How to create a FREE EOS account

By TrocProcLock | Earning that Crypto | 13 Feb 2020

I don't know if you are like me and you want an EOS wallet that is actually your own. If you have gone searching online to create one, you will quickly realize that it costs money to create an EOS account. It can cost $2 to $10 USD to create an EOS account. And in the year 2020 that's frankly bull$#!&. So I went on a warpath to find a way to create an EOS wallet for free and I have found one. So without further ado let's get into it.

Step 1: Look in your app store for "Wombat Wallet" and download it.


Step 2: Open the app and pick a way to sign in. I chose Google.


Step 3: Select the Google account you want to login with.


Step 4: Then click on "Create with Wombat". Since we want to create a EOS account.


Step 5: Choose where you want to backup your Private Key. I chose Google once again. Then I went to my Google Drive and copied the file elsewhere to have it backed up not just in the cloud.


Step 6: The click on "Allow" to let Wombat store the file in your Google Drive.


Step 7: Now wait until the little circle stops spinning! :)


Step 8: You will have to create a pin code for the app. Don't forget what it is.


Step 9: Now comes the fun part. You get to pick your Account name. It needs to be 12 characters long and all lower letters and numbers 1-5.


Step 10: Since I am TrocProcLock I picked "trocproclock", and wouldn't you know it is exactly 12 characters long, happy accident!


Step 11: Now wait for your account to be created.


Step 12: When it is created it will bring you into the Wombat Wallet main page.


Step 13: At the bottom of the app click on Wallet and there you will see your different Tokens.


Step 14: The Wombat Wallet app has a lot of other useful things, but this is the most important part :)

The Wombat team is covering the cost of account creation so you use their app which has their stuff in it as well. It's a win win really. Now if you play you can withdraw your EOS to your newly created account. The amount you see in Step 13 is my first withdraw from of 4 PGL which was $0.06 USD

**there is also a Google Chrome extension but I think you need to create an account in the app first**

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