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Blockchain Negativity and Scams

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When it comes to crypto, sometimes there can be a lot of negative media surrounding the innovative tech with scams or illicit activities. That can raise concerns for many and being something that is speculative, it can have a huge impact on how we va...

It's Time to Build a REAL Oasis

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Looking for solutions to global issues is no easy task. It takes a collective effort from multiple organizations and countries to tackle problems like climate change, over-population, and job automation taking away the dull, dirty, and dangerous jobs...

Brave Browser is Changing the Web Browsing Experience

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If you're not using the Brave Browser, you're missing out! This is a privacy-focused browser that has many features.  The main attraction is that this web browser is developed with the use of crypto-currency. Instead of cheating websites out of ad re...

BestDapp: Waves.Exchange

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Here's my entry for the #BestDApp Writing Contest. While there are many great DApps out there, this is one stands out to me.  Waves.Exchange(formerly Waves DEX) is a DApp for the Waves blockchain as a decentralized exchange. There are a couple key fe...

Earn Through Blogging

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In the early days of blogging, it was a bit more difficult to earn any type of income through blogging. Either you would need to know how to run your own website with your blogs, or go through a service that helps maintain the server for your blogs f...

The Need for More Use of Decentralized Exchanges

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As humans progress in innovation, there will always be sacrifices for convenience. Which is why in the crypto industry, there had been a boom and demand for exchanges for users to conveniently trade their tokens for another, or to fiat.  However, wit...