🗞 Daily Crypto News, August, 17th💰

  • Pomp Thinks BTC’s Market Cap Will Exceed Gold’s in Less Than a Decade;
  • Bitcoin DeFi May Be Unstoppable: What Does It Look Like?;
  • Block.one's Voice Beta Goes Live + More News;
  • Winklevoss' Gemini Adds Support for Hong Kong, Australian and Canadian Dollars;
  • Litecoin Gets Bullish Speculation, at Last, as Upgrade Approaches;
  • 🗞 Daily Crypto Calendar, August, 17th 💰


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🗞 Pomp Thinks BTC’s Market Cap Will Exceed Gold’s in Less Than a Decade

Anthony Pompliano believes that by the end of 2029, the market capitalization of Bitcoin (BTC) will be higher than that of gold.


The Morgan Creek Digital co-founder’s tweet provoked a reply from Peter Schiff:

“By 2029 you'll be lucky if the market cap of #Bitcoin still exceeds the market cap of a baseball cap.”

This only led to Pompiliano doubling down on his prediction. He responded to Schiff, saying that he was trying to be conservative:

“[I] Think approximately a decade is rather conservative, so trying to account for many things that could possibly happen to slow growth.”

🗞 Bitcoin DeFi May Be Unstoppable: What Does It Look Like?

One of the quietest yet best-funded bitcoin companies in the world is gearing up to enter the 2020 decentralized finance (DeFi) bull run.

In July the DG Lab conglomerate, which like Ethereum powerhouse ConsenSys includes both an investment arm and an adjacent software company, open sourced its proposal for self-sovereign derivatives trading on the Bitcoin blockchain, using the Lightning Network.

These contracts turn bitcoin, the asset itself, into programmable money capable of a wider variety of functions.

“I’ve been working on a proposal to integrate DLC [Discreet Log Contracts] and channels into the Lightning Network,” DG Lab researcher Ichiro Kuwahara said of his recent work. “We can establish many contracts without broadcasting transactions on the blockchain.”

🗞 Block.one's Voice Beta Goes Live + More News

Business news

Block.one's social media site, Voice, is almost ready to go live, as its beta program opens its doors to the friends and family of the Voice Genesis community. Per the announcement, the current users of the beta can now invite their friends to join the network, while the content posted on the site is public for anyone to see. Voice said it's opening up globally, now being available in 20+ countries and territories - with more coming every month.

Blockchain news

China’s Jiangxi Province has launched a blockchain academy and has begun nurturing local blockchain enterprises as part of its ambitious “three-year blockchain plan.” Per the Jiangxi edition of the state-owned People’s Daily, provincial authorities stated that the plan has already begun to bear fruit, with some 60 blockchain-related firms now based in the area.

A blockchain technology and crypto-powered train delays insurance pilot has begun in Japan, per Impress. The pilot involves blockchain firm LayerX, as well as the companies Sompo and Navitime, who will run the pilots on sections of the JR East railway network serving Tokyo and the surrounding area. The pilot will see operators issue digital tokens as a form of insurance payouts for operators to help compensate customers who experience disruptive delays to their journeys.

🗞 Winklevoss' Gemini Adds Support for Hong Kong, Australian and Canadian Dollars

Gemini, a major cryptocurrency exchange founded by the Winklevoss brothers, has just added support for three new fiat currencies on its platform.

According to an official announcement on Aug. 17, Gemini now allows users to trade in the Hong Kong dollar (HKD), the Australian dollar (AUD), and the Canadian dollar (CAD).

The three new fiat currencies come in addition to the United States dollar, allowing Gemini users in Hong Kong, Australia, and Canada to buy and sell crypto with native currencies.

🗞 Litecoin Gets Bullish Speculation, at Last, as Upgrade Approaches

The cryptocurrency litecoin is often referred to as the silver to bitcoin’s gold. This year, litecoin investors might have been better off staying in the analog world: While bitcoin has gained twice as much as gold, litecoin has barely kept up with silver.

Some investors now foresee a rally developing in litecoin prices, with a key upgrade looming and signs that activity is increasing on the blockchain network.

The upgrade will put in effect a “privacy protocol” known as Mimblewimble, which is supposed to help shield the identities of holders of senders and recipients of litecoin tokens while also improving the network’s ability to scale to handle more transactions. A testnet of Mimblewimble, in the works for almost a year, is targeted for the end of September.

🗞 Daily Crypto Calendar, August, 17th💰


  • Swipe (SXP)

"On August 17, 2020, at 00:00 UTC, there will be a snapshot of SXP balances. There will be a distribution of 1 SGV per 100 SXP."

  • TRON (TRX)

"1) #TRON's version of Uniswap "JUSTswap" will launch on Aug 17th"

  • Binance Coin (BNB), Swipe (SXP)

$16,000,000 Airdrop of SXP Tokens to BNB holders. A total of 4,000,000 SXP tokens (~$16,000,000 based on today’s price) will be airdropped.

  • ARPA Chain (ARPA)

"#Bella will be our #DeFi initiative and we will share more information on Monday at 20:00 (UTC+8). Stay tuned! @BellaProtocol"

  • Dusk Network (DUSK)

"Dusk #staking goes live on August 17th, 13:00 CEST (GMT+2). Registered users are the first to receive staking updates!"

  • Ardor (ARDR), Ignis (IGNIS)

Lior, core developer of Ardor, will speak at Ardor & Ignis AMA session on D'va channel - August 17, 1PM UTC.

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