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By Feax21 | Crypto Monkey | 26 Dec 2021


Almost one year ago I was shocked from the announcement that the long standing Moon Faucet family and the Coinpot microwallet will be discontinued and on the article "My thoughts why CoinPot is shutting down" i expressed my hope that another successful faucet will eventually emerge to fill in the void that Moon faucet family left. Initially I though that void will be filled from the Free Cryptos Faucet family however the project is tremendously slow that made me to lose interest and I kept searching all over the crypto community to find a worthy substitution of the Moon Faucet Family.


Not long ago, I came across FaucetCrypto and I feel that this project can fill the corresponding void in the crypto faucet world. For those you are new on the crypto-world, a faucet - GPT/PTC is a website that provides FREE cryptocurrency in exchange for completing simple tasks and activities mostly for advertising marketing reasons. Faucets exist for almost all cryptos. From the most popular, Bitcoin, to the most fun and useful, Dogecoin!

Normally, I am a very humble person and I don't usually boast with arrogance or bragging for my achievements and the profits that I have received from my crypto activity. However, today I would like to share a very important milestone, as I am celebrating the amazing achievement of reaching level 200 in FaucetCrypto within 9 months of continuous daily use which it can be a remarkable achievement as i managed at the same time to withdraw several micro amounts of crypto into my funds without risk!


And if in the past I have been critical about people who enjoy bragging in the cryptocommunity about the tips that they have received for their crypto-activity, the difference between them and me is that I only published this article in order to celebrate my efforts, my patience, my labor and above everything the earning potential of FaucetCrypto!


FaucetCrypto is not just an ordinary GPT/PTC earning website, as it provides multiple earning ways as follows:

  • Faucet Claim: The first and the simplest way is claiming the faucet for free. The claimed amount is calculated as the sum of Base Amount which currently is 17.50 Coins + Level Bonus and 10 XP points. The timer resets every 24 minutes and this claiming period is being adjusted from the platform.
  • PTC Advertisements: The second way to earn is by clicking on ads. Currently, there are 2 main advertisement duration categories of 16 and 40 seconds each with a corresponding reward + Level XP Bonus.
  • Daily Bonus: You get a daily bonus of 25 Coins and XP Points
  • Referrals: Provides a 20% commission of the ACTIVE referrals for a lifetime.
  • Short links: It provides 16 short links on a daily basis. 
  • Achievements: Complete tasks and earn levels, every level you reach, your reward get increased for lifetime. Combine this bonus with your items and multiply your earnings!
  • Offer walls: You can complete different surveys and earn big.   ​


Direct Withdraw in 20 Cryptocurrencies

Withdraws earnings from FaucetCrypto are paid directly to user's wallet through blockchain transactions either on a microwallet service such as FaucetPay or to a CEX Spot account within 24 hours. Withdrawals are available in 20 different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bittorent, DASH, PIVX, LiteCoin, Digibyte, DogeCoin, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Tron, Zen, RavenCoin etc. Payments in Bitcoin SV and Ethereum have been discontinued as there was little interest from the community. Finally, the withdrawal limit is being increased by 2% proportional of the user's level and by 8% for each active referral. Therefore for level 200, my withdrawal limit is 12,500.00 coins which can be exchanged for any of the available cryptocurrencies.


FaucetCrypto includes an Items system. That means that randomly the user is being awarded with specific items that have special bonus attributes that can increase the performance of the faucet or the PTC advertisements viewings with extra bonuses in Coins or on XP points. 


The user also benefits from completing specific achievements such as reaching important milestones or complete a specific number of PTC advertisements in a set period after being awarded extra bonus in FaucetCrypto Coins which is the native paying unit XP points. For example when the user reaches level 100 just like I did, I have been awarded 1,125.00 extra coins and the award is getting even bigger, the higher the milestone that has been achieved from the user. At the beginning, reaching a specific level or milestone is quite easy and fast, yet as the user is progressing on the platform, it is getting slower and slower to reach an achievement and this is when user should demonstrate patience and persistence is essential for achieving more rewarding levels of the platform.


My FaucetCrypto earnings reaching Level 200

Starting on 29th March 2021 with my first payout in TRX, I have received so far 13 payments in TRON, DASH, TRX and RAVENCOIN and I still have 1 pending payment in PIVX as PIVX payments went into "maintenance" few hours after my payout request on 18th November 2021. Eventually, the PIVX payment has been cleared on 5th January 2022.



As it is obvious from the screenshots, the fact that FaucetCrypto provides the opportunity of withdrawal various cryptocurrencies enables users to experiment and diversify their earnings. I initially started shy to try to see if FaucetCrypto is paying for real by withdrawing 1 single TRX and TRON has been my usual withdrawal cryptocurrency for the following months as i was trying to increase my TRON capital which i have been staking in Binance Flexible Account. Then, around July, i went into temptation to try to withdraw some RavenCoin which has been in my cryptolist for a long time and i really wanted to own few of them although there is no staking opportunity available on Binance but only on Huobi Global. Yet, for the next period as most of the available cryptocurrencies funds were limited in the platform, I remembered how profitable owning DASH is since my CoinPot days and I started withdrawing it in order to earn interest into my Binance Flexible Account. The difference with LiteCoin is that Binance doesn't allow any LiteCoin deposits that are less than 0.001 Litecoin and deposited funds are being evaporated. So in order to stay on the safe side I opted for DASH instead. Concerning my ZCash earnings, my main resource of earning ZCash remains Gaming Platform and GlobalHive Faucet and my ambition for 2022 is to raise 1 whole ZCash from the faucets that I have been using including FaucetCrypto. Overall, I have withdrawn the following amounts:

DASH: 0.0591432 DASH

PIVX: 0.72307451 PIVX

ZCASH: 0.00363178 ZCASH

RAVENCOIN: 5.49179946 RVN

TRON: 15.95657801 TRX


As a withdrawal proof I am also providing you a screenshot of my ZEN wallet where i accumulate my faucet drops from GetZen Faucet. As you can see, on 15th of December 2021, apart from my usual GetZen Faucet, drop, I also received exactly 0.00805569 ZENs from FaucetCrypto.


For the future, I plan to withdraw more funds on ZEN in order to top up my ZEN wallet that will allow me to earn bigger faucet drops from GetZen Faucet and then to try to increase my BCH capital. As it is also visible from the accumulative amount of coins I have managed to withdraw until now 100,386.19 FaucetCrypto coins which i have exchanged for cryptocurrency.


Obviously my next target is to reach the Level 400 milestone and although it is a long shot as it double my current achievement, I hope that it will take place within 2022 and i will celebrate it with another article. Still, someone, might state the argument, that ok congratulations Feax21 for your earnings and your level 200 but you haven't mentioned about how much time you have consumed in order to reach that level and achieve these payments. My answer to this argument, is that the average user only needs about 20 mins on average to claim the earnings from the Faucet and the Shortlinks and the user can keep the platform open in an extra tab on the browser while being online to claim the faucet claims every 24 minutes. And if someone argues that dedicating 20 minutes from the precious spare time every day just to click on advertisements while this amount of time can be dedicated in other crypto-activities such as trading, I should advise that for "serious and not gamblers" traders, cryptotrading is mainly a much more time consuming procedure as it demands a thorough analysis of the market reading articles, designing trading triangles etc before proceeding in positions that might work and they might not work and they might end in the loss of the funds, whereas with the FaucetCrypto GPT/PTC steady and slow cryptoactivitities there is a guaranteed positive result. Of course, FaucetCrypto doesn't offer the excitement of gambling, being in a constant stress and anxiety whether the outcome of the position will be positive or negative just like in the roulette as well, or the dopamine shots on your brain of being greedy when your trade goes profitable but personally there is no competition for the excitement I receive when I withdraw my faucets earnings into my Binance Flexible Account. Yet, you are completely free to choose which pill you would like to take. The red or the blue pill. 


Disclaimer: All information found on this article is for informational purposes only. I do not provide any personal investment advice so please make your own research before proceeding to any investment/trading actions

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