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A Review of my 2021 Publish0x Articles

By Feax21 | Crypto Monkey | 30 Dec 2021


Starting on November 2020 after an invitation of an old friend on twitter, 2021 has been my first complete year on Publish0x experimenting my capabilities in writing crypto-articles. To be honest, after having an engineering background, I have never though that I could produce so many articles within a year and have such a deep knowledge on Blockchain Technology. Therefore, while doing a reflection of the 2021 just like John Lennon on his song, I have decided to write a final article about 2021, doing a review and a reflection of my articles on this platform but not boasting and showing off my earnings from the tips. Who cares about my earnings after all? I always write an article only when I have the suitable inspiration of doing so, only when i feel that I have something important to express on the Publish0x cryptocommunity. And above everything I am not interested to make a review of the most important crypto news and developments of 2021. I prefer to focus on my personal accomplishments and reflect on them. Nevertheless, this article can be served as a guide on my 2021 articles and through the links that I have included, you can revisit them, study them and those you haven't done so you can tip them or re-tip them again as you can tip each article twice and earn the tip provided by the platform.

So this is Christmas And what have you done Another year over And a new one just begun And so this is Christmas I hope you have fun The near and the dear one The old and the young


My 2021 cryptowriting year, started after reading an article stating that Binance is a scam and therefore I felt that I needed to write my response why Binance staking is not a scam. One year after, I was proved to be right. I won't comment my profits from staking my crypto mostly earned through faucets (who cares?) but certainly, Binance Staking has become even stronger since writing this article at the start of 2021. Nevertheless, I am sure that Binance Staking has helped a lot of micro-investors who don't have the capability of affording the gas transaction fees to stake their cryptos directly through delegates to the native staking platforms, so they do stake their tokens through Binance staking.


My second article was written with huge disappointment after the announcement of Coinpot and Moon Family Faucets announced it was shutting down and in the article "My thoughts why Coinpot is shutting down" I tried to give a logical explanation to the decision of the Coinpot team. Almost, one year ago since their decision, there are still no news about any new crypto-project from them.


Then I had the idea to start writing articles about CoinmarketCap's Learn and Earn campaigns by providing the correct answers to the quiz questions. My first article that it was included in a separate blog with title "Learn and Earn Investigations" was about 1inch first Learn and Earn campaign on CoinmarketCap.


My first participation on Publish0x's writing contests with my participation on the #UplandPublish0x Writing Contest, with my article "Upland Californication" proved to be extremely successful and I have to admit that I was quite reluctant to participate as I was feeling insecure of my writing capabilities. However, my participation was a huge success and a huge motivation for my 2nd article about Upland with title "Clovis Upland Californication" that I was able to write after earning a commission on the platform that enabled me to buy more properties and expand my Upland RealEstate Virtual Empire!


My success in the #UplandPublish0x Writing Contest gave me a lot of confidence to continue writing and participate in the following writing contest with title #SearchwithPresearch. My main aim about the writing contest was to write an article about the evolution of Web Search Engines over the past 30 years and include a significant chapter narrating my review about Presearch and its contribution in this evolution of web search engine technology. Unfortunately, this article was censored and banned from the writing competition and the platform and it was followed from my disqualification from Publish0x as an author but I was able to publish it on with title "The Evolution of Web Search Engines" without becoming a victim of Publish0x censorship. My second article about Presearch which also wasn't allowed to participate in the writing contest can be also found on with title "Presearch - The Decentralized Search Engine powered by the community" and also on my Medium collection without being censored. 

It was a difficult period for my participation on the platform and initially I took the decision, not to write again any other article. However, since my authorship rights have been granted back to me only after the deadline for the participation on the #SearchwithPresearch writing contest I have decided to continue expressing myself on the platform.


My next article was written after the FORTH token airdrop to the holders of Ample and because of my Ample withdrawals on my metamask wallet, i was able to participate as well. However, I decided to put a critical eye on the Forth token selleout and then describe my FORTH tokens claiming adventure. However, after losing the initial "price train" due to the high gas fees and working obligation and a lot of brainstorming, I have decided in the end to keep my FORTH tokens on my Metamask waiting for a possible future staking opportunity. 


I have been playing the Alien Worlds for about 4 months and still I was trying to understand its gameplay. So, I have decided to write an article about my Alien Worlds mining stats for April and May 2021 after "mining" my AW mining data from a discontinued web application which appears to be back!.


The, I decided to express my constructive criticism on Publish0x with 2 relevant articles with titles "Publish0x tipping points and giveaways" and "Publish0x Tipping Point Vol. 2" where I expressed various issues on the platform. 


After managing to earn a substantial amount of BNB tokens as an interest from my BNB Capital, I had enough "free" funds to invest on the DeFi world and perform my first steps into BSC Harvest.Finance. And I have to admit that I am not very happy from the fruits of my investment. Probably, my profit would have been bigger if I had kept and staked my funds on the Binance Staking platform instead of experimenting with Harvest.Finance. Neverthless, I wanted to write an article about the platform even if it was too late for the related writing contest.


My 2nd attempt into DeFi almost resulted in Napoleon's Waterloo as I had almost lost my BTCST funds after sending them on their contract address instead on my Metamask. Wise Greek Philosophers used to say "No wise man makes the 2nd mistake twice" and I hope "My Almost Big BTCST Mistake" would never happened again and I am extremely lucky that the transaction had been cancelled from Binance before being executed possibly as I reported the transaction as "not mine".


Upland came back on the Publish0x spot with another writing competition with title #MyUplandCity Writing Contest. Therefore, I took part with my article "Upland in the University city of Cambridge" which it was written in a period that I was found on a personal dilemma whether I should return back to Greece after a job offer that I received or to continue working on Cambridge, UK so the article has been written in a highly emotional mood and possibly it played its part to my final decision.


July in England could be very hot, possibly hotter than Greece so while being on the peak of July's heat, I wrote my article for the writing contest #SwapWithSwapSpace with title "My quest turning my dust funds into gold with SwapSpace". For the record, I have decided to sacrifice a portion of my faucet LTC earnings from Bucksify into my LTC FreeWallet in order to move my dust funds from there and uninstall the app completely from my device. GoodBye FreeWallet, GoodBye High Withdrawal Fees! Never Again! In the end, due to mid-summer's Ethereum high gas fees, I have decided to invest my earnings in other sources as i explain on my article with title "How I invested my SwapSpace reward" such as the Rollercoin Mining Simulation game which so far appears to be too slow for my earnings.


I consumed most of summer 2021 being obsessed writing articles about CoinMarketCap's cresento of back-to-back Learn and Earn campaigns of various tokens such as Plasma Finance, REVV, PolkaStarter, SushiSwap, TokoCrypto, IOTEX, 1Inch, Graph, and FOC. To be honest, I soon realised that the path I have taken was wrong, therefore on my article "CoinmarketCap Learn and Earn promotion campaigns. do they really worth my time" I explain why this path is wrong. I personally find the CoinMarketCap Learn and Earn articles on Publish0x pathetic as the publishers tend to be rather lazy and they don't provide a justification on the responses they provide which most of the times are also wrong and as a result many people who try to copy them they fall into the trap of losing the airdrop of the tokens from CoinMarketCap. However, CoinMarketCap Learn and Earn investigations are a history for me and I am not coming back mostly due to lack of time.


Wake me up when September ends and on September I came across on a crypto article on the Greek trading newspaper "Naftemboriki" and I wrote an article with "my comments on the article a viable bitcoin is as impossible as dividing with zero". That was my first ever article about bitcoin (more to come on 2022) and an extended full version can be found on as it is on risk of being censored from Publish0x for plagiarism.


My first non-crypto political article was about "The social media manipulation disease" after a manipulated photoshoped picture that I came across on facebook aka meta about Brexit. The interesting thing is that the Publish0x community has shown no interest at all in anything outside crypto and about politics. Write an article about the "incoming" and "evercoming" bull trading behavior of bitcoin on 100k USDT you get 5000 views and loads of tips, whereas if you write an article about Brexit you get nothing. Zero interest. However as I have already said on this blog, on this platform I express my opinion ONLY, if I wanted to "lick your ears" write populist articles about things you would like to dream such as whether bitcoin or shiba inu or dogecoin value will go to the moon and that you will become billionaires I would have gotten loads of visitors or tips. Who really cares?


A post on Linkedin gave me an inspiration to write an article about "The huge expectations from the ethereum London Upgrade" 3 months after its deployment and as I have already expressed in a comment, 2022 will be the Ethereum's year and the ETH 2.0 upgrade demonstrating whether it will "land on the moon" or it will branded forever as just another altcoin.


My participation on the writing contest #MRHBDeFiExplained was another success with my article " The contribution of the Muslim World in the Modern Society". Inspired by the bigger picture of the Muslim culture and provide a narration of the most important contributions of the Muslim World on STEM sciences such as in the Mathematics, Chemistry-Alchemy, Astronomy etc and ending with Fintech and the Marhaba Project, I am glad I have learned a lot things about the Muslim culture that I wasn't aware of them during my research which I shared with you. May Allah Saves the Marhaba CeFi project !


The unofficial banano writing contest was a huge entertainment and I participated with the article "My Banano Quest - not always about the money".  Honestly I don't really care about the top3 articles and I haven't even checked my Banano wallet to see if i was one of the winners. Who cares ?


In the article "The NILLION project launch at the University of Cambridge" I describe my real experience of attending the launch of a new promising crypto-project that has the ambition to solve the famous Blockchain Trillema Problem and I even had the honour of meeting its founding Team and discuss with them about their project. Unfortunately, the Publish0x community didn't appear to appreciate my experience that I shared with them.


The penultimate article of 2021 was my participation on the writing contest #WhatIsAdShares with title "An Honest Review of AdShares". On my article I mostly explain the pitfalls of this ambitious project as I tried without success to apply my cryptoblog on the platform in order to host advertising campaigns on the form of text banners because websites registered as sub-domains and micro-publishers are NOT welcome to participate on their advertising decentralised revolution.


My last article was a celebrational article for achieving Level 200 on Faucet Crypto and as I write on the article, my celebration isn't indented for boasting or showing off my hard-earned profits from the faucet but a demonstration of my patience and persistence, 2 essential qualities for every fauceteer. Take the Red Pill and follow me to the magic world of Faucet Crypto and tomorrow you might also celebrate your Level 200 on the platform.


Normally my plan was to publish my participation for the #JETNFT writing contest by 2022, however sometimes, it is wise to know when it is the appropriate time for publishing your writing contest participation. Therefore, on my article with title "#JETNFT: Empowering the Champions of tomorrow" I explain the Vision of Eric Alexandre who envisioned the development of a fair and ethical management system of new entertainment talents that are being developed through the crowdfunding, support and engagement of their fans while participating at the same time on the Blockchain Technology Revolution through an NFT (Non-Fungible tokens) cards scheme.


Certainly 2021 was a very productive year for the whole crypto-community and I really hope that I have provided a positive contribution and a lot of knowledge to the readers through my crypto-articles. Since, as 2021 will be soon history, I would like to express my deepest and most sincere wishes for 2022 hoping that it will bring happiness, success and the end of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Disclaimer: All information found on this article is for informational purposes only. I do not provide any personal investment advice so please make your own research before proceeding to any investment/trading actions

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