Clovis Upland Californication

Clovis Upland Californication

By Feax21 | Crypto Monkey | 5 Mar 2021

In my initial article about Upland with title Upland Californication that took part in the #UplandPublish0x writing contest, I described my first steps into the Upland Metaverse, my strategy and plans for my progress in the game towards the following months.


To my great surprise, it seems that these plans managed to be heavily accelerated within few weeks since I started the game, as I received my first referral reward of the astonishing amount of 50,000 UPX! That airdrop enabled me to upgrade my account from the initial Visitor status to the Uplander status, after over-fulfilling the prerequisite of accumulating 10,000 UPX without even spending a penny and gave me enough capital to start building my real estate empire! And i want to emphasize again that that so-called UPX token is just a virtual in-game currency such as IMVU's Credits or SecondLife's Linden etc without any blockchain characteristics or exchange value.


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Being in Uplander status, meant that no longer I had to renew my in-game visa status every 7 days and I was also able to trade with other players buying and selling properties which appeared to be the only in-game virtual interaction with them. Moreover, the 50,000 UPX tokens made it possible to deploy my gaming plans of expanding my property portfolio in other areas apart form my initial purchase on the NW San Francisco at 2020 Lake Street. And, although, the platform had already started to expand to the Atlantic US coast and to the areas of Manhattan and Brooklyn, I was left unfazed and completely indifferent as my main aim was and still is to remain in the Pacific US Coast and continue my Upland Californication


In fact, as it was described in my initial article Upland Californication, my plan was to jump into Fresno metropolitan area and buy cheap retirement properties in order to complete my in-game collections. Event though I had 50,000 UPX in my wallet, property prices in San Francisco still didn't appeared to me attractive because I believed that I couldn't buy as many properties as I would need to complete my collections and I focused instead on Fresno's NE adjacent town of Clovis.


Located in the heart of the great San Joaquin Valley, in the Fresno-Clovis Metropolitan Area,  "Gateway to the Sierras"- Clovis, CA is situated in one of the richest agricultural areas in the world.


In fact, the city of Clovis began just as a freight rail stop along the San Joaquin Valley Railroad. As the railroad construction in the Fresno area begun on July 4, 1891, organised by numerous Fresno businessmen who raised more than $100,000 in partnership with the Michigan railroad speculator and lawyer Marcus Pollasky, it reached the farmlands of Clovis M. Cole and George Owen by October of that year. Railroad purchased right-of-way from both farmers, half from each and ran tracks up the borderline between the two properties. The railroad agreed to establish a station on the west side of the tracks and to call it "Clovis." after Clovis M. Cole, was positioned on the Owen side of the track. Cole and Owen later sold land to Marcus Pollasky for the development of a townsite and Fresno civil engineer Ingvart Tielman mapped the townsite with the featured streets named for the officers and principal investors of the railroad: (Benjamin) Woodworth, (Marcus) Pollasky, Fulton (Berry), (Thomas) Hughes, (Gerald) Osmun, and (O. D.) Baron. The townsite, named "Clovis" after Clovis Station and one of the former landowners of the area Clovis M. Cole, was laid out on what was originally Owen's land. The railroad was completed as far as the  town of Hamptonville (now Friant) on the banks of the San Joaquin River, just 26 miles (42 km) from its point of origin in Fresno although the corporation intended to build 100 miles of track, including sidings and spurs, through the agricultural acreage east of Fresno, then north to the timber and mineral resources of the Sierra foothills opening a gateway from the San Joaquin Valley to the east of California. 


Clovis was incorporated as a city in February 1912 and it has been long known as “a way of life" and a typical Californian county location. City’s population has more than doubled since 90s, reaching the current level of approximately 115,000 citizens. More information and historical photos of Clovis can be found here:


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Therefore, according to my initial Upland Californication plan, I started searching for the cheap properties on Cordoba Ave worth 994 UPX that I initially discovered during my first explorations of the city, but to my great disappointment, it appeared that another player already grabbed them and the prices went up over 100% on the area with the cheapest ones on Clovis being on sale for around 2000 UPX. Hope it wasn't me who provided the idea of buying cheap properties there.


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I started browsing Clovis nearby family neighborhoods aiming to find these 3 cheap and affordable anymore properties on the same street to complete my first collection of "King of the Street". although, my wallet was full of UPX tokens, I have decided to stick to my initial plan and not to start buying anything overpriced just because I had a lot of tokens to use. A good investor should never be affected by the temporary obstacles that might be found in front of him either to be seduced from the security of a fat wallet. Not as good as it was initially planned but economically good enough. Nevertheless, If I wanted to buy expensive properties overspending my referral airdrop, I could easily buy a couple of properties on San Francisco without moving to the Fresno-Clovis area. Luckily, I decided to buy 3 properties on Dennis Ave, with a total value of just 6,809 UPX paying 7,149,45 UPX, which could be determined as a satisfactory economical deal, as follows:

  • 1635 Dennis Ave, CLOVIS, CA worth 1,999.00 UPX and paying 2,098.95 UPX
  • 1722 Dennis Ave, CLOVIS, CA worth 2,500.00 UPX and paying 2,625.00 UPX
  • 1712 Dennis Ave, CLOVIS, CA worth 2,310.00 UPX and paying 2,425,50 UPX


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As it is obvious on the Street View of 1712 Dennis Ave, the properties on this area have no sign of luxury. They are simple properties of ordinary working family people.


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As promised from Upland for all Uplanders, all property purchases had been notarized on the EOS blockhain as a memo on the smart contract but it should be well noted without receiving any relevant EOS tokens as a reward.


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The initial mission of completing the "King of the Street" collection on Clovis has been accomplished. However my wallet was still quite heavy with the referral reward that I acquired, so acting a bit like a greedy real estate monopoly tycoon I started searching for more bargains around the nearby neighborhoods of Clovis aiming to complete the challenging mission of "City Pro" that requires 5 properties that don't belong to another collection.


The easy road of a short minded investor-player is to remove the properties on Dennis Ave from the "King of the Street" collection and place them into the "City Pro" collection but my Californication Wolf spirit guided me to find 5 new and cheap properties in order to complete it instead. In any case, I was still economically comfortable enough to achieve it given the current property prices in the area.


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And it didn't take me a lot of time to find these cheap properties on the South East fringe of the town according to the following map and I splashed another 8,239.55 UPX in order to by 4 more properties worth 68097,847 UPX in order to complete the "City Pro" collection with properties bought in Sussex Ave, Pontiac Ave, Saginaw Ave and Flint Ave as follows:

  • 3508 Sussex Ave, CLOVIS, worth 1,999.00 UPX and paying 2,098.95 UPX
  • 3493 Pontiac Ave, CLOVIS, CA worth 1,900.00 UPX and paying 1,995.00 UPX
  • 3466 Saginaw Ave, CLOVIS, CA worth 1,999.00 UPX and paying 2,098.95 UPX
  • 3509 Flint Ave, CLOVIS, CA worth 1,949.00 UPX and paying 2,046.65 UPX


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Especially, the property on the 3508 Sussex Ave, looks quite classy and newly built for its price.


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When i was searching for my 5th property in order to complete the "City Pro" collection and I was found on the Lansing Ave, I couldn't resist myself not to buy just one property but I allowed to my Wolf Investing Spirit to buy for me 2 more cheap properties on the same street for 1995 UPX each completing somehow the "King of the Street" collection for the 2nd time. For the Lansing Ave area, I paid  6,088.95 in order to buy 3 properties worth 5,799 UPX as follows:

  • 3473 Lansing Ave, CLOVIS, CA worth 1,900.00 UPX and paying 1,995.00 UPX
  • 3457 Lansing Ave, CLOVIS, CA worth 1,900.00 UPX and paying 1,995.00 UPX
  • 3433 Lansing Ave, CLOVIS, CA worth 1,999.00 UPX and paying 2,098.95 UPX


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And proved me wrong with houses just being built on these properties according to the relevant street view, the future value of Lansing Ave will be much more wealthy in the near future.


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In fact for some reason, the adjacent property on 3425 Lansing Ave owned by AFDFF19, worth today the astonishing amount of 29,000, when mine on average worth 1,900 UPX, showing the potential of the real estate investments on the area.


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This is my initial investment in the wider Fresno-Clovis area, acquiring 10 properties for precisely 21,888 UPX due to the purchasing fees creating, making me a local real estate tycoon with a total property value of 20,455 UPX. Certainly nothing would have been possible to happen, not even this article, unless I had been rewarded with 50,000 UPX of the referral commission. I really hope that more referrals will follow up helping me to write more articles about my Upland Californication using my referral link.

If you use this link, Upland will award you with a bonus for your first purchase


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This ultimate thought made me realize that whoever owns the referral link of the #UplandPublish0x contest is certainly today an Upland millionaire and a greedy real estate Upland tycoon.


To my greatest surprise, I received lately few game notifications that a player called xolem_49 has requested to buy my Clovis properties in the Dennis Ave, Pontiac Ave and Lansing Ave but the offered price of 1,800 UPX for each property is far less than the capital that I spent for my investment and certainly as a genuine HODLER, I am not in a "Sell" mood either. So to xolem_49 great disappointment, I will just leave the offers to expire.


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More updates about my Clovis Upland Californication will follow shortly.

Disclaimer: All information found on this article is for informational purposes only. I do not provide any personal investment advice so please make your own research before proceeding to any investment/trading action.

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