Defi Monthly Recap - September 2020

Defi Monthly Recap - September 2020

By D3F1 | DeFi Box | 2 Oct 2020

September 1

✔️ Maker Considering Adding Gemini and Binance USD as Collateral (Source)
✔️ Aave Reaches $300M in Flash Loans Issuance (Source)
✔️ Compound's Farming Rewards Drop by 20% Following Proposal (Source)
✔️ yEarn Launches yDAO Funding Vaults (Source)

September 2

✔️ Aave Co-founder Says DeFi is Unfair with "Smaller People Paying for the Bigger People" (Source)
✔️ DEX Volume in August Crossed $11B, Led by Uniswap (Source)
✔️ New DeFi Protocol SushiSwap Launches (Source)
✔️ Sushi Fork Kimchi Receives Millions of Dollars in Hours (Source)
✔️ Aave's Bid to Tokenize Mortgages Moves Forward with RealT Collaboration (Source)

September 3

✔️ New Meme Coin HotDogSwap Out, Goes from $0 to $6000 and Back to $0 (Source)
✔️ New Loopring's Release Can Be a Remedy to High AMM Fees (Source)
✔️ Binance Launches Smart Chain (Source)

September 4

✔️ yEarn.Finance's yETH Vault Secures $140M in 2 Days (Source)
✔️ DeFi Heats Up as Curve Finance is About to Get Forked (Source)

September 5

✔️ SushiSwap Founder Chef Nomi Faces Flak for SUSHI Liquidation (Source)
✔️ OpenDEX Launches, Aims to Bring Liquidity Provision to Bitcoin (Source)

September 6

✔️ Binance Releases New Farming Feature LaunchPool (Source)

September 9

✔️ REN and UMA Announce Bitcoin-backed Yield Dollar (Source)
✔️ DeFi Protocol Linear Protocol Raises $1.8 Million (Source)

September 10

✔️ yEarn Introduces Multi-featured Lending Protocol StableCredit (Source)
✔️ Messari Founder Believes DeFi Bubble Will Pop Soon (Source)

September 11

✔️ Coinbase Pro Lists (YFI) (Source)
✔️ DeFi Money Market (DMM) Adds Yield Rewards (Source)

September 14

✔️ Introduces Liquidity Provision and Yield Farming Feature DeFi Swap (Source)
✔️ SushiSwap Creator Returns $14 Million Following Backlash (Source)
✔️ Binance Coin $BNB hits Yearly ATH Amid Launch of Its Own Swap Platform (Source)

September 15

✔️ Huobi Global DeFi Alliance Adds 10 New Members, Including Aave, Balancer, Curve and Synthetix (Source)
✔️ Ethereum Now has Over 100K Tokenized Bitcoins (Source)
✔️ Index Made of Top 10 DeFi Projects Goes Live (Source)
✔️ Huobi Follows Coinbase and Lists Loopring's $LRC (Source)

September 16

✔️ DeFi Project Defrauds Investors of $20 Million (Source)
✔️ Integrates Chainlink for DeFi Wallet (Source)

September 17

✔️ Uniswap Launches Governance token UNI (Source)
✔️ Compound Launches Autonomous Proposals (Source)

September 18

✔️ Coinbase Lists (YFI) and Loopring (LRC) (Source)
✔️ Credit Risk and Lending Protocol Teller Finance Reveals New Details About Launch (Source)
✔️ UNI Reaches 3rd Highest Market Cap Among DeFi Tokens in Two Days (Source)
✔️ There is Now $1B Worth of Bitcoin on Ethereum (Source)
✔️ SushiSwap is Now Fully in the Hands of the Community (Source)

September 21

✔️ Curve Finance Launches Dividend Program for CRV Holders (Source)
✔️ Yearn Finance Founder Says He Would Like to Be Uniswap Delegate (Source)
✔️ Cream Finance Burns 67.5% of Tokens, Pumps 100% Shortly After (Source)

September 22

✔️ 93% Yield Farmers Claim to Have More Than 500% ROI, Survey Says (Source)
✔️ YAM Aligns to Its Original Vision After Relaunch (Source)
✔️ $MEME Token Reaches Insane Valuation of More Than $1900 (Source)

September 23

✔️ Origin Releases OUSD, a Combination of USDT, YFI & AMPL (Source)
✔️ Cameron Winklevoss: DeFi Boom is Different From 2017 ICO Mania (Source)

September 24

✔️ Panxora Raising $50M for DeFi Hedge Fund (Source)
✔️ Dune Analytics Raises $2M (Source)
✔️ Binance Opens 'Innovation Zone' for New DeFi Tokens (Source)
✔️ MakerDAO Won't Compensate Black Thursday Victims (Source)

September 25

✔️ Kava Introduces Harvest, an AMM for BTC and XRP (Source)

September 28

✔️ DeFi TVL Now Beyond $11B, Ethereum Crosses $350 (Source)
✔️ Aave Hands Governance Over to Users, With Tokenomics Upgrade as First Proposal (Source)
✔️ NEO Announces Its DeFi Products via Flamingo (Source)
✔️ Chinese State Media Talks About Ethereum and DeFi (Source)

September 29

✔️ DeFi Community in Tears After Rushing Into Unaudited $EMN Contract (Source)


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