My Banano Quest - Not ALWAYS about the Money

My Banano Quest - Not ALWAYS about the Money

By Feax21 | Crypto Monkey | 26 Nov 2021


Everything started almost 1 year ago when a tweet of the famous new age entrepreneur and crypto enthusiast Elon Musk endorsed with a single word a worthless and almost unpopular meme coin. Personally, for almost 6 months before Elon Musk's tweet, I used to exchange my #Doge earnings from my DogeMoon Faucet of the Moon Faucet Family for Litecoin, DASH or Bitcoin Cash on the CoinPot MicroWallet. How reckless I was !!!

After his tweet, the cryptocommunity started paying more attention to the so-called memeCoins i.e. Cryptocoins that offer no special advance in the crypto technology of the blockchain and they are just for fun and a cheap way of exchanging crypto goods. The huge MemeCoins hype had just begun. Numerous meme coins emerged with the most popular of them to be the Shiba Inu, and I am sure that EVERYBODY is today at least a SHIBA INU MILLIONAIRE. Although the majority of them are considered worthless and sh!tcoins from a trading and make-money-get-rich-in-fiat point of view, they have managed to become mainstream and quite popular in the crypto youth. Here is an interesting recent tweet from Canadian Soccer Mom. 

Few days later and exactly on 31st Dec 2020, my good friend [Suspect78] published an article with title "It’s Not Always About the Money" explaining that the fun of participating is always much more important and exciting than the money earned. As he wrote in his own words:

It’s not always about the money.

I do it more for the fact that it would just be fun to one day say I’m a “millionaire” - even if the reality of that in the real fiat world may not be possible. It keeps me engaged and active in a small portion of the crypto-verse.

I do the same for Banano - I participate in the discord and on Publish0x because it’s fun. I don’t plan to get rich, or become a “Banano Millionaire” - but I am in a community.

Oftentimes investing, speculating, buying and selling can be such a cold and lonely activity - even if it IS fun to make money.

But having an expectation-free and carefree way to engage with other enthusiasts keeps me engaged. (And is probably the reason I love Publish0x so much).

And that was actually my first ever engagement with the BANANO community and ecosystem. I had never heard before about BANANO and that article put my curiosity into work about what is all about BANANO after all.

For those who still are unaware of the Banano ecosystem and according to, BANANO is a free, fast, feeless and fun cryptocurrency developed from the CryptomonKeys NFT Team as a side fun meme-Coin. Actually, BANANO is a fork from NANO developed back in April 2018 utilizing a novel DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) based architecture, where each user possesses his own blockchain. Anyone can store BANANO (BAN) on Kalium mobile crypto wallet for Android or iOS or on BananoVault web-based wallet and the public Banano address starts always with the acRonym [ban]. For example, my BananoVault address is ban_3f1c955zxa8478i4oghdabq4t55qziibi3qe6ehoccu667iquufa74ypdyhj and you can always donate me for fun some free Banano. Official website of the meme is where you can also find their own peculiar Yellow Paper.

As a rigorous fauceteer, i did my own research trying to find a faucet that provides free and fun Banano and I manage to find from, the Banano-based IM application MonkeyTalks that still provides free Banano every 24 hours. And over a year now, I am still visiting Monkeytalks almost daily to claim my free Banano (BAN). No, I won't mention my Banano earnings from MonkeyTalks. Who actually cares about how many Banano I have on my BananoVault? I am doing it just for fun !!!



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Not much later after the [Suspect78] article, on Jan 28th, my good friend [PVMihalache] decided to organise a fun CryptomonKeys Banano giveaway on Puyblish0x on his article with title "My Banano 2020: PVM is going Ape! [+NFT Raffle]". I left my comment as requested with my Banano and Wax Addresses and I have to admit I had little expectation that I would have been among the winners. I was even too busy with my proper fiat job that I completely forgot the competition itself!


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I was really surprised few weeks later to find a CryptomonKey NFT "HODLOR" into my Wax Wallet and honestly I had completely no idea from where it came from! And for those who measure everything with money, that NFT is worth today 15 WAX !!!


[PVMihalache] announced the winners of his Banano CryptomonKeys competition on his article with title "Banano Giveaway Results and Alien Worlds updates" which I only managed to discover lately and I would like to thank him for one more time for his cryptoRaffle.


Unfortunately, that was my last "LUCKY"  CryptomonKey - Banano moment. It wasn't too long after, that a huge CryptomonKeys hype emerged in the NFT cryptocommunity. Since then I participated in numerous CryptomonKeys competitions both in their Discord Channel and Twitter without success. I became so maniac with CryptomonKeys that I have added their twitter account into my special Twitter NFT GiveAways List in order to learn about their competitions fast, however without success anymore.


On the same period on January 2021, CryptomonKeys announced their Alien Worlds Mining Operations.

In January 2021, we announced monKeymining: Earn cryptomonKeys NFTs by playing the game AlienWorlds! This has led to lots of ongoing attention and excitement and loads of new users joining the community and we meanwhile sent over 26k cryptomonKeys NFTs to miners and stakers! 


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Inspired and motivated from their NFT collection, I tried hard to get their NFTs through their mining operations on Alien worlds. In fact, when I first started mining TLMs few months ago, I started using their Forest land on NERI hoping that they will drop one of their NFTs but without success. On my article with title "Alien Worlds: My Mining Stats April - May 2021" I have made relevant comments about their mining operations on Alien Worlds, where I explain the difficulty of their reward program as follows:

Although their aggressive promotion strategy on social media to attract miners, In order to get that cryptomonKey NFT, a miner should be on the top-199 TLM profits of their lands and a top-500 for a random draw according to their cryptomonKeys Update #15 which I find extremely difficult to enter into that list. For example the 19th miner mined exactly 2083.8924 TLM on March so with the TLM profits shrunk due to the game's popularity, I find it extremely difficult to enter into that list. Therefore, I left from their land very early into my mining operations and from Neri completely, seeking higher TLM profits on Kavian which is my main mining base. I might opt to mine in their Kavian Icy Mountains in the future though and give them another try in case they will drop me one of their NFTs as I have a suspicion that their rewarding system has been updated on cryptomonKeys Update #21 but to be honest, I have lost interest on them as it is very difficult to have a CryptomonKey dropped through the AW mining operations.

Possibly my article isn't very good and it is most likely that it won't be found within the top-3 ONLY winning articles. What is the point of establishing a writing contest and a community event with a winning pool of 10,000 BAN shared ONLY among 3 winners when you could have 10 instead?? They might even BAN my participation without providing any BAN!!! Nevertheless, it was fun making a dive into my 2021 CryptomonKey - Banano achievements (without mentioning my BANANO Earnings) and I really enjoyed my article. Possibly I might also earn some #AMPL or #FARM as well. Who cares? As I commented on the article by [Suspect78] with title "It’s Not Always About the Money", which it was my initial engagement with the Banano ecosystem:


Join the Banano Republic!

BANANO ($BAN) is a fee-less, instant, rich in potassium cryptocurrency powered by DAG technology disrupting the meme economy.

Official Website:
Help getting started:
Community News: The Daily Peel

FREE BANANO DONATION: ban_3f1c955zxa8478i4oghdabq4t55qziibi3qe6ehoccu667iquufa74ypdyhj

CryptomonKey NFT donations: n4gay.wam

***Disclaimer: All information found on this article is for informational purposes only. I do not provide any personal investment advice so please make your own research before proceeding to any investment/trading action.***

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