one I use the least in battles. Especially in matches where no ranged monsters are allowed it certainly has a good use case.

- Warrior of Peace: I made a post on power combos in the past (Link) which included this card in combination with the Shieldbearer on battles where no Magic is allowed. If enough mana is available this is nearly unbeatable in this situation which is the only real spot I use it in.

- Shadowy Presence: This is one of those underrated cards I believe is a powerhouse for 1 mana in battles where there is not so much to spend. 5 health becomes 6 health with the Strengthen ability. Just an excellent card for the cost and I use it all the time on low mana death splinter battles.

- Naga Brute: I got to know this card from one of the previous Share Your Battle Challenges which made me see the potential use case. So I ended buying a bunch of them as it is a cheap card to never have used it since.

- Gelatinous Cube: This card seems to be played in a lot of matches at higher levels with both the Heal & Scavenge abilities making it almost impossible to kill in specific cases. I personally rarely use it as it doesn't fit my play style.

- OnyX Sentinel: This is one of those cards that looks very versatile at level 4 where it counters all types of attacks. In a way, its is very similar to the Lord Arianthus.

- Lord Arianthus: This is one of those classic powerhouse cards which used to be given out as rewards now going for 22$ for a single card. I have it at Level 3 but probably under-use it again since it doesn't really fit my personal play style. There are only 2235 of these cards in circulation so if the game manages to attract a lot more players it might become really difficult to get your hands on one of them. Certainly a solid card still.

- Almo Cambio: This is one of the latest additions to the reward cards with a 7 mana cost, 15 health and abilities making it immune to negative effects, making it possible for Magic to miss while returning ranged damage. Quite strong and useful but also expensive as a legendary card costing 46.0$ to get a Level 3 at the moment. The problem with these prices is that it just doesn't justify the returns that come from DEC and the loot chests.

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All Splinterlands players are free to join this Weekly Challenge (regardless of your rank) and will get rewarded by the team with Upvotes on Hive. If you haven't tried out the game yet, this is a great opportunity as it allows you to earn back the 10$ Price of the Summoner's Spellbook you need to get your Hive Private Keys after creating an account, share in the game rewards, get Daily Quests, join tournaments, Earn DEC for each Ranked Win,... 


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To understand what the game is about and how it can be played check the video below!

Important: Treat games in the first place as games and not as investment opportunities, Splinterlands allows you to earn some money and get good returns but you are much better off flipping burgers in Mcdonalds when looking at the money earned for the time invested. Investing also comes with a risk of card values going down.

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