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The Seeds Of Neptune - Tomorrow, Maserati Will Name Their Future.

13 hours ago 4 minute read ZackNorman97

Even as we are reeling from the sadness of Holden's demise, there is still some hope in the world that the cars which we know and love still have a strong, and fruitful future to look forward to. While a part of the world has seen one less automotive...

Six Feet Down Under - Ending 165 Years Of Holden.

1 day ago 8 minute read ZackNorman97

There are days where the heart falls heavy with grief, at the loss of someone we love, or an idea that we adore. As a sign of the times, the automobile is undergoing a rapid shift into a new future, and as it charges forward, some things are destined...

Swansong Of The Old Guard - Ferrari 812 "GTO".

5 days ago 7 minute read ZackNorman97

After my continuous streak of writing horological posts, I think it's time for a break. It's been a while since I last made a car related post, and about time, too. Moreover, what is a better partner to timekeeping than automobiles, given the blood r...

Cold Steel, And An Ode To Analogue Clockwork.

1 week ago 5 minute read ZackNorman97

Welcome to the third instalment of my tribute to Japanese and Asian timekeeping, following Part1, Part 2, and also my handy Handbook for all things horology, written by yours truly. For today, I'd like to introduce to you a watch that hasn't really m...

A 1960s Racer - The Beauty Of Japanese Horology (Part 2)

1 week ago 7 minute read ZackNorman97

Before I get started, I think apologies are needed, given that it's been just over one week since I posted Part 1, where I aimed to dispel the association of cheap and tacky watches with Japanese timekeeping. A few days ago, I also wrote a guide on a...

The Timekeeper's Handbook - A Guide On Horology

2 weeks ago 8 minute read ZackNorman97

Previously, we had discussed the underappreciation of high-end Japanese watchmaking, and Part 2 will come soon, as we dive more into the watches that I'm most keen about from Japan's high street of timekeeping. Following the great support that you ha...

A Hidden Gem - The Beauty Of Japanese Horology (Part 1)

2 weeks ago 5 minute read ZackNorman97

I often think about a lot of things, sometimes even unnecessarily. As I was browsing the internet, learning more about my innermost interests and hobbies, it has come to my urgent attention that few people here are talking about watches. As we contin...

Maserati's New Soundtrack

3 weeks ago 3 minute read ZackNorman97

The Italian automotive industry has birthed us some of the most exotic, and charismatic cars throughout history. From the ruins and ashes of two world wars, it has sparked decades of romanticism in a world forged by iron. One such company that comes...

I Just Set Up A Twitter Account For The First Time.

3 weeks ago 2 minute read ZackNorman97

Today, on the eve of the Lunar New Year, by pure coincidence or not, a new phase begins in my life. Despite having been on this Earth for 22 years, during which the entirety of that period has seen the world erupt into a technological fervour, I have...

Version 2.0 - Bitcoin's Stock-to-Flow Model Has Just Changed

3 weeks ago 3 minute read ZackNorman97

There's a saying, that the only thing certain in life, is death and taxes. While commonly associated with Benjamin Franklin, it was first quoted some half a century earlier, by English merchant, writer, and journalist, Daniel Dafoe. Mr. Dafoe was an...