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Sliver Logo and how to earn TFUEL

By TrocProcLock | Earning that Crypto | 6 Jan 2020 in short is a esports streaming website where you earn TFUEL (cryptocurrency) as you watch.

Before I get into everything about Sliver how about a little history lesson on what exactly is TFUEL. When first came out they used the Theta Token as a means of currency and operation. However, it wasn’t long until the need came to separate those functions and TFUEL was born as the operations currency and THETA was used as the staking/governance currency. You can no longer earn THETA but will earn TFUEL (Theta Fuel) as a currency on

Earning TFUEL:

Very simply you will need to create an account for and watch a TFUEL enabled stream to earn TFUEL.

On the main page there are multiple way to see which streams will earn you TFUEL while watching. Any stream with the Orange Flame logo (TFUEL logo) will earn you TFUEL as you watch. And they have sections specifically listed for TFUEL streams.

Main Page

Each person’s account has its own Wallet Address assign to it. That is where your TFUEL goes into. Currently you can not send your TFUEL anywhere; you can only use it within However, there are many numerous ways to spend your TFUEL. (I will come back to that later).

When you are watching a TFUEL stream there will be a drop-down section under the stream where you can see more details about how much TFUEL you are earning.

TFUEL earning

If you click on it, you will see how much TFUEL you are earning. It will show you how many peers you are sharing your bandwidth with. And how much data for each category. I won’t go into too high of detail, but the general rule of thumb is that you want more peers and more data sent to peers than from network or CDN. The more you do that the more TFUEL you earn. Peers are based off a few things but mainly location and how much extra bandwidth you have available. Also, how many people are currently watching the same stream as those are your potential peers.

You don’t necessarily need to be actively watching the stream, but you do need it open to earn TFUEL. And you can only earn on 1 stream at a time.

TFUEL earnings breakdown

Giveaways - Items:

One of the fun things that offers that I feel is much better than other streaming sites is the rewards and giveaways. Each Streamer can run giveaways for their channel. In the giveaways you use your coins (more on that later) to enter predictions. And after a while based on how many right predictions you entered you could win one of the prizes. You can enter each prediction a total of 5 times. Each prediction costs 100 coins.

The prizes very greatly. They could be plushies, coins, in game items, GFUEL starter kits and tubs, randomly created items from the streamer, TFUEL, clothing, crates, stickers, computer items, etc. Each week streamers get a drop from Sliver that includes numerous items that they then use throughout the week in giveaways or to just give to people watching their stream.


Now that you have some items that you earned from giveaways you will see them in your inventory. You can do a few things with them at this point. You can ‘claim’ them and use whatever it is. If it is an item such as a Fortnite plushie you will get a code to redeem in the Sliver store. If it is a coin buff once you claim it will become active. If it is GFUEL starter kit you will get a code to use on the GFUEL site to redeem.

Depending on the item you can also sell the item for TFUEL. Some items are worth more than others. As the TFUEL price fluctuate the sellback price will fluctuate as well. For example, a plushie could be sold back from 300-700 TFUEL. You can always sell a items for coins but I do not recommend it what so ever, as coins are easily earned and the amount of coins you get for selling is never worth it.


This is where the fun really comes into play. Although you are not at this time allowed to withdraw your TFUEL there is a huge store to spend your TFUEL. There are PC Parts, Clothing, Consoles, Game Keys, Mousepads, Plushies, any many many more.

Sliver Shop1  Sliver Shop2

The one thing to note within Sliver as well is that since the price of TFUEL is always fluctuating, as with most other cryptocurrencies, the prices of items fluctuate as well. It’s not a huge difference but still something to note.


You earn coins as you watch Streams as well. In order to earn coins, you do NOT have to watch the TFUEL enabled streams. You earn 10 coins per minutes of watching with a cap of 25,000 coins. There are buffs that can increase the amount you earn per minute or the total cap you can hold. You can get those buffs from the Streamer giveaways or in the daily reward.


In you profile you can see your inventory which are the things you won from giveaways, daily rewards, or from the streamer. There are also Badges to collect and unique emotes you can earn.

You can also see your TFUEL history on how much you earned and when.

There is a daily reward program as well. Every day (once a day) you get a special item for spending coins on a prediction. The rewards changes from day to day but range from coin buffs, different crates to TFUEL. Each type of crate is unique and has a chance to gift different prizes. Once you complete the 28-day reward cycle it starts over.


Airdrops happen every day. The time varies but is usually around 6pm EST. Each day it may be a different airdrop, but it is always something. For example, today January 6th the airdrop is from GFUEL. All that you need to do is wait until the time described and go into your inventory. There are a limited number of airdrops you need to be quick. If you refreshed your inventory in time you will see a special item that you can claim.


Experience and Subbing:

Each channel has its own XP level. You gain XP for doing a few things in the channel. Chatting, entering predictions and subbing are just a few ways to earn XP. XP itself doesn’t give you anything more than bragging rights. However, if you sub to a channel you get a custom emote and icon next to your name in chat. You can use a Credit Card or TFUEL to sub to a channel and you can also gift subs.

I should note that you can also donate TFUEL to a streamer you prefer. You can donate any number of TFUEL above 10 to a streamer. It’s a great way to keep the streamers you like around. I mean without them you wouldn’t earn the TFUEL to begin with so share the love a little would ya?

Advance items:

There is 1 more way to earn TFUEL and that is with the PGN. Pre-Guardian Node. You can run the PGN to perform the same function as watching streams on Sliver. It runs in the background and is a standalone application. The TFUEL you earn on the PGN gets sent to your Theta wallet which is yours to do with as you please. You can send it to your Sliver wallet or keep it separate.

Referring Friends:

Full disclosure you do NOT need to do this to create a profile and earn TFUEL. But if you want to use my referral link, we both get a Referral Crate in our inventory. It’s nothing huge but it’s something fun to open and see what you get.


There are so many more topics I could write about Sliver, but I believe these are the basics to get anyone started on Sliver and earning TFUEL. If nothing else, it’s fun to have it up and earn some TFUEL in the background. There is also an Android app and iPhone app. Any questions please let me know.

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Earning that Crypto
Earning that Crypto

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