#UplandPublish0x Writing Contest and Twitter Giveaway: $1,000 in ETH Rewards!

By igort | Publish0x Contests | 11 Feb 2021

Wooohooo! Another contest, and the most fun one yet, with more awesome prizes including $1,000 in ETH + extra ingame bonuses!


#UplandPublish0x Writing Contest and Twitter Giveaway: $1,000 in ETH Rewards + Ingame Bonuses!


1. Topic: You can write about anything related to Upland - from reviewing the game, helping newbies to get a jump start, writing a detailed guide, or anything in between and more!


2. Deadline: Thursday, 25th of February 2021.


3. Contest Name: #UplandPublish0x


4. Prize Pool: $1,000 in ETH!


5. Bonus: Get 6,000 UPX Tokens (worth $6) - Start Playing Upland NOW!


  • $800 in ETH will be distributed between the top 10 - 18 posts in the contest (depending on relative quality of posts submitted into the contest, we will distribute rewards to anywhere between top 10 and 18 authors)! Minimum top prize is $100!
  • A further 5x $10 in ETH is reserved for 5 authors who did not win any other award, but still got lucky!
  • Finally, $100 in ETH  will be distributed to participants in the contest in some way - we reserve these $100 rewards to give out to participants in the contest that we feel deserved the extra prizes!
  • And then there are extra in-game rewards - a doubled welcome bonus of 6,000 UPX, redeemable by signing up with this special link.
  • PS. The final $50 in ETH is reserved for the Twitter Giveaway (details below).


How to Participate in the #UplandPublish0x Contest, and How Will the Winners Be Chosen?


  1. Submit your post between today and Thursday, February 25th, 2021.

  2. Videos are also accepted. You can record a LBRY or a YouTube video, embed it into your article on Publish0x, with a short intro to your post. Please add a link to the article in the YouTube or LBRY video description (here's a guide that will show you how to embed videos in your posts).

  3. The content submitted should be original, and published on Publish0x.com only (not counting videos). You may republish the content to other platforms once the contest is over and winners have been announced.

  4. Publish your work on any Publish0x blog that you own and make sure to add the tag UplandPublish0x (without the “#”, you cannot use any “#” on Publish0x).

  5. Important! Follow @UplandMe on Twitter.

PS. If you don't have a Twitter account, you can still compete in the contest and get a chance to win one of the prizes. :)

PPS. Yes, it's ok to submit multiple posts into the contest.


--> Claim Your Doubled Welcome Bonus of 6,000 UPX ($6 worth) - Start Playing Upland NOW! <--


Mini #UplandPublish0x Twitter Giveaway - $50 in ETH to Be Split Between 10 Users.


We've prepared $50 in ETH  rewards for the #UplandPublish0x Twitter Giveaway. The $50 in ETH rewards for the Twitter Giveaway will be split between 10 users with $5 in ETH each.

The rewards will be split between users who:

  • Tweet a tweet using both the hashtag #UplandPublish0x and the hashtag #Publish0x (or instead of using #Publish0x, you can use @Publish0x) and follow both @Publish0x and @UplandMe Twitter accounts.
  • Write the most original tweets in our estimation.
  • Just follow the Twitter Giveaway rules and get lucky!
  • At least 4 of the Twitter rewards will go to authors who participate in this contest and tweet their post to the world!

Note: Your Twitter account has to be older than a month, and you need to have at least 20 followers and 10 tweets in the past year. You need to tweet out your tweet between today and Thursday, 25th of February. 

In case you win a prize in the Twitter contest and your usernames are different on Twitter and Publish0x, don't worry. In that case, we will simply send you a DM on Twitter asking your for your username on Publish0x, and then you will get the reward!


Hold Your Llamas! ... What is Upland?


Upland is an EOS blockchain-powered metaverse that allows players to own virtual properties that are mapped to real-world addresses. Upland launched in San Francisco in 2019 and recently expanded to New York City, NY and Fresno, CA with the planned addition of new cities arriving in the near future.

Upland follows the principles of an open market economy and uses blockchain technology to ensure true ownership of digital assets: once you purchase a property, it is yours to own forever.

Each property parcel is a unique NFT that can be bought, sold, and traded for-profit using the in-game currency called UPX. And these NFTs are valuable and rare - for example, we recently auctioned off the NYSE building in Manhattan for 23,000,000 UPX, or $23,000 USD.


As a digital landowner in Upland, you earn a monthly yield of UPX coins that can be used to purchase more properties. You will soon be able to construct commercial and residential buildings on your properties, as well as launch your own real in-game businesses! 

Upland has an active partnership with Tilia Pay (a subsidiary Linden Labs, the makers of Second Life) that allows players to sell NFT properties for U.S. Dollars. While it is currently in beta, this feature will soon be available to all Uplanders. This makes Upland the first metaverse to allow the conversion of digital asset value into a real-world value-form, fiat money.

Above all, Upland is a bold experiment that is seeking to create a real economy that blends the real world with the virtual. Become a member of an awesome, friendly community of fellow Uplanders and seize the opportunity to build a portfolio of virtual properties, homes, and businesses!


---> Try Upland NOW and Get a Doubled Welcome Bonus to Publish0x Users of 6,000 UPX ($6 worth)<---


Awesome! Where Can I Find Out More About Upland?


In order to give you a head start on researching Upland:

  • Download Upland and check out the game using this special link that will provide a DOUBLED signup bonus of 6,000 UPX (worth $6), Upland’s in-game currency.
  • Check out Upland’s website here.
  • Read Upland’s Medium blog that contains all major announcements and updates.
  • Discover Upland’s 2021 Roadmap.
  • Dive into content created by broadcasters of the Upland Contributor Network. These broadcasters are special Uplanders who create content about Upland’s current happenings, as well as creating websites that track critical statistics about Upland’s economy.
    • Upland Academy  - Made in English and German. Provides a great starting point about the game.
    • Upx.World and DailyUplander - Provides information based on public blockchain data and some of Upland’s open APIs.
    • Upland Action News - Fun videos covering what’s going on in Upland.
    • The UPX Podcast - An in-depth podcast about the game, the economy, and the players. 
    • Upland Central - Video Tutorials, community promotions, and more.
    • A Rap song about Upland and its currency UPX.
  • The Discord server that is home to a majority of the Upland community and where all current topics and announcements are discussed. Our Uplanders are an incredibly friendly bunch, so feel free to join and ask some questions!
  • Watch the latest Upland founders’ AMA, broadcast live on Jan. 29th 2021.


How Will the Winners Be Paid?


The winners will receive the funds to their accounts on Publish0x a few days and up to a couple of weeks after the contest is over. We will create a separate post announcing the winners and just before we do, the rewards will be added to the winning posts.

In case you win a prize in the Twitter contest and your usernames are different on Twitter and Publish0x, don't worry. In that case, we will simply send you a DM on Twitter asking your for your username on Publish0x, and then you will get the reward!


How Can I Participate in the #UplandPublish0x Writing Contest if I'm Not Author on Publish0x?


Don't worry, we've got you covered! Simply apply for authorship at https://www.publish0x.com/become or shoot our support an email at [email protected] and let us know that you'd like to be a part of #UplandPublish0x writing contest. We'll make sure to get back to you extra fast. :)


I hope to see your creativity shine here. I really thing this is one of the most fun contests to date, and have high hopes for this one! :)

PS. If you start playing Upland by using this link, you'll get a doubled sign-up bonus of 6,000 UPX (worth $6). :)



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