Some Sites To Earn Crypto Bonus (Old & New)

Some Sites To Earn Crypto Bonus (Old & New)

In this article we will see some old and new offers, where it is possible to take bonus in cryptocurrencies (by signing up and depositing). I will also present some other services I hope useful to the community.
Some ref bonus are very well known, however for beginners and those who have missed some, it is never too late to start.
Let's remember that in 2013 when BTC = $ 200, well now $ 20 of the times is at today's exchange rate of $ 2,400.
Whether you are trading or an accumulation plan... you remember that BTC is a limited asset! We must accumulate! I remember that the best exchange and the cheapest one remains Binance. Using the referral link you will have discounts on commissions (which will be almost free): Binance


✅ BlockFi= allows you to borrow and earn interest (up to 6%) in BTC. There is one free withdrawal per month. The deposit bonus change often so after signing up ... check their page. It usually ranges from $ 15 to $ 250.
BlockFi (Signing Up)



✅ Celsius= other platform similar to BlockFi.
Bonus = $ 30 in BTC by depositing + $ 200 (on Celsius you have to keep a balance greater than $ 200 for at least a month).
Celsius Network (Signing Up)



✅ CakeDefi= they talk about cashflow but the operation is the same as BlockFi and Celsius (lending and borrowing, so by depositing you earn interest). What does it take to get the $ 30 bonus?

1) registration with KYC using the ref link

2) deposit of at least 1 satoshi (I put 10 cent of Dash in order not to pay the transaction fee). 


Unfortunately the deposit limit for receiving the $ 30 DFI has gone from "deposit of at least 1 Satoshi" to $ 50 of any crypto. DFI today, February 9, 2021, reached $ 3,30.

The 30 dollars received will remain blocked for 180 days (but staking at 37%!) and then they will be exchangeable on Bittrex for example. It is reliable? I will only use it to take the bonus and for the invitations...10 dollars per registration (then staking will do the rest). You can deposit Btc, Ether, Dash, Pivx, DFI, Tether or Zcoin. Sign up: CakeDefi



✅Lbry= video platform that allows you to earn LBC (tradable on SimpleSwap, StealthHex, Bittrex, Hotbit, etc).
Bonus = 15LBC upon signup (LBC accumulates by viewing at least 1 second of video per day. Rewards are random and range from 0.25 to 100 LBR)
Lbry (Signing Up)


✅SwissBorg= this is an app (exchange).
Bonus = $ 1 to $ 100 of BTC by depositing at least $ 50 (of BTC, other crypto or Fiat Currency). The bonus is immediately withdrawable (also the deposit made). Swissborg (Signing Up)



✅Coinsmart=This Canadian exchange arrives in Europe. It is possible to earn from 20 up to 200 dollars in Bonus simply by entering your email and inviting your friends (you subscribe to the waiting list). Coinsmart (Signing Up)


✅Coinbase= earn $ 10 by buying at least $ 100 worth of crypto: Coinbase (Signing Up)
In addition "Earn" program (you earn $ 3-10 $ watching videos and answering questions).
Stellar= Stellar
Band= Band
Compound= Compound


✅LocalBitcoins= is the simplest platform to buy and sell BTC because you can use dozens of payment methods (SEPA, Moneygram, Paypal, Postepay, Revolut, WeChat, Payza, Paxful, Neteller, Western Union, hand swaps, etc). The sellers have feedback and the site works via an escrow mechanism.
LocalBitcoins (Signing Up)


✅Sandbox= it is a virtual reality and game platform where it is possible to buy NFTs (characters, Land and other assets). Atari invested $ 20,000 in one Land, Binance even more. We also find other exchanges and public personalities. It is possible to earn by renting your own Land, creating games or selling. Do you really want to stay out of this revolution?
Sandbox (Signing Up)


✅1Inch= is a Dex Aggregator that brings together several Dex (Uniswap, Balancer, SushiSwap, etc) and allows you to trade at the lowest prices on the market. These days they have created their token which has been airdropped to users of the platform (like Uniswap). The referral program allows you to earn crypto from user fees.
1inch (Signing Up)







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❪⠀⌕⠀ ʟᴏᴏᴋɪɴɢ ꜰᴏʀ:⠀⠀【☑️Arͬcͨaͣ🅽🅶eͤl̜̝̖̼͔̞̃ͮ͑̐̉͌🅾➏➏➏】⠀⠀⠀⟳🇷🇪🇫🇷🇪🇸🇭⠀ ❫⠀⠀⠀ⓘ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀

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♡⠀ꜰᴏʟʟᴏᴡ ᴜꜱᴇʀ⠀❪⠀ ᶜˡᶤᶜᵏ⠀ ❫ ⠀⠀⠀



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