Unstoppable Domains Will Give An Airdrop Like Ethereum Name Service?

One of the coolest things in the Crypto world is getting an airdrop. I am referring to real airdrops, those when interacting with a platform. I'm not talking about airdrops where you have to do the usual tasks on Twitter or Telegram (90% of these are scams).
Perhaps the first protocol to carry out an airdrop was Uniswap, about 1 year ago. All users who had made at least one transaction on Uniswap received a minimum of $ 1500. I remember some of them:

-Uniswap (minimum of $ 1500)
-1Inch (two airdrops of about 1400 $): same dynamic as Uniswap
-Forth (about 7000 $): this airdrop was given to those who had AMPL in non-custodial wallets (some also on Kucoin). If you are registered on Publish0x... you know who you have to thank ;-)

-Osmo (variable value) & Ion (about 1990 $): this airdrop was given to those who had Atom staking on February 18, 2021. Ion was given to first LP users on Osmosis

-Sunny (a minimum of $ 100): this platform on Solana made an airdrop for Osmosis stakers and LP
-Juno (variable value): airdrop for Atom stakers on February 18, 2021
-Game (coming): airdrop for Atom stakers on February 18, 2021
-DyDx (up to $ 100,000 of airdrop): same speech done for Uniswap and 1inch
-Desmos Network (coming): airdrop for the stakers of Atom, Osmo (LP on Osmosis), Band, Kava, Luna, Juno, etc


-Luna: we know that Luna's stakers receive many weekly airdrops (Anchor, Mirror, Mine, Valkyrie) but they are not convenient, unless you have thousands of Luna staking

I'll stop here but there are actually many others (some on Atom of smaller protocols). For example that of Marinade Finance (Solana) or the two connected to Gods Unchained (Gods and Immutable X).

Finally, one of the last in order of time was that of ENS (Ethereum Name Service). All users who purchased a domain by November 8, 2021 are eligible for their governance token claim. Basically they are .eth domains which give you the ability to share the address of your Ethereum wallet in a much more accessible way. Traditionally, wallet addresses are represented by a long string of letters and numbers (impossible to remember). However, this often leads to errors when sharing or even interacting with exchanges or dapps.
ENS allows wallet owners to name their wallet and verify their ownership on the name via an Ethereum-based token. This token can then be linked to the wallet and used on various dapps. It also acts as an address for the wallet.
How many tokens were given? 200 ENS! How much is 1 ENS worth today?


At today's price it would be nearly $ 12,000 worth of airdrops. In reality, the value was much higher. The average was around $ 17,000!


I introduced the article with airdrops and with ENS because Unstoppable Domains is similar to ENS. This site does not have a token. It always concerns domains on the internet and web 3.0. I am not sure but I think they too will one day want to launch a DAO!

What do you have to do if you want to buy a domain?
1) You register with the ref link: Unstoppable Domains


2) Choose your domain. You may notice that some domain extensions have already been registered or are protected. Hey, you can't buy Binance.crypto, Coinbase.bitcoin, Elonmusk.wallet and so on. They have already been registered by themselves or protected by the site. You can research if you are lucky enough to register a domain that could be worth thousands of dollars.


You must have a little imagination. What can they be forgotten to register? I managed to find these free ones (I paid 40 and 40 $):


Ok it's a bit forced but I liked Lunaterra, but NFThive I don't know why it was free. NFThive is a big NFT market on Wax. If you search for domains with words such as Binance, Coinbase, Kucoin, Crypto, AtomicHub, Satoshi, Ethereum, Bitcoin, OpenSea, etc you will not find anything.

How can you buy? Of course, you can also buy with crypto but not only (Paypal, credit card, Crypto.com app). I recommend Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash for not paying withdrawal fees from exchange (you send the exact amount to make the payment! you will read it).


We come to the conclusions:
1) The above if you want to buy the domain from a speculative point of view (I always remember the story of the iPhone domain being already registered by somebody. Apple had to bid millions of dollars to get it!)
2) You may want to buy the domain also to have an uncensored web space and a wallet with an easy to remember name (you can also buy a domain with your name and surname or "AndrewBitcoin", whatever you want IF you find it available)
3) Or even to receive the airdrop, if one day Unstoppable Domains launches its token! ENS is a similar site to Unstoppable Domains and has given away a minimum of $ 17,000 with its airdrop. In my opinion, investing a small amount (of $ 100) for 2 or 3 domains is not a bad idea. Of course, always do your research first (DYOR).




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