89 Zirconium NFT will be randomly assigned - The Periodic Elements NFT (RESULT)

89 Zirconium NFT will be randomly assigned - The Periodic Elements NFT (RESULT)

The 4 maxy giveaway series is over. Today the result of the extraction of NFT Zirconium.

An NFT with max supply of 99 and 90% of it dedicated to this giveaway.

There were 161 valid comments to participate in the giveaway and of these 89 will receive an NFT. Watch the video to find out immediately if you are among the winners.

Also this time random.org was used for the extraction of the winners. This is the link to the video on LBRY (If you are not yet registered on LBRY use the follow link with my referral, it costs you nothing, but it allows you to make money by watching videos: https://lbry.tv/$/invite/@periodicelem:2)


As anticipated in the Marie Curie article, all those who were not successful will receive a Curie celebrity NFT. We remind you that auctions are underway to buy the first mint of the new celebrity.

The NFTs will be sent out in the next few hours

The Periodic Table NFT project

The Periodic Table NFT project aims to raise awareness of chemical elements in a modern key, basing the approach on blockchain and Non Fungible Token.
Day after day it will be possible to know the single elements that make up the table, to collect curiosities about each of them and about the table in general.
We are working to be able to learn, in a playful way, also what happens by combining the various elements.
The whole project is based on the collection of NFTs that can be bought on the site https://wax.atomichub.io/market?collection_name=periodicelem&order=desc&sort=created&symbol=WAX or by participating in simple giveaways published on publish0x.

Elements released

Molecule released

Celebrity released

  • Lavoisier (max supply 149)
  • Glauber (max supply 149)
  • Marggraf (max supply 149)
  • Curie (max supply 149)

Link to save

(Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash)

Periodic Table Of Elements - NFT
Periodic Table Of Elements - NFT

The periodic table, also known as the periodic table of elements, is a tabular display of the chemical elements, which are arranged by atomic number, electron configuration, and recurring chemical properties. Each of us has a good memory of the school period. The periodic table of the elements was certainly a part of our journey. The time has come to retrace each element and collect the most exciting ones.

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