Everything I still do to earn free Crypto

Everything I still do to earn free Crypto

By TrocProcLock | Earning that Crypto | 28 Feb 2020

So it's been a wild ride these past 2 months. I went on the war path to find new Cryptos and new ways to earn Cryptos. I have tested a lot of mining techniques and Wallets. I just wanted to circle back and let you all know what I think is the most time efficient and cost effective or just plain fun to do.

First let's talk about what wallets I use. I use Trust Wallet and Wombat primarily. With that being said I still have my Theta Wallet but that is only in use to hold TFUEL for a couple days tops.

My Trust Wallet holds the majority of my tokens (BAT, BTC, XTZ, DAI, HYDRO, etc). Here is a cool Trust Wallet walkthrough. The wallet you create is your own and you get to keep the private keys. It holds a TON of different currencies and everything I have listed below except EOS. I choose trust wallet because there is no KYC so it is completely anonymous which I love. You can stake the following tokens with the APY for each:
Tezos: 7%
Cosmos: 10%
Tron: 4.32%


Wombat Wallet holds my EOS. I originally picked it because I needed a way to create a free EOS wallet for my Prospectors.io game to withdraw my EOS to. And yes you can create a free wallet with these guys, but if you want to own the private keys you need to pay roughly $2. This wallet is also anonymous so it's a huge plus.


The reason I use those 2 wallets is because I used to use Coinbase BUT upon doing my taxes (US resident) I was abruptly aware of that the US government thinks Crypto is a property asset. Which means you need to claim it on your taxes. Now I don't have a ton of Crypto, but the fact that it is decentralized bugs me that I have to claim it. So I moved away from KYC Wallets and services.

Now lets get into the Crypto I "mine". I am different than the average user because I have spare computers/servers that I can use to do crypto related things.

I am a diehard TFUEL fan and have not stopped "mining" it since I started. You don't actually mine it though, you replay streams to other peers near you and earn the gas (TFUEL) token. It's a standalone app for Windows that runs in the background and does not use much of any computer resources and just your network resources. You can earn thousands of TFUEL easily each month and it pays out automatically to your Theta Wallet at the beginning of each month. The price of Theta is less than a penny per TFUEL but you can earn a couple bucks every couple months just for letting the app use your extra bandwidth.


On that same computer I am using CryptoTab Browser. That earns me BTC. The browser itself actually mines Monero and then they pay you back in BTC.


I have a computer running XMrig that mines LOKI. I eventually choose LOKI because, I like it and believe in the platform, and secondly who doesn't like Loki from Marvel Comics? :) I am in the HashVault Pro pool. And I love a command prompt looking miner as apposed to a browser based :)


I have Netbox Browser on my main computer that I earn NBX for just browsing the Internet. It doesn't use a ton of resources either but as long as I keep it up throughout the day I earn NBX and it also lets you stake the NBX in the Browser itself to earn more. I am a little questionable about the future of NBX and Netbox but it's free, it's easy, and it's fun so why not?


I "mine" Electroneum on my phone because again... Free, Easy, Fun so why not. I also really believe in this project so hope it explodes soon.


I "mine" Pi as well on my phone because again... Free, Easy, Fun so why not? I hear a lot of negative press about this one because it has no proof of actual real world experience and it's a scam or something. But it takes 5 seconds every morning so why not.


I play Prospectors.io. I love this game because it's simple and I can exchange the in game gold for EOS pretty easily. The premise is that you have 3 workers and need to send them on jobs mining ores or cutting woods.


I play Splinterlands as well but I am so bad at it. So I don't really play it all that much.


I use the Brave Browser because it's the best browser on the market. I earn BAT on it and anyone that is reading this should install Brave right now.


Last but not least I use Publish0x. I love this website for so many reasons that I won't reiterate here. But I earn BAT, DAI & HYDRO :)


Here is where you can get to everything to find out more information:

Brave Browser: https://brave.com/ 

My Brave Guides: Here

Netbox Global: https://netbox.global/

My Netbox Guides: What is it?

CryptoTab Browser: https://cryptobrowser.site/en/

My Guide: Here

Splinterlands: https://steemmonsters.com/

My Splinterlands Guide: What is it?

Prospectors.io: https://prospectors.io/

My Prospectors Guides: How to cash out - What is it? - 

Trust Wallet: https://trustwallet.com/

Wombat Wallet: https://www.getwombat.io/

My Guide: How to create a free wallet

TFUEL: https://community.theta.tv/

My TFUEL Guides: Beginner's Guides - What is it?

Loki: https://loki.network/ 

My Loki Guides: How to mine it  - What is it?

Electroneum: https://electroneum.com/ 

My Guide: Here

PI: https://minepi.com/ 

My Pi Guide: What is it?

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I am a crypto enthusiast and also a crypto noob :) Just trying to learn more each day.

Earning that Crypto
Earning that Crypto

I was one new to crypto and was looking everywhere on how to earn different types of crypto and wish I had a central location to go to for information. Now I am trying to help those that come after me and make it easier for them.

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