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Earning that Crypto
Earning that Crypto

Earning that Crypto

I was one new to crypto and was looking everywhere on how to earn different types of crypto and wish I had a central location to go to for information. Now I am trying to help those that come after me and make it easier for them.

What is Theta & TFUEL - A Beginners Guide

1 week ago 6 minute read TrocProcLock

Preface: I thought getting into Theta was going to be a simple quick guide but this has turned out to be more complex then I initially thought. Also I have made Beginner's Guides to Cosmos(ATOM) and LOKI so check those out if you are interested. So...

Brave Sponsored Images - Actual Information

1 week ago 1 minute read TrocProcLock

I have seen so many articles on here with everyone trying to nickle and dime Braves popularity talking about the new Sponsored Images. But all these articles are lacking information so I wanted to write an article to update everyone on the actual det...

How to create a FREE EOS account

1 week ago 1 minute read TrocProcLock

I don't know if you are like me and you want an EOS wallet that is actually your own. If you have gone searching online to create one, you will quickly realize that it costs money to create an EOS account. It can cost $2 to $10 USD to create an EOS a...

How to Cash out of Prospectors.io

1 week ago 2 minute read TrocProcLock

First thing is this guide is for Prospectors.io on the WAX token (Yukon). Secondly I assume you already have a Prospectors.io account and have been playing the game and at time of writing have at least 4,000 gold in game. This article is going to hav...

What is Cosmos (ATOM) - A Beginner's Guide

2 weeks ago 7 minute read TrocProcLock

Cosmos is "The Foundation for a new token economy" or "The Internet of Blockchains". They are an open source community built by the Tendermint Team. Cosmos as we know it was launched on March 13th, 2019. Cosmos (ATOM) is the 1st Hub in the Cosmos Net...

What is LOKI (LOKI) - A Beginners Guide

2 weeks ago 6 minute read TrocProcLock

The Loki Foundation was incorporated in 2018 and is a registered non-profit organization in Australia. As a non-profit it is legally bound to spend any money earned from block rewards on the network itself. So it is put back into work and no one pers...

7 day update on Netbox Browser - Activity and Staking Rewards

3 weeks ago 1 minute read TrocProcLock

I have been using the Netbox Browser for more than a week but it wasn't until 8 days ago that I realized if I left the browser open during the day and night I would earn what they call an "Activity Reward". You are suppose to earn it by using the bro...

How to Withdraw Publish0x payments! Publish0xTutorials

3 weeks ago 5 minute read TrocProcLock

Table of Contents: What are the payments and how do you get them? HYDRO DAI BAT Earn by giving tips Earn by receiving tips Where can I withdraw my payments? Coinbase Coinbase Wallet MetaMask MyCrypto Any Ethereum supported Wallet How to withdr...

Mining LOKI update

3 weeks ago 1 minute read TrocProcLock

I have been mining LOKI for a little over a week and wanted to share my update on how profitable it was and let you see if it makes sense for you. Now I have been mainly mining on 1 PC with a Core i5-4670 CPU. It's old but it gets the job done. On av...

Loki - What is it? - How to Mine it?

25 Jan 2020 4 minute read TrocProcLock

So I came across this coin called Loki a while back. I never heard of it before so I didn't pay much attention to it. But I wanted to go in on what exactly it is and how to mine it. It is actually incredibly easy to mine and setup. And let's be hones...