My Investigation on CoinMarketCap's 1INCH second Learn and Earn Campaign


After the repetition of The Graph (GRT) Learn and Earn campaign, it seems that it is 1INCH turn for a repeated campaign taking place this hot crypto summer. Therefore, 1INCH is the latest CoinmarketCap Learn and Earn campaign and users who will successful respond all the questions of the quiz will receive $5 worth of 1INCH Tokens sent into their Binance Spot account which they can further stake into Binance flexible savings account. 1inch "Learn & Earn" Campaign will run from 2021.07.16 to 2021.07.25

What Is CoinMarketCap Learn and Earn?

CoinMarketCap Learn and Earn enables users to receive tokens while learning about a new cryptocurrency project. Each user needs to watch a series of educational videos about a crypto project and complete a quiz consisting of several questions about the project's basic information. There main challenge of the quiz is that the user needs to answer ALL questions correctly, otherwise no reward is provided.
It should be also noted that the content provided on CoinMarketCap Learn and Earn doesn't mean to provide any financial or investment advice from the platform and it serves purely as educational content for the CoinMarketCap users.


What Is 1inch?

As it was mentioned in my previous article for the first 1INCH Learn and Earn campaign with title "My Investigation on CoinMarketCap's 1Inch Learn and Earn Campaign" 1INCH is a decentralized exchange (DEXaggregator, connecting several DEXes into one platform to allow its users to find the most efficient swapping routes across all platforms. In order for a user to find the best price for a swap, they need to look at every exchange — DEX aggregators eliminate the need for manually checking, bringing efficiency to swapping on DEXs.

I keep repeating that even 1 wrong answer either on purpose or by wrong judgement is enough to destroy someone's hopes of the CoinMarketCap Learn and earn the 1INCH drop as the Learn and Earn campaigns require 100% correct results so I believe whoever writes an article with his recommendations should be highly motivated and responsible providing justifications for them. Just like in the GRT Learn and Earn campaign, the lessons for the Learn and Earn 1INCH campaign can be found on a video format with a duration approximately 1 minute each so they aren't lengthy and boring:

– Lesson 1 : How 1inch offers the best rates
– Lesson 2 : How to use the 1inch web dApp
– Lesson 3 : How to swap your tokens
– Lesson 4 : Make a swap on 1inch (An embedded interface of the 1INCH platform for practise and familiarisation)

Question 1:To start using the 1inch dApp you have to


JUSTIFICATION: On the Lesson 2 : How to use the 1inch web dApp transcript on 00:20 we learn that to start trading at you need to connect your wallet.


Question 2: What asset should be in your wallet to begin swapping tokens via 1inch?


JUSTIFICATION: On the Lesson 2 : How to use the 1inch web dApp transcript on 00:24 we learn that first you need to add some eth to your wallet.


Question 3: What does the name of the 1inch gas token – “Chi” – initially mean?


JUSTIFICATION: I tried thoroughly to find a respectful web source for -chi- as a Mysterious energy in martial arts. The best source that I found is an article on with title "Qi (or chi) is your personal, unlimited source of energy" where we read that 


If you have participated in the first 1INCH CoinmarketCap's Learn and Earn campaign and you have visited, read and tipped my article with title "My Investigation on CoinMarketCap's 1Inch Learn and Earn Campaign" then you would have earned that the name 1INCH has been inspited by the famous  Bruce Lee’s legendary “1inch punch”, an epitome of efficiency in Martial Arts. Therefore, the name of the 1INCH  gas token -chi- is highly correlated with martial arts and the rest of the answers B,C or D are completely irrelevant . In the article "1inch introduces Chi Gastoken" of the official 1inch Medium blog, we read:

The name of our project, 1inch, was inspired by Bruce Lee’s legendary “1inch punch”, an epitome of efficiency in Martial Arts, and aims to symbolize our efficiency in the crypto industry.
To execute a 1inch punch, you need power, in Asian Martial Arts it is called as Chi / Qi, whose equivalent in the crypto space is our new Chi Gastoken. Now, any user can burn their Chi tokens and thereby save on gas.


For those who want to dive deeper, there is also a relevant book on Amazon store with title "The Power of Internal Martial Arts and Chi: Combat and Energy Secrets of Ba Gua, Tai Chi and Hsing-i".


Image Source

Question 4: What is the Latin name of the Unicorn constellation?


JUSTIFICATION: This is a question a bit irrelevant with the 1INCH platform but relevant with the logo of the 1INCH. On we learn that the Latin name of the Unicorn Constellation is Monoceros which is Ancient Greek means "single-horned".

Monoceros constellation lies in the northern sky, on the celestial equator. Its name means “unicorn” in Latin. Monoceros was introduced by the Dutch astronomer and cartographer Petrus Plancius from the observations of Dutch navigators in the 17th century. The constellation represents the mythical single-horned, horse-like creature.


Image Source

Question 5: What is the role of 1inch’s Pathfinder algorithm?


JUSTIFICATION: On the Lesson 1 : How 1inch offers the best rates transcript on 00:28 we learn that 1INCH pathfinder which is an api containing a discovery and routing algorithm finds the best possible paths for a token swap splitting a swap across several exchanges and even across different market depths of the same exchange. 

Question 6: To participate in the 1inch Network’s governance process you have to


JUSTIFICATION: On the Lesson 2 : How to use the 1inch web dApp transcript on 00:43 we learn that you can receive governance rewards by staking your one-inch tokens.

Question 7: How many blockchains are currently connected to the 1inch Aggregation Protocol?


JUSTIFICATION: On the top of the 1INCH interface, from the Ethereum drop down menu is being expanded to include the 3 blockchain networks that are being supported which expect from the Ethereum, they are the BSC Mainnet and the Polygon Network. Therefore the correct answer is "Three"


Question 8: Add "1inch" to Your "Public Watchlist" (URL/Link)

The last question is a promo CoinMarketCap question requesting to the participants to add 1INCH to their "Public Whatchlist" and add the corresponding link on the quiz. In order to achieve that, the participant should first go to CoinMarketCap's 1INCH webpage and click on the yellow star as follows in order to add the 1INCH in the participant's public watchlist as follows: 


As  a result the 1INCH token will be added on the participants public watchlist


Then the participant should click on the "SHARE" button on the top of the watchlist and copy paste the watchlist's link into the quiz Question 8 field.


It should be well noted that the quiz won't request you to provide any on-chain wallet address such as Metamask as the 1INCH tokens dropped from the campaign will be provided directly to the participant's Binance spot account after providing the Binance ID at the beginning of the quiz.

Disclaimer: All information found on this article is for informational purposes only. I do not provide any personal investment advice so please make your own research before proceeding to any investment/trading actions


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