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I love to write on things I am passionate about - environment, citizens activism, crypto and life in general. I am a cat enthusiast, nature lover. I am excited to engage at the Publish0x platform by reading and writing crypto and other content here.

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India’s needy requires to be cared for in this Corona virus induced crisis

3 days ago 7 minute read comments Greenchic

  *Photo credit - Arjun Swaminatha*  India’s Economy further hit hard due to long lockdown Indian Government we hear will be forced to abandon its stance of Fiscal conservatism, and will announce a financial aid package to aid the economy of India. T...

Coronavirus doing its spread in India and we are lockdowned - Poor are Devastated!!

6 days ago 4 minute read comments Greenchic

  From China and now India - Corona affected!! We are all in the midst of the Coronavirus. For a long while India did not get affected with this China originated virus but of late India has picked up this Coronavirus scare. Since almost 2 weeks, par...

This month’s huge sell off correlates with the value of US Dollar appreciating

1 week ago 2 minute read comments Greenchic

   Crowd sold off assets and acquired US Dollars The huge sell off that occurred across all asset classes recently reveals definitely that everyone wanted cash in their hands by selling out stocks, gold, bonds ,BTC, and alt coins even at a loss. Howe...

Steem price skyrockets to 200% post announcement of HIVE blockchain since yesterday

1 week ago 1 minute read comments Greenchic

Noticed the price chart in tradingview shows that in a period of 24 hours Steem price goes from 0.12376463$ to 0.44447937, that an increase of over 250% The reason for this seems to be the announcement of HIVE which will be created through a hardfor...

HIVE is coming!! Hard forked platform of Steem

1 week ago 4 minute read comments Greenchic

![hive.png]( Nothing much in front scenes last week, but behind the scenes there was HIVE development Last week, I was searching for updates on Steem scenario, with the rift and d...

Trump and Justin Sun based little joke in these depressed market conditions

2 weeks ago 2 minute read comments Greenchic

Last Thursday was a depressing day for markets with the free fall of the stock market, crypto market etc, that is old news. However, in the midst of this tragedy, jokes emerged thanks to tweets of US president Trump, who pumps up the stock market us...

Crypto crash in uncertain times can be a little hard but let’s cheer up

2 weeks ago 5 minute read comments Greenchic

   BTC fall Wow wee… Today, cryto markets fell down, in the most crazy fashion and I could not help but notice it enough to write on this.   The worrying thing is BTC is below it’s old strong support of 6500 $, most of us think that as long BTC hol...

Outline of the Government’s measures to revive India’s Economy - Budget Study

2 weeks ago 10 minute read comments Greenchic

  This can be considered as Part 2 of my earlier article which talked about the Indian Economy suffering an economic crisis. To understand the actual plight of the Indian Economy, please read through that article here.

Steem Community entering a truce with Justin Sun and Binance’s CZ?

3 weeks ago 4 minute read comments Greenchic

  I got Badge of honour for voting 30 witnesses for Steem Blockchain. Oh, feel so honoured like been knighted or something...ha!!   Looks like the climate is become pleasant for a Truce for now?? Yesterday, I spent time trying to see if there is an...

Small ways in which Steem community members are supporting the Steem Blockchain

3 weeks ago 4 minute read comments Greenchic

  Past few days things are buzzing hot in Steem Blockchain. So much is happening around, I could follow only dramas happening between Justin Sun lead Tron and Steem Witnesses but Steemit community too has been acting. Recently I understood that as a...