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These are the BestDApp Writing Contest Winners: Announcement

By igort | Publish0x Contests | 23 Dec 2019

Happy Winter Holidays! I hope you enjoy them. :)

This post will be short and sweet - here are the winners of the BestDApp Writing Contest, the 4th writing contest on Publish0x with the biggest prize pool yet. The prize pool is $400 in Basic Attention Token - $BAT.

Thank you to all of the authors who have participated in the contest. It was not an easy task to determine which 15 articles out of over 50 submited to the contest are the best. I know it's cliche to say this, but it is nevertheless the truth.

Congratulations to all the winners!



How are the Rewards Distributed?

Here's how the $400 in BAT is distributed:

  • 1st placed articles will receive $100 in $BAT
  • 2nd placed articles will receive $60 in $BAT
  • 3rd placed articles will receive $40 in $BAT
  • 4th and 5th placed articles will receive $30 each ($60 total)
  • 6th to 9th placed articles will receive $20 each ($80 total)
  • 10th to 15th placed articles will receive $10 each ($60 total)


How do We Pay the Winners?


The rewards have already been added to the articles that placed in the top 15 in this contest. You can check each individual article and see for yourself. These can be withdrawn on our payout date - each Monday!

PS. Check all transaction hashes of payments coming from Publish0x here:


Current BAT Value.

The value of BAT at the time of writing is 1 BAT = ~ $0.165231


These are the 6 Articles that Placed Between 10th and 15th Place ($10 in BAT Reward Each).



Congratulations on submitting great articles worth reading!


These are the 4 Articles that Placed Between 6th and 9th Place ($20 in BAT Reward Each).



Congratulations on submitting well thought out articles worth reading!


These are the 2 Articles that Placed Between 4th and 5th Place ($30 in BAT Reward Each).



Congratulations on submitting amazing articles worth reading!


3rd Placed Article ($40 Reward in BAT): BestDApp Review: Upland (EOS-blockchain Game) by cryptokib


cryptokib has written a very interesting article on an EOS based blockchain game that I've never heard of and deserves the third place.



2nd Placed Article ($60 Reward in BAT): Viva la revolución - Compound Finance, and their goals for DeFi (Best DApp Contest) by ZackNorman97


ZackNorman97 has submitted an interesting, detailed and well written article on Compound Finance. It's definitely worth a read and deserves the second place.



1st Placed Article ($100 Reward in BAT): I Choose Uniswap for the BestDApp by The Part Time Economist


The Part Time Economist has written the best article that was submitted to the BestDApp contest by the estimate of team Publish0x. It is well written, detailed, interesting and nicely formatted.



Honorable Mentions.

It was really tough to choose between over 50 great entries to the BestDApp writing contest, and we've had a hard time while deciding the winners... Some of the articles were really good, but just didn't make the cut. Others articles weren't really following the rules, but they are great articles, and at least deserve a honorable mention.

These include:


Thank you to all of you who participated, and congratulations to the winners!

Enjoy the Winter Holidays!



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