Defi Monthly Recap - August 2020

Defi Monthly Recap - August 2020

By D3F1 | DeFi Box | 3 Sep 2020

August 3

✔️ Huobi Forms DeFi Investment Arm (Source)
✔️ Balancer Reaches $0.5B in All Time Volume in Just 4 Months (Source)
✔️ Dharma Integrates Uniswap, No Trading Fees for Limited Time (Source)

August 5

✔️ DeFi Protocol Opyn Hacked, Over $370K in User Funds Stolen (Source)
✔️ Synthetix to Introduce Synthetic Futures and Rebrand Exchange in H2 2020 (Source)

August 6

✔️ Set Protocol Unveils New Features of V2 Upgrade (Source)

August 7

✔️ Balancer Token Skyrockets Amid Podcaster Token Listing (Source)
✔️ Uniswap Completes Series A Funding, Raises $11 Million (Source)
✔️ Aave Carries Out First Credit Delegation Transaction (Source)
✔️ IDEX Raises $2.5 Million for IDEX 2.0 (Source)

August 10

✔️ Ampleforth Removes Pausability from Its Code Making it Fully Decentralized (Source)
✔️ Compound Launches Permissionless Price Oracle (Source)
✔️ Chainlink Growth Pushes DeFi Market Cap to Over $10B (Source)

August 11

✔️ A New Yield Farming Platform is Arriving in the Form of APY.Finance (Source)
✔️ Curve Discloses Liquidity Mining Pre-launch Rewards (Source)

August 12

✔️ Trading at Uniswap is Getting More Expensive as Ethereum Gas Fees Keep Rising (Source)
✔️ New Yield Farming Protocol Yam Finance Launches (Source)
✔️ Band Protocol Partners with Coinmarketcap (Source)

August 13

✔️ Timeline of the $YAM Project in a Nutshell (Source)
✔️ Chainlink is now in the TOP5 on CoinMarketCap (Source)
✔️ 1inch DEX Raises $2.8M (Source)

August 14

✔️ CRV Token Launches Early as Unknown Individual Deploys Contracts (Source)
✔️ Coinbase to Soon Release Borrowing Feature (Source)

August 17

✔️ Curve Finance Hits $1B in TVL (Source)
✔️ Aave Wants to Tokenize Mortgages (Source)
✔️ Vitalik Admits He Hasn't Done Much DeFi Farming (Source)
✔️ Binance Launches DeFi Savings Feature that Includes Random DeFi Token Bonuses (Source)
✔️ Wrapped Bitcoin Demand is Accelerating (Source)
✔️ DeFi Now Surpasses $6B in Total Value Locked (Source)

August 18

✔️ Huobi Launches Global DeFi Alliance for Protocol and Communication Standards (Source)
✔️ Binance CEO Says DeFi is the Future (Source)
✔️ xSNX Fund Makes Staking Synthetix Easier (Source)
✔️ Yearn.Finance Announces Tokenized Insurance Platform Yinsure (Source)

August 19

✔️ YFI Token Hits All-Time High of $12,800 (Source)
✔️ After $YAM, a new $PASTA DeFi Project Has $200M Staked in 12 Hours (Source)
✔️ DEX dYdX and StarkWare Partner for Layer-2 Scaling Integration (Source)
✔️ DeFi May Be Overestimated by Nearly 3 billion (Source)

August 20

✔️ Bitfinex Lists Chainlink (LINK) (Source)
✔️ REN Price Skyrockets As it Crosses Over 10K Bitcoins to Ethereum (Source)
✔️ Algorand Launches Stateful Smart Contracts for DeFi Applications (Source)

August 21

✔️ Aragon Network DAO 8 Weeks Away From Its Major Phoenix Phase (Source)
✔️ Ampleforth Launches 9 New $AMPL Faucets for Liquidity Providers (Source)

✔️ Swiss Open-Source DeFi Data Platform DIA Raises $15M Through Token Sale (Source)

August 24

✔️ With Bug That Led to $371K Hack Fixed, Opyn Launches YFI and WETH Options Contracts (Source)
✔️ 1inch unveils 1INCH token and Mooniswap Liquidity Mining (Source)
✔️ With More than 50% Voting Power, Curve's Founder Promises to Hold Back on Voting (Source)
✔️ Aave's Founder Would Like to Tokenize Tesla (Source)

August 25

✔️ Community Tells Binance's CEO to DYOR Under His Tweet On DeFi (Source)
✔️ Aave's New Licence is the Same One Coinbase and Revolut Use (Source)
✔️ Balancer Approves Liquidity Staking Incentive (Source)
✔️ Aave Now Has the Highest TVL, Almost Tripling Since the Start of August (Source)
✔️ DeFi Aggregator Bella Protocol Raises $4M (Source)

August 27

✔️ DeFi Tops $7B (Source)

August 28

✔️ DeFi Asset Management Protocol Zapper Raises $1.5M (Source)
✔️ Uniswap Adds Token Lists to Combat Fake Tokens (Source)
✔️ Framework Ventures Raises $8M for DeFi Lab (Source)
✔️ SushiSwap Launches (Source)


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