The Periodic Table of Elements UPDATE #6

The Periodic Table of Elements UPDATE #6

It's been nearly three weeks since the last article with some update information.

It was a quiet start to the year. The last elements created were all transition elements/metals and as such they all had the same background color. For those who have recently started following the collection, an article was written some time ago on the meaning of colors.

Tomorrow morning there will be the giveaway of the Gallium element, it is part of the post-transition metals and its background color, until now, is used only by aluminum.

Then 5 elements are missing to complete period 4 (the fourth row of the periodic table): Germanium, Arsenic, Selenium, Bromine, Krypton. For these 5 elements, our advice is to read how to participate in the giveaway. So, as soon as you see the new articles, immediately insert a comment to fix the position in the case of fast places, but then stop for a moment on the article and in particular on how to participate:

  • one of these items will have a max supply of 99 with a limited number of pieces for the giveaway and the time to participate in it will be limited to 24 hours.
  • another element will base the number of NFTs destined for the giveaway based on your action
  • another item will require a response in the comment along with your wax address (similar to the copper giveaway)
  • for the other two we are thinking of something fun.

Science and study must be fun

We are working on the next molecule, reserving something special in this case as well. The article will be published by Monday.

Our minds are in turmoil and we are organizing a few more special series NFTs to represent groups and periods.

To give even more value to the NFTs you receive in the giveaways, we have changed the way we sell the first mint a bit: no longer a fixed price for everyone, but increasingly towards mint 2. Let's see what happens with this experiment.

For those who have approached the collection only in the last elements and who see some pieces missing, we are organizing recovery modes based on auctions with a starting price of 1 WAX. More details next week.

Before concluding, we have decided to reduce the NFT list of elements at the bottom of each article. From the next article for the first 30 elements you will find a reference to this article.

The Periodic Table NFT project

The Periodic Table NFT project aims to raise awareness of chemical elements in a modern key, basing the approach on blockchain and Non Fungible Token.
Day after day it will be possible to know the single elements that make up the table, to collect curiosities about each of them and about the table in general.
We are working to be able to learn, in a playful way, also what happens by combining the various elements.
The whole project is based on the collection of NFTs that can be bought on the site or by participating in simple giveaways published on publish0x.

Elements released

  • #1 Hydrogen (max supply 200)
  • #2 Helium (max supply 200)
  • #3 Lithium (max supply 200)
  • #4 Beryllium (max supply 99)
  • #5 Boron (max supply 99)
  • #6 Carbon (max supply 200)
  • #7 Nitrogen (max supply 200)
  • #8 Oxygen (max supply 299)
  • #9 Fluorine (max supply 149)
  • #10 Neon (max supply 200)
  • #11 Sodium (max supply 299)
  • #12 Magnesium (max supply 99)
  • #13 Aluminiun (max supply 299)
  • #14 Silicon (max supply 200)
  • #15 Phosphorus (max supply 200)
  • #16 Sulfur (max supply 200)
  • #17 Chlorine (max supply 299)
  • #18 Argon (max supply 149)
  • #19 Potassium (max supply 249)
  • #20 Calcium (max supply 200)
  • #21 Scandium (max supply 99)
  • #22 Titanium (max supply 200)
  • #23 Vanadium (max supply 149)
  • #24 Chromium (max supply 200)
  • #25 Manganese (max supply 200)
  • #26 Iron (max supply 299)
  • #27 Cobalt (max supply 200)
  • #28 Nickel (max supply 200)
  • #29 Copper (max supply 249)
  • #30 Zinc (max supply 200)
  • #31 Gallium (max supply 200)

Molecule released

  • H2O - Water (max supply 37)
  • NaCl - Salt (max supply 64)
  • CaC2 - Calcium carbide (max supply 46)
  • KMnO4 - Potassium permanganate (max supply 57)

Celebrity released

  • Lavoisier (max supply 149)
  • Glauber (max supply 149)
  • Marggraf (max supply 149)

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(Photo by Jo Arounding on Unsplash)

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Periodic Table Of Elements - NFT
Periodic Table Of Elements - NFT

The periodic table, also known as the periodic table of elements, is a tabular display of the chemical elements, which are arranged by atomic number, electron configuration, and recurring chemical properties. Each of us has a good memory of the school period. The periodic table of the elements was certainly a part of our journey. The time has come to retrace each element and collect the most exciting ones.

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