My First Month On Sorare MLB: Prizes And Roster

The first month of MLB on Sorare went pretty well. I have won many NFT with excellent resale value. I have won rewards every GW: both "limited" and "rare" cards. Every 3 days there is a GW where new cards can be won.

These cards can be:
1) Sold on the internal secondary market
2) Hold for a stronger roster and win higher value cards

My strategy is to have an increasingly strong roster because I assume that in the next season, in addition to being able to win cards, prizes will also be added in ETH. At that point the card prices will go quite high. Why do I think they will add ETH rewards? Because in the football version of Sorare there are rewards in ETH. These rewards reward the best teams and those who make a certain threshold of points.

My main roster (Auctions Won+Rewards):

◼Pitchers: Wright, Musgrove, Woodruff, Sandoval, Peterson, Quintana (all rare). Scherzer, Kershaw, Javier, Odorizzi, Ryan, Montgomery, Stroman, Gonsolin, M.Gonzales, Sale, Walker, Sandoval (all limited).

◼RP: Montero, Barlow, Graveman, Minter (all limited). Robertson and Burke (all rare). Cimber (super rare).

◼1B, 3B, DH: Rizzo, Mountcastle, Gurriel Jr, Morel, Wisdom, Muncy, Ozuna (all limited). Hoskins, Arozarena, Suarez, Tellez, McMahon, Pratto (all rare). E.Escobar (super rare).

◼2B, SS, C: Edman, Torres, Polanco, Stott, Ruiz, Bogaerts, Morel, Iglesias, CJ Abrams, Farmer (all limited). Swanson, Edman, Farmer, Alfaro (all rare).

◼OF: Kris Bryant, Betts, Lowe, Pham, Schwarber, T.Hernandez, Ozuna (all limited). Arozarena, Carlson, N. Jones, T.Hernandez, A.Garcia, Grichuk (all rare). Myers (super rare).

For the moment the minimum price (floor) of the cards I have won is this (I carry over the cards with the highest value):
b1af782beba75842b30c166666147db5098b563c42acd300925e8938758efa31.pngThese are the rewards in each GW (every 3 days). Yes, it is possible that a "limited" card (yellow) is worth more than a "rare" card (red). Why? Because obviously the "limited" player is much stronger than the red card player (you can see this in the prizes I won: Bogaerts "strangely" is worth more than De La Cruz, Ramirez and Burke). I remind you that there are a limited number of cards for each player:

1) Limited (max 5000)
2) Rare (max 1000)
3) Super Rare (max 100)
4) Unique (1)

The "common" cards (which are received upon registration) are infinite and have no value (however they allow you to win limited cards). The rewards are variable based on the number of players participating in each day. In this GW the league was also opened for unique cards that have huge values ​​(over 5 ETH). By winning cards I am increasing the strength of my team and now I am able to participate in all leagues. If you participate in more leagues you have a better chance of winning cards (hypothetically 1 for each league). You need a long roster but it is also possible to participate in the common leagues (free to play with more precious rewards in limited: yellow cards) or limited league (it is possible to create a team for about $15/20).


In common leagues 1000 limited cards are given away to the first 1000 players, in limited leagues cards are given away to the first 750 players. To try to win rare cards it is necessary to participate in at least the limited pro. What is the difference between limited and limited pro? In the limited there are more prizes (1000) than the limited pro (350). However, in the limited pro there are cards with a higher value because 250 limited (yellow) and 100 red cards (rare) are given away. The same goes for the following leagues: rare (250 rare cards as a reward) and rare pro (10 super rare and 75 rare cards).
There are distinct differences in the value of the cards (rarity), you can see it from here (Trout is one of the strongest players) limited, rare, super rare and unique card:47cec0a21254f6ee51216d2bddfdcca9c315a5536cdccb1017a92db29fe48ca6.png
They are not mine unfortunately, I would not be here! I would probably be having a good time in Hawaii :-D The profile of this player who has Trout's unique card is YNWA (Liverpool fan?) and his roster on Sorare has reached the figure of over 4 million dollars! I don't know how much he has invested but winning cards every week definitely helps.

For a few week, by registering and winning at least 7 auctions, it is possible to receive 1 limited card as a gift. As you can see it is possible to subscribe to both the MLB and the Football version. You can choose whether to receive a limited card for Football or MLB (you need to win at least 5 auctions for Football or 7 for MLB; it depends on which fantasy you want to participate in). If you are interested in receiving the limited card only (they have a market value from $1 to about $300) you can win 7 auctions with about $7 by spending about $1 per card.
If you want to try the game you can start in "free to play" mode (only common cards upon registration) or win 7 auctions to also have the limited card for free: Sorare (Sign Up)

I emphasize that Sorare allows you to create rosters with little money. Of course it is possible to buy cards that may increase in value in the future and trade (buy and sell when the price increases). However, if you want to participate in the GW hoping to win rewards (every 3 days) you need to create a team with a minimum of attention. Many players in the starting lineup are also sold for 1-2$ but if you buy random cards you risk having players who don't always take the field. For example this is a low budget team (around $ 25) that could also go for the rewards (it's not easy but not impossible either). 
c7d36c59f05d61d0905065684055b46130fc4c54bd51666a4d6e50d855cb5c5f.pngThis is just one example! You don't have to copy it, create your own strategies or get inspired. You can use the comments for player recommendations but the final choice is always up to you! In this case the prices (floor) come from the secondary market (catalog manager: cards for sale by other players), however if you participate in the auctions you can spend even less (you can check the floor price and averarage auctions price on SorareData). 


I remember that the starters (pitchers) play 1 game every 5 days so if you want to participate in every day you need to have several starter pitchers (I entered Walker but there are many low cost ones: Peterson, Odorizzi, Marco Gonzales, Jordan Montgomery, Joe Ryan, etc).
Young low cost players (holding cards for the future) could be: Stott, Lowe, Harris II, Oneil Cruz, Keibert Ruiz, Jeremy Pena, Alek Thomas, Vinnie Pasquantino, Nick Pratto, and CJ Abrams. These cards could turn gold IF players live up to expectations. They are young prospects. I remember that you can check the progress of your cards (prices and average scores) on SorareData

I had already written a complete guide about 1 month ago with the rules of Sorare and Baseball, you can find it here: MLB Comes to Sorare: Rules, Rewards and Best Players (FantasyBaseball)

Attention, this is my experience on Sorare MLB and I wanted to give some info that I hope will be useful for those who want to try their hand at this game. However, none of this is financial advice. You must always do your research (DYOR).



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