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XWallet, the Pundi X multi-wallet that gives NPXS, BTC and ETH daily

3 minutes ago BtcSapiens $0.01 (1.4763 BNTY)

Today I want to share my experience using XWallet, the official Pundi X wallet, and also, the most generous with its users, since every day we can claim free € 0.03, it is not much money but every day is an interesting profit. XWallet gives us $0.03...

Organize your Publish0x earnings using CryptoPorto

4 hours ago BtcSapiens $0.06 (11.8838 BNTY)

If you need to better organize your earnings from Publish0x or from any other project, you can use Cryptoporto, an online portfolio where you will find tokens and cryptocurrencies. This platform uses the CoinGecko API to get all the information of th...

District0x, a network of decentralized autonomous organizations (Part 1)

13 hours ago BtcSapiens $0.04 (8.3026 BNTY)

Districts are decentralized markets and communities in the 0x district network, they work autonomously and anyone can create them. District0x defines it self as a cooperative of decentralized marketplaces and communities powered by Ethereum, Aragon a...