Splinterlands | How Much Playing Earns! (February Report)

By costanza | costanza | 6 Mar 2020

I enjoy playing the Splinterlands game on a daily basis and am keeping track of my personal results and earnings during the entire year bringing a report each month. I'm hoping to show a realistic picture of what's possible in terms of earning, how things change as the year goes by and hopefully attract some new players to the game.

Thanks again for the massive response to my January Report on Publish0x and to the many that ended up trying out the game.


February 2020 Season Results

I continue to play 2 accounts (Level 5 & Level 3) and completed all the daily quests as one of the first things I do each morning. February was the month where the Reward Structure changed. Previously only rewards cards were given out, while now there is a 33% chance on getting reward cards, 33% potion, 33% DEC, 1% Essense Orb. Most of my focus was on reinvesting almost everything I earned to buy more cards off the market in order to be able to lease them out to everyone that is signing up with my affiliate link so they get an early game advantage when starting out.

February 1st Collection Value

At the start of February my total card collection value came at 505.65$ (363.79$ Main account | 141.86$ Alt Account) I managed to reach the Diamond 2 league on both accounts at the end of last season.


February Reward Cards

The month of February only had 29 days and only 1 set of Season rewards which along with the changed reward curve reduced the earnings from Reward cards quite a bit by default. There was a drop in reward card earnings from ~110$ in January to 23.73$ in February. because fewer reward cards are given out (228 vs 589) and I wasn't as lucky to draw a golden Legendary this time around. Other rewards that were given out increased and made up for this at least a bit.




February DEC Earnings

Aside from the regular DEC earnings coming from winning ranked matches, extra DEC was earned by the daily quest and season rewards.


Combined, I earned nearly 40k of DEC during the month of February which comes down to 21.4$ at current DEC Price.


Dec Investments - Buying Cards

I basically used all the earned DEC (Aside from ~5000 I put in savings) to buy up mostly single cards off the market I believe are potentially undervalued and useful for new players as a way to potentially get some more affiliates. (see my sign-up deal below). Some cards were also bought to enforce my own playing cards to get higher rankings in future seasons.


I spend a total of ~34249DEC on cards last month. The values I count them at are the lowest market offered BCX value while in reality, I could sell them for way more as most of them are single cards. The total current value is 18.433$


Potion Earnings

The potions give a higher chance of Gold or Legendary cads when opening chests and honestly feel kind of worthless since everyone is getting them. This is how many I earned...


Essence Orb Earnings

With the new rewards structure, each reward chest gives a 1% chance on an Essence Orb which gives a pack with 5 Promo Cards. I managed to get my hands on 6 Essense Orbs giving these cards with a value of 3.774$


February Affiliate Earnings

February was quite hectic in terms of new affiliates with 60+ people signing up to try out the game trough my affiliate link who all got some SP leased to them to be able to play the game along with a bunch of cards to give them a head start. I plan on making a more detailed report on affiliates and retention rates later this month. About half of the ones who made an account never really gave the game a chance, unfortunately. 17 ended getting the Starter Set (ow called summoners spellbook) which unlocks the ability to earn rewards from the game. A total of 8224 games were played by new accounts thas signed up with my link.  The average rank of those reached was 1720 with the highest reaching 2785 in the first month of playing. Also with the cards I leased out, multiple were able to reach Silver 1 League which is quite impressive.



Affiliate Investments - Buying Cards

I used most of the Affiliate earnings to buy cards that are both useful for my personal account and some more to lease out. I tend to scout the market waiting for players to dump cards to pick them up at favorable prices which worked out quite good.


February Splinterlands Post Earnings

I made 2 Splinterlands posts last month which both got curated (Thanks @monster-curator & @clove71). Pretty much everyone that puts effort into their making Splinterlands posts has a really fair chance to get curated and I would highly recommend getting involved in the community to all new players who are looking to build their collection climbing up in the rankings as these earnings can be used to buy more cards or packs speeding up the process.



With 45% of post-earnings going to the content creator, it comes down to 10.09$ earnings from Splinterlands Blogging activity not counting earnings from cross-posting these posts on Publish0x and Scorum


All values are based on current values in case I would sell everything I got from last month's earnings/investments in terms of STEEM / Cards / DEC / ...



Total Card Collection Value Progression




It is possible to try out the Splinterlands game for free within minutes after signing up to see if it is something you might enjoy and possibly also earn some money with. Just Click "Get In The Game" on the main page and "create account" afterward. After doing email confirmation, your account will get enough resource credits from the Splinterlands team to use the Steem Blockchain and play around 10 games. I will Lease 10SP extra to anyone who plays at least 5 games along with some initial cards. Everyone who decides to get started with the Summoners Spellbook which unlocks rewards will get 16 extra cards leased from me and those who end getting at least 1 untamed pack will get at least 8 extra cards leased which should give a good edge to quickly climb up to Silver Leagues.

- Play 5+ Ranked Games = 10SP Lease + 4 Card Leases


- Getting Starter Set = 16 Extra Cards Leased


- Get at least 1 Untamed Pack = 8 More Card Leases


- Get 10+ Untamed Pack = 3 Strong Card Leases extra



This deal is first come, first served. I might replace some of the cards by others in case I run ou. I will do everything in my power to make sure everyone that uses my affiliate link gets a nice head start in the game!. Leases will stay on for as long as you play and they are useful or until I need them myself. I am keeping an eye daily on my affiliates and leases will be done manually within 24 hours. Feel free to contact me on the SBC Discord Channel (username is costanza#2335) if you have questions or want to speed up the lease process. Each month this Deal will be Adjusted based on the cards I have available.




Previous Months
January Splinterlands Earnings | +136.44$

Feel free to ask me any questions you have about the Spinterlands and I will be happy to anwser and help you out to get started...

Steemit: https://steemit.com/@costanza
Scorum: https://scorum.com/en-us/profile/@costanza
publish0x: https://www.publish0x.com/costanza
Twitter: https://twitter.com/costanzabets

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