Electroneum and how to 'mine' it

Electroneum and how to 'mine' it

By TrocProcLock | Earning that Crypto | 7 Jan 2020

How to earn the Electroneum (ETN) cryptocurrency for free and without much work involved. It is a simulated mining app but it works the same as if it was real mining.


A little history of Electroneum the company. Founded by Richard Ells on July 2017. The ICO went live in September 2017. By Q2 2018 there was 1.5 million registered users. Q4 2018 saw 2.5 million registered users. The Cloud Mining was launched in Q1 2019. There claim is that you can earn $3 of ETN each month. Their goal is to be a currency for all the world's population that doesn't have access to banks. And since the cloud mining doesn't require any phone resources as long as a person has a phone with internet connection they can get ETN and then turn around and use it. They even released their own phone called the M1.


A while back I got into Electroneum mining. It is a mobile app that makes it look like you are mining the currency but you really aren't mining anything so no fear of wearing out your phone. It's a promotional thing from the company. You still earn the real Electroneum but you don't have to mine.


The only 'catch' to this is that when you enable "cloud mining" it lasts for 7 days. During that 7 day time frame you can log back into the app and extend the timer back out to 7 days. So all you have to do is once a week log into the app and extend the timer back out to 7 days and you will earn.


The short version is , just log in and click extend and you will earn ETN. There is an automatic payout every 100 ETN that goes straight into your app's wallet. You will need to setup an account and take a picture of yourself with a specific word written on a paper to verify it is you and all that but it's very easy to do and use. It has some nice added features like price calculator with live pricing, various stats which are also live, and top up features.


There is a built in referral option as well. Because since you aren't actually mining anything the 5% you get from people who sign up isn't taken away from them it's just a bonus to you. If you haven't tried Electroneum and want to use my referral code that’s cool (it's D9A86C). If anyone wants to post their referral code in the comments please go for it.

As of this writing it is ranked 92 of currencies with a market cap of $36,024,487.00. And the 7 day change is 4%.



Here are the links to the app on Android and iPhone.

Android Google Play:


Apple App Store:


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