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Hive (HIVE) is a blockchain network that was forked from the Steem (STEEM) blockchain on March 20, 2020. The hard fork was led by the community, after they had decided to separate from the network following TRON’s acquisition of STEEM.

Several events precipitated the hard fork. In February 2020, TRON (TRX) and founder Justin Sun announced that the former had acquired STEEM, which had been motivated by a lack of financial resources, according to Steemit’s Managing Director Elizabeth Powell. At this point, the acquisition had already met with some resistance within the existing STEEM community, as there existed a stake of 74 million STEEM tokens that had been owned by Steemit, but was now in the hands of TRON. 

The community was concerned that these tokens would be used for TRON’s profit and decided to soft fork to deactivate these tokens. Shortly after this incident, it was alleged that TRON and Sun had launched a coordinated hostile takeover by way of using exchanges customers’ deposits to vote out the STEEM  network’s witnesses, and granting power to accounts associated with TRON.  

Matters came to a head, and the community members followed through with their plans to hard fork, which led to the HIVE network. The new token is now available on several exchanges.

Hive now operates under the slogan of “Blockchain for Web 3.0” and comes with a suite of decentralized applications (DApps) and wallets to serve that purpose. This includes wallets for all devices, and DApps such as Peakd, Splinterlands, Esteem, STEMsocial, STEEMPress and BRO poker. 

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Hello again! This week battle challenge need us to use a Dragon Summoner. And i have just the right one for you. A favorite of mine, Daria Dragonscale is the perfect one for some of the rulesets beneficial for the melee attackers. Costs around $34,...


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  Trzin is the neighboring town to the northeast of where we live. This morning I went to explore the area to the west of it, behind the commercial and the residential zones.     It was a foggy and very humid morning. In the beginning, it didn...

Build Hive With Compounding Interest

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Many people talk about it but few understand it or have the patience for it. Banks offer compounding either via Daily or monthly in most cases. That means the interest you earn starts to earn interest itself either daily or monthly. This is what's c...

+360% profit in 90 days

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Almost 30 days ago I decided to report in a monthly manner the status of my incomes from Futures trading. Last post I reported 160% profit obtained during the past 90 days, now I am coming with +360% gain for the same period of time which means that...

Step Up & Play Your Part Challenge

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It was a long Saturday with a longish run and two doggy walks. Hence the count over 20K which is a rarity recently. Heck, the report itself is a rarity. Nevertheless, it's a welcome excuse to post some more because of the following ... This report i...