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Binance wants the UK market: Bitcoin promoting campaign at London’s bus stop started today

31 Aug 2020 1 minute read 1 comment Denj

Binance.UK announced today on twitter a Bitcoin promoting campaign at London’s bus stop that which marks the beginning of an expansion plan in the British market. As you can see in picture, the exchange has placed new ads at 17 bus stops in London....

More than 73% of Argentines believe crypto investments safer than fiat

30 Aug 2020 1 minute read 1 comment Denj

Global peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace, Paxful, released today the results of a survey on the current potential of cryptocurrency in Argentina and the overall sentiments towards digital assets, with a focus on bitcoin, and investment habits. The sur...

Oasis Network integrated with Chainlink to allow privacy-based DeFi applications

30 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Denj

Oasis Network, the privacy-centric data-sharing network, announced on it will integrate Chainlink’s market-leading decentralized oracle network to secure off-chain data resources. This reinforces the integrity and security of dApps built o...

Top 7 performing crypto of the week that you probably didn't know

30 Aug 2020 1 minute read 2 comments Denj

CryptoDiffer has just published on its twitter page a table that summarizes the top 7 weekly gainers in terms of value. Let's take a look over those projects!   1. RIVEX (RVX) +481.5% in a week Official Site:  RiveX is a chain...

Binance Launches ‘Build For Bharat’ Defi Program In India

24 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments Denj

The global blockchain company behind the world’s largest digital asset exchange, Binance launched today ‘Build for Bharat’ from 24th August to 31st October 2020, a twofold program with hackathon and acceleration opportunities for blockchain developer...


Cryptocurrency 101 for Users: Chapter 4 How to Obtain if You Cannot Buy

10 Oct 2020 0fajarpurnama0

11 October 2020
Thank you bro! This is such a useful article!

Cardano hodlers can now directly purchase from Amazon, Nike, Starbucks and many more!

27 Aug 2020 Denj

27 August 2020
Diversifying your investments is always a wise idea. You're welcome, it's a pleasure to share and discuss ;)

India ranks 2nd in blockchain wallet transactions!

24 Aug 2020 Denj

24 August 2020
You're welcome bro ;)

Aave V2, The Seamless Finance

19 Aug 2020 Aave

21 August 2020
Hi, how did you get your post to appear in the DeFi section?

Staking With BZRX

20 Aug 2020 bzxHQ

21 August 2020
Hi, how did you get your post to appear in the DeFi section?

COIN Mobile App - The Definitive Guide to the Geomining Crypto App [Review]

24 Mar 2020 walkonwayvs

26 March 2020
This looks like a worth project, but honestly i found a big limit: "The app does have to be open on your phone screen in order to mine tiles. Sometimes with my phone in my pocket I accidentally turn off the screen which stops the mining so keep that in mind." I will download the app when it will allow to mine with locked screen. Anyway good article! I tipped!

Pi Network - Value predictions

6 Mar 2020 The Stupid

06 March 2020
If you’re looking for other crypto to mine with phones check: - Enecuum (it’s the one that could moon in next month and become top 100 crypto); - Electroneum; - Phoneum.

FOMO ALERT: ETN Supply and Gig.Guru 🔥🔥🔥

3 Jun 2019 Electroneum United

01 March 2020
If you’re looking for other crypto to mine with phones check: Enecuum (it’s the one that could moon in next month and become top 100 crypto); Pi Network; Phoneum.

Electroneum Trading Contest on Liquid! Win 10.000$ worth of ETN

4 Nov 2019 hsotaka

01 March 2020
If you’re looking for other crypto to mine with phones check: Enecuum (it’s the one that could moon in next month and become top 100 crypto); Pi Network; Phoneum.

PI roadmap Phase 1

1 Mar 2020 Heal yourself

01 March 2020
Nice! I'm mining Pi Network on my phone. If you’re looking for other crypto to mine with phones check: Enecuum (it’s the one that could moon in next month and become top 100 crypto); Electroneum; Phoneum.

Phone 'Mining' - ETN (Beginners' How-To Guide)

20 Feb 2020 Mynima

21 February 2020
If you're looking for other crypto to mine with phones check: - Enecuum (it's the one that could moon in next month and become top 100 crypto); - Pi Network; - Phoneum.

Liked Articles

Crypto Flash News: 50 miliardi via dalla Cina, Covid-19 e Blockchain in Giappone e Wrapped Hive DeFi

28 Aug 2020 1 minute read comments dexpartacus

In questo video vi farò una carrellata di alcune notizie ed avvenimenti degli ultimi giorni nel panorama mondiale delle criptovalute. Ha suscitato molto interesse la notizia dei 50 miliardi in fuga dalla Cina su account esteri, in Giappone invece la...

Cryptocurrency VS the Coronavirus

1 Mar 2020 4 minute read comments The Part Time Economist

Cryptocurrencies are typically thought of as a safe-haven asset that protects against failed financial policies and an uncertain economic situation. Indeed, Bitcoin was created in 2009 during the aftermath of the 2008 "Great Recession", bailouts, sti...

How to start with Crypto without investment and no KYC required

28 Feb 2020 6 minute read comments DimitarM

There are people that are just learning about crypto. They want in, but they don't know where to start. This article is for them. I will try to summarize the known to me methods of storing and earning crypto without the need of KYC(know your customer...

Crypto sites You should know -ICO Drops (Initial Coin Offering list)

20 Feb 2020 1 minute read comments Otek

Do you know that ETH Initial Coin Offering price was just 0,31 USD for 1 ETH?  Current price of ETH is around 250 USD per coin! So if You will bought ETH on ICO now it is worth 800 times more! That example shows a opportunity that gives you a Initial...

The cryptocurrency market is maturing

19 Feb 2020 2 minute read comments Tradelize

Many think about the future of cryptocurrencies and their role in the world economy. It's truly a revolution in the world of finance. But a huge number of different cryptocurrencies have failed to become a means of payment because of their instabilit...

The Big Basic Attention Token (BAT) Price Forecast 2020 to 2025

19 Feb 2020 4 minute read comments Cryptonator`s

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) uses the Ethereum Blockchain and it`s  Brave Browser, a specialized web browser that hosts BAT as a native currency with access to a variety of advertising services. BATs are designed for the exchange between users, ad...

DeFi - The decentralized finance and its future

18 Feb 2020 2 minute read comments CryptoArgha

DeFi also known as Decentralized finance is becoming famous now day by day The meaning of DeFi says its all a secure decentralized way to invest and finance without giving asset to third party or neither paying extra in fees The idea of defi was made...

The Easiest Way to Get Your Hands on some Next-Gen Cryptocurrency For Free? Play our Faucetgame!

16 Feb 2020 2 minute read comments banano

BANANO is a unique project distributing all coins free and fair through faucets, giveaways and airdrops. BANANO is a fork of NANO, which means all coins come basically instant and with feeless transactions. Today we’re announcing Round 28 of BANANO’s...

PegNet Tokenomics - Everything You Need To Know about Peg and pAssets Stability

28 Oct 2019 9 minute read comments DoYouEvenCrypto

Tokenomics – a combination of the words “Token” and “Economics” – is vital to understanding a cryptocurrency’s utilization and value proposition. It helps users and investors to see the potential of a cryptocurrency and make judgments based on a numb...




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