Splinterlands | How Much Playing Earns! (May Report)

By costanza | costanza | 10 Jun 2020

Every month, I am making a complete overview of my personal Splinterlands earnings to show a transparent view on what can be expected also hoping to convince more players to try the game out themselves.


I have been asked multiple times when I started playinghow much money I invested, and how long it takes to play.

  • I started 11 months ago and even made a First Impressions post on it. Ever since, I pretty much played a bit each day completing at least the daily quests making it in something of a morning routine.
  • I only invested some of my blogging earnings from Steemit and mostly re-invested earnings from the game slowly but steadily growing my collection and climbing the rankings. I also already reinvested some earnings into other cryptos.
  • I kept close track last months of the time it took to just complete the daily quests on both my accounts each day along with how much it earned from loot chests & season rewards. This added up to around 16 hours played in total and a solid 46$ in rewards. If I would add the DEC earnings from wins during this period it would be around 55$.


I do have learned how to play quite fast, have a balanced collection and this was quite a good month in terms of rewards so don't expect to be able to duplicate or come close to this from the start by just getting the summoner's spellbook. Building up your own earnings takes some time and patience.

How Earning and Playing Works

In a recent post, the Content Director of Spinterlands made a complete overview of all the ways it is possible to earn from the game (Link). That post perfectly matches with these monthly posts where I closely track everything based on the individual earning aspects:

  • Daily Quests & Loot Chests
  • Season Rewards
  • Dark Energy Crystals
  • Affiliates
  • Contests & Giveaways
  • Blogging
  • Buying & Selling Cards
  • Tournaments

Each of these individual aspects on a daily basis might not be spectacular in regards to the earnings but when you play a bit each day and share in multiple aspects of the rewards it certainly adds up to a sum that really makes it worth playing. On top of all this, the game is actually really fun and enjoyable to play!

A quick 7-minute video introduction on how to play the game was recently made by @aggroed which is certainly worth checking if you want to learn quickly without having to figure out the basics by yourself.

Some more useful links with specific info on the game

May 1st Collection Value

I started the month of May with a total card collection value of 717$ (563$ Main account | 154$ Alt Account). My collection is by no means optimized and I could reach similar results with a much smaller card collection. I do continue to hold on to all my cards building my collection which got me into the Champions League for the first time on both my accounts! This certainly contributed to the increased earnings this month.


May Reward Cards

It was an average month for regular reward cards but I did manage to grind out 4 Legendary and 5 golden cards in total along with some Epics. Most cards are also trading near their minimum value based on the DEC they can be burned for. Many of the reward cards are actually solid cards and at some point in time, they will be fully printed. I'm holding on to them and am even thinking of buying up a bunch that are being dumped on the market.


Reward Cards from Daily Quests and Season Rewards added up to 16.975$

May Essence orbs Pack Card Rewards

I got quite lucky picking up 19 Essence Orbs along the way good for 95 extra cards which included some golden cards and 1 solid Legendary. The total value of all these is currently adding up to 21.149$


This puts the total value of Reward Cards when counting the current market price at 38.124$

May DEC Earnings

Dark Energy Crystals continue to trade at a ~25% discount costing 0.76$ for 1000 DEC while 1$ worth of in-game purchases can be bought for 1000 DEC. It should be a matter of time before it will get closer to the peg as more players discover the discount or when there is a promotion or a new expansion.


Combined, I earned around 43847 of DEC during the month of May which comes down to 33.960$ at current DEC Price. I did not buy any cards with DEC this month and saved up all of it to convert part into other cryptos when the DEC price reaches above 0.85$

Potion Earnings

I'm saving up my earned potions and use them to open Essence orbs which paid off last month as they helped me to get 2 valuable cards from those packs


May Affiliate Earnings

I have been putting some effort into onboarding new players these last 5 months by offering a win-win deal (Link) to new players who get a lot of extra cards leased to them if they try the game using my Referral link. So far, 100+ have signed up and around 25% of them getting the summoner's spellbook. Most of these players continue to play the game and a handful really get into the game building their own collection which is where most of the affiliate earnings come from.

Affiliate Investments - Buying Cards
Since the new system pays affiliate earnings in credits, I'm using them to both make my own collection stronger and to buy stronger cards to lease out to new affiliates improving the deal I'm able to offer.


Affiliate Promotion Cards

The Splinterlands team has been running a promotion where everyone who signs up using a referral link will receive 1 random card from the @sl-giveaways account when they buy the 10$ summoner's spellbook. The account from which the referral link was used also receives 1 random card. I had 4 new sign-ups that ended up getting the summoner's Spellbook in May and did receive 4 cards which have a combined value of 0.618$



May Splinterlands Post Earnings

I continue to join the weekly Share your battle Challenge which is plenty of fun and also really adds to the blogging earnings. More and more players are joining these which means the upvotes get spread out more so it will only be normal for earnings from blogging to go down from here on out. In total on both Hive & Steem, post earnings after curation and SPS on 8 posts I made added up to a very nice 49.446$!









Monstermarket Cashback

Buying cards from the market on Monstermarket.io gives 3% cashback paid out in DEC. This added up to 2289.058 DEC in total last month good for another 1.729$


All numbers are based on current minimum values in case I would sell everything I right now have from last month's earnings in terms of STEEM / Cards / DEC / Credits / ...



Total Card Collection Value Progression



Previous Months
April Splinterlands Earnings | +133.927$
March Splinterlands Earnings | +76.153$
February Splinterlands Earnings | +105.25$
January Splinterlands Earnings | +136.44$



If you want to try out Splinterlands for free and use my Referral Link you will get a great head start in case you end up getting the 10$ Summoner's Spellbook which unlocks rewards and so much more as I will lease a whole bunch of extra cards to you (See Full Promo Sign-Up Deal). When you sign up without a referral link you also won't be getting a random card from the @sl-giveaways which is a promo the Splinterlands team is still running (380 more spots left).

Important: Treat games in the first place as games and not as investment opportunities, Splinterlands allows you to earn some money and get good returns but you are generally much better off flipping burgers in Mcdonalds when looking at the money earned for the time invested.

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