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Week 9 Update: Restoring Funds and Immediate Next Steps to Mitigate Hacks

28 Oct 2020 5 minute read 1 comment Chad Farmer

🔒 Safety and security are the two most important pillars we have at Harvest Finance. While we were looking forward to pushing updates that would make the yield farming experience easier and more enjoyable, including prepared updates that would have m...

Week 8 Update: Welcome to the Good Life (Migration Complete)

24 Oct 2020 6 minute read 0 comments Chad Farmer

Humble Farmers, we are completing one of the largest on-chain migrations in history. With the movement of over $730M at the time of this post, the Harvest farmlands have reached a new era of prosperity. The Harvest vaults now include time-locks 🔒, pr...

Ongoing Vault Migration — Phase 3

22 Oct 2020 2 minute read 0 comments Chad Farmer

✅ During Week 6, Harvest introduced a new TUSD pool that had the new and updated vault with strategy splitter, time-lock, and proxy contracts. Since the launch of the new vault, $17.5M has been deposited into the new TUSD vault. 🆕 During Week 7, Harv...

Week 7: Ongoing Vault Migration Phase 2

15 Oct 2020 6 minute read 4 comments Chad Farmer

Over $300m TVL, $20m annualized profits for farmers, $6m in gas fees saved weekly. ♋🌿 Bountiful yields while we 69 and 420.   To All Humble Farmers, 🛳️ Last week, we started the migration of Harvest assets into new pools the Harvest cooperative voted...

Announcing Harvest.Finance Creativity Contest ROUND 2 + bonus Web Design Contest

12 Oct 2020 2 minute read 19 comments Chad Farmer

FARMERS - WE GO AGAIN! Due to the overwhelming amount of submissions we received last time we are pleased to announce the Harvest Finance Creativity contest will continue with Round 3.  Feeling spooky?   Thanks EliLau89 for the wonderful illustratio...

Week 6: Security Rules Everything Around Me

10 Oct 2020 4 minute read 3 comments Chad Farmer

The Humble Farmers’ Fort Knox Aerial view of entrance to Old Oswestry Hill Fort in the Welsh Marches near Oswestry in north west Shropshire during the Iron Age. (   🔒 In order for our humble farmers to feel comfortable delegating their c...

Harvest.Finance 'Farm-Arts' Contest WINNERS

8 Oct 2020 3 minute read 7 comments Chad Farmer

A couple of weeks ago we launched our creativity contest to see what degen yield farmers could come up with in their spare time. To our great surprise, we had an outstanding amount and variety of entries.  It turns out there are a talented range of a...

Week 5: The Power of 69

6 Oct 2020 6 minute read 3 comments Chad Farmer

Harvest has become one of the largest on-chain autonomous hedge funds. Dear Humble Farmers, Us farmers are a humble, reciprocal, and relaxed bunch. What’s better than a good 69 and a little 420 after a long day of hard work? In the first 4 weeks, we...

Harvest Rewards Week 4 Launch 🚜

23 Sep 2020 5 minute read 2 comments Chad Farmer

“Farming isn’t a battle against nature, but a partnership with it. It is respecting the basics of nature in action and ensuring that they continue.” — Jeff Koehler To All Farmers, As another 🌾 bountiful harvest awaits us in Week 4, we continue to mat...

🔥🔥🔥 and Rewards Week 3 Launch

15 Sep 2020 5 minute read 3 comments Chad Farmer

  “When tillage begins, other arts follow. The farmers, therefore, are the founders of human civilization.” — Daniel Webster To All Humble Farmers, Heading into Week 3️⃣, we want to take a moment to thank all of our community and stakeholders for joi...


Harvest Rewards Week 4 Launch 🚜

23 Sep 2020 Chad Farmer

23 September 2020
Your sources are correct - big prizes incoming for creative individuals!

CoinGecko AMA (March 2020) + $100 DAI Giveaway

4 Mar 2020 CoinGecko

04 March 2020
It would be nice to see some on-chain activity for the various coins and tokens. Obviosuly it is not always easy to track accurately, but perhaps you could tell us what onchain data is possible to track and monitor.

Litecoin vs. Bitcoin Cash - Are they viable alternative payment networks?

13 Feb 2019 Chad Farmer

14 February 2019
This post was long enough without bringing another coin into the equation, and I actually don't know anything about NANO! From what you say, it sounds promising for use in micropayments.

Litecoin vs. Bitcoin Cash - Are they viable alternative payment networks?

13 Feb 2019 Chad Farmer

14 February 2019
Yeah - that's a fair point! It will be interesting to see what happens to value proposition of both BCH + LTC once Lightning Network adoption rises, and friction in opening a channel is reduced.

6 Low Cap Cryptocurrencies (under $200 Million USD) I Have My Eye On

7 Jan 2019 Mina Down

07 January 2019
I like SIA + BAT a lot - good usecases for blockchain SONM is good competition to Golem, but I think will struggle to find users Dragonchain is an interesting one - with Disney's backing it should do quite well

Top Altcoins Outside the 100 in Market Cap

24 Dec 2018 Mark Anstead

25 December 2018
Enjin Coin is seriosulhy undervalued , especially if you believe the thesis that games could be one of blockchain's killer usecases. In a similar vein, FunFair. Interoperability could be big theme in 2019, and Blocknet already has some working solutions to this. SingularityNet doing interesting things with AI markets. Power Ledger for renewable energy distribution & consumption.

We know what the Institutions are saying, but what are they doing?

17 Dec 2018 Joel Kovshoff

17 December 2018
Definite market manipulation going on. Call me cynical, but would not be at all surprised if various big money interests were upset about missing out on bull run this time last year, and came up with a strategy of reducing prices in order to get in much lower, accumulate and then pump when their bags are filled! The technical fundamentals of a host of valid projects are getting stronger, key infrastructure being built out, institutional onramps and custody solutions just weeks away from being deployed, greater regulatory clarity. All good signs.

exciting to see more blockchains connecting the dots.

14 Dec 2018 teamhumble

14 December 2018
Steem has a broken model. Poor distribution has led to whale domination, and there is a worrying lack of meaningful development . This platform is quite more interesting, as its gonna be possible to tip in a variety of different ways. Its not actually based on 0x Protocol (DEX protocol), but rather district0x (social space protocol) - seperate projects

Bringing Cryptocurrencies to Life: Golem Network Token

5 Dec 2018 Niklas Spille-Scheich

07 December 2018
Golem is a cool project, and actually shipping a working product, which is more than can be said for the majority of crypto projects! It's interesting to note its growth in a year - average daily unique active nodes over 24 hours is hovering just under 500, compared to 78 a year ago. That's over 550% increase in network nodes in under a year!

I don't understand the pessimists - Am I delusional?

6 Dec 2018 Nader

07 December 2018
Plenty of big things to come in 2019, not least the on-ramps and custody solutions getting easier for both institutional and retail investors. Sure, in late 2017 crypto was over-hyped, which drove prices way above where they should be, but now I think the reverse has happened, with technical progress under-hyped and a lot of good projects under-valued. good opportunity to accumulate before next bull-run!

Why Publish0x is Powered by Bounty0x (BNTY)

11 Oct 2018 Dan Bainbridge

07 December 2018
This is certainly an exciting platform, and something Ethereum has been crying out for. Genuine competitor to Steemit in the works I think, especially with the poor token distribution and rewards distribution.

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13 Sep 2020 1 minute read comments farmerjon

Farmerjon will keep it short and sweet this time and make a humble prediction for $FARM. From then on, Farmerjon will be happily retired in the $FARMER'S DREAM and the rest will be left to Chad, my prodigal son.  My fellow $FARMERS, the age of $FARM:...

UniPower - an entirely new way to define Defi.

8 Jun 2020 3 minute read comments poopster

Of late i have been searching for that next lottery ticket, the next 10x or 20x or even 100x token. In my time in crypto i have run across a few of these and have been fortunate to get in on them early. In the past year i have done quite well getting...


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A gaming community that plays Rust different. I promise it doesn't suck too much. I made it. LOOK AT MY MACARONI ART AND TELL ME I DID A GOOD JOB! ... I miss going out to the bar. Go to or don't. Do people read these?

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