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The Wines Rose [EN-IT]

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While I was on vacation with my girlfriend in Acqui Terme, we decided to go visit Barolo city, famous for its excellent wine all over the world, but first we went in search of a restaurant for celiacs, thanks to AIC (Italian Celiac Association) sm...

Roman Aqueduct

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The Roman Acqui Terme's aqueduct is one of the best preserved in Northern Italy, located just outside downtown next to Bormida river side. From the studies conducted so far it has emerged that it dates back to the first century AD I was lucky enou...

Bollente Fountain

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In the last article I talked about the "Rotten water fountain" of Acqui terme, a city that hosted my very recent holidays, during which I mentioned "la bollente (the boiling), here we are to present it in all its beauty. The square you see in the co...

Rotten Water Fountain

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I'm just got back home from vacation that I spent in Acqui Terme, a Piedmontese town among the hilly areas of Monferrato with about 20,000 inhabitants crossed by the Bormida river. One of its peculiarities are the thermal waters, in the city cente...

Random shots #2 [EN-IT]

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  Here we are again here to see some photos I took from the birth of my photography passion. I hope you enjoy this sort of "best of" that I have stored on my phone and computer.     I have to admit having saved a lot, for now I'm "drawing...

Random shots [EN-IT]

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  As an amateur I try to do my best, between thousand photos I keep only one, when the result is decent I must admit that it can give you a lot of satisfaction, of course the final judgment will be yours!     IT In questo post trovate qual...

Trekkani – Funk’n’roll

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The eclectic Trekkani Trio was born in 2011 from need to change something in their musical career by those three band members, too tied to the standards of classic musical genres. The band members are: – Paua (Bass), historical bassist/second voice...

Sad Satan: a terrifying game from Deep Web

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While ago a friend of mine showed me a YouTube video where is explained how to play a game downloadable from the Deep Web called Sad Satan. After watching that video I was interested about it and I decided to deepen it, I didn’t find too muc...

Stadia: Gaming’s Future!?

2 weeks ago 3 minute read dexpartacus $0.10 tipped

Copyright free image I followed with great interest the Game Developers Conference 2019 live on YouTube where the new Google streaming service that will be called Stadia was presented. Imagine being able to play the same game on Smartphone, Tab...

Science and Blockchain

2 weeks ago 1 minute read dexpartacus $0.10 tipped

Will the Blockchain succeed to make the world a better place? There many expectation about it and a lot of people, of course optimistic ones, are of the opinion that it will happen soon. Science has always been one of those fields that has a...