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#JETNFT: Empowering the Champions of Tomorrow

By Feax21 | Crypto Monkey | 28 Dec 2021



I rip the packets of stickers open with all the excitement and anticipation of the 10-year-old boy that I used to be, and inhale their long-forgotten but oh-so-familiar odour of glue mixed with sticky tape and paper. Instantly, I'm back in 1986 and my penultimate year at primary school, when the most important thing in my life was how an England squad featuring Gary Lineker, Peter Shilton and John Barnes would fare at the World Cup.


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That was an introduction aka personal experience of a BBC journalist named Ian Shoesmith written on his article with title "The adults who get misty-eyed over Panini World Cup stickers" back on May 2014 and I am confident that the majority of today adults have similar memories from their youth, playing and trading football cards and stickers with their friends on the streets of their quiet neighbourhoods. I was one of them! When I was a kid, i really enjoyed the idea of owing a "virtual" portion of my football idols and completing the stickers page of my favourite Greek football team developing a special bond and passion with them. Unfortunately, this era mostly during late 80s and early 90s has gone forever and as we have moved into the digital 21st century socialising on the streets of big cities in the middle of a contagious pandemic has become a luxury.


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Although the extensive commercialisation and industrialisation of sports entertainment like football (soccer for American audience) or NBA Basketball on the 21st century, this bond between the sports clubs or players and their supporters has been kept alive and during the Blockchain revolution that we experience, it has become even stronger. Specifically, the development of the NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) technology allows individuals not only to still own a modern "virtual" and unique portion of their football idols and teams, but also to actively interact and engage with them in various ways.

Several Blockchain projects are already trying to capitalize this bond by developing their bespoke platforms for football supporters. The most notable of them is the sports fan engagement platform which is built on the Chiliz blockchain infrastructure & uses $CHZ tokens as it’s exclusive on-platform currency, the TOPPS NFT Baseball collection on Wax Blockchain, the Sorare global fantasy soccer platform and most recently the Binance Fan Token project with the development of a series of utility BEP20 tokens, connecting teams with their supporters through a governance-style collaborative system that allows fans to interact with them influencing the decisions of their careers.


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#JetNFT: The Evolution of Football Trading Cards


The current situation on sports management

In today's capitalistic world of entertainment and showbiz industry, nothing is as merry and ideal as media most of times would like to present. According to Eric Alexandre, a veteran entrepreneur of showbiz management, creative content producer and founder of JETCoin Institute, the world of showbiz is actually a ruthless world where managers, agents and sponsors usually tend to abuse and take a financial advantage of the dreams of individuals who are hoping to provide their talent for the entertainment of their supporters. Examples can be found on Scott Allen's article with title "the 8 most famous and infamous sports agents" back on 2010, and a quick research on the internet would provide hundreds of relevant stories like the case of Zion Williamson or the case of Nerlen Noel or the the story of boxing legend Mike Tyson who filed a $100M lawsuit against his former manager, promoter and mentor Don King.

The JETCoin Vision

Therefore, Eric Alexandre envisioned the development of a fair and ethical management system of new entertainment talents that are being developed through the crowdfunding, support and engagement of their fans while participating at the same time on the Blockchain Technology Revolution through an NFT (Non-Fungible tokens) cards scheme.

For Alexandre, the relationship between a talent and their supporters is crucial and of mutual significance. Sport and music celebrities would have had no financial or marketing value if they didn't have the support and admiration of their fans around the world. Imagine 50CENT performing in an empty venue or Messi or Nadal trying to play a match without spectators, their support and their clapping. Who can forget the amazing football fans supporting their national teams with Vuvuzelas chants on the South Africa FIFA World Cup ?

The greatest motivation for a talent to become a star is actually their fans and supporters who are passionate about them, follow and try to copy their activities as they operate as "REAL Influencers". On the other hand, it is very disappointing that the supporters don't have an opinion in influencing the development of the career of a new talent. They actually have no say on these little but important decisions on a talent's career that make the difference between an ordinary athlete and the Superstar of Tomorrow while at the same time they are unable to financially benefit from the success of their idols. Therefore the great question that arise for Eric Alexandre is:

Could fans become involved in the success of these stars in a truly democratic and open way, moving forward their careers?

How the JETNFT system works ?

The Vision of Eric Alexandre is being applied in a simple but revolutionary way with the foundation of the JetCoin Institute. As it obvious on the following diagram, first, the JETCoin Institute finds new raw and talented individuals who have the potential of becoming future stars through scouting all around the world. From the favelas of Rio di Janeiro, to the streets of New York, the gravelled pitches of Nairobi and the 5x5 turfed pitches of Paris and Sydney, the iced fields of Toronto and Moscow or the sports academies of Barcelona and Beijing, the JetCoin Institute scouts find the best talents and offer them a management contract buying a percentage of their Intellectual Property (IP) Rights and through a personalised Development and Marketing Plan they are becoming JetCoin Champions.


Diagram made with love from Feax21

From the other hand, fans and supporters of sports are welcome to purchase the minted JetNFT cards of these emerging talents through an "Initial Talent Offering" standardised process funding their career while at the same time they are eligible for future JETCoin tokens rewards and airdrops based on the future success of their Champions. In other words, Fans and supporters purchase a portion of emerging talents Royalties investing into the success of their career, through a blockchain crowdfunding system based on the JetNFTs! 

The JETNFT Cards

In contrast with relevant Sports NFT Cards projects that are minted on the Wax blockchain, the JETNFT Cards are minted on the Ethereum MainNet and they are only available through Marketplace. The JeTCoin NFT store already contains there various sporting personalities from Serie A Italian League Football teams that JetCoin institute is sponsoring since 2014, such as Hellas Verona and Chievo. Here's an example of the Greek former superstar defender of Hellas Verona, Vangelis Moras that it is available on the store for 0.38 ETH.


The content of the JETNFT cards can be viewed on the JET viewer ( when connected to a non-custodial wallet such as Metamask which is used for the purchase of the JetNFTs. Still, the main difference of the JETNFTs that are purchased on with the other similar Sports NFT projects such as the MLB.DAPPS Baseball NFTs on Wax Blockchain, is that the JETNFTs aren't limited on the visual photo or "artistic representation" of the athlete but it includes a series of additional attributes. Unfortunately, Vangelis Moras JETNFT price was a bit expensive to purchase and make a demonstration of these additional attributes, however, the  #JETNFT writing contest has provided a FREE SAMPLE JETNFT of McLaren P1 LM which has been airdropped in the Rinkeby TestNet of Metamask and it is available on the JET Viewer as follows:




As it is obvious from the above screenshots, apart form the visual artistic representation of McLaren P1 LM, the JETNFT contains a series of extra attributes such as description, technical specifications, photos, videos and rewards providing a complete entertaining and interactive experience with the supporter and owner of the JETNFT card! Yet, a major drawback is the fact that all this information and interactive content is already publicly available on the web and JETNFT only integrates it in a non-fungible token without providing any exclusively provided content. 

My Personal Opinion

I have to admit that I couldn't find any special flaw on Eric Alexandre's ambitious Vision for an ethical and crowdfunding talent management system which is indeed simple and revolutionary at the same time. As a long-standing sporting fan since my childhood, I have been always excited on sports-related projects and as a blockchain enthusiast I totally recommend and endorse the combination of my 2 greatest hobbies though the JETNFT project; My genuine interest for sports support although its modern commercialisation and the Blockchain Revolution while enjoying at the same promoting young promising talents through a rewarding system. I will finish my article and participation on the JETNFT writing contest with the famous scene from Jerry MacGuire film, "Show me the Money".

Disclaimer: All information found on this article is for informational purposes only. I do not provide any personal investment advice so please make your own research before proceeding to any investment/trading actions

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