DeFi TVL Now Beyond $11B, Ethereum Crosses $350

DeFi TVL Now Beyond $11B, Ethereum Crosses $350

By Abhimanyu Krishnan | News | 28 Sep 2020

The total value locked in the DeFi market is continuing its rapid growth, crossing $11 billion on September 28, according to data platform DeFiPulse.

  • The DeFi market currently has $11.16 billion locked in, having recorded $10+ billion in the past week
  • The market has taken approximately 3 weeks to reach go from $9 billion to $10 billion levels, and shows no signs of continuing growth
  • Ethereum, the home of most DeFi assets, hit a 7-day high of $360.62 on September 28 before settling at $357.88 at the time of publishing
  • The launch of several DeFi assets, and the general development of the space, has led to a surge in investments¬†
  • However, in recent days, the market has experienced a correction, with most DeFi token prices dropping in price
  • The amount of tokenized BTC on Ethereum has also soared, with 118,576 BTC now on Ethereum (ETH)

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